Shadow of Mordor: How to Be INVINCIBLE!! NEVER DIE AGAIN! HD

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“Is up guys and welcome back to what ronis gaming. Lately. I ve been playing playing a little bit of shadow of mordor. So today.

I m bringing guys. A video on how to be invincible and shadow of mordor now..

It s not a cheat or anything like that it s just pressing buttons basically so all you re going to need is your knife throwing skill and that s it there are some little bonuses that you can do to make it better as you can see you can make your knife burst into flames with a room in your dagger. It s pretty common i found quite a few of them anyway let s get into the details so as you see basically i m just throwing a whole bunch in the hives and every time my hit streak gets to the point where i can do an execution. I just go towards random person and do an execution. So basically you keep tapping left trigger.

And why at the same time just go back and forth keep tapping them and every guy that attacks you will instantly counter them super. Easy..

And then you can just throw knives to everybody and they burst into flames you can i ve taken on so many guys like this you will seriously never get hit the only thing that you really have to worry about is these big old guys right there with the shields. If you see them always jump over them stun them or whatever kind of get them out of your way. And then when you have a execution ability as you see right here just take out the shield guys first and then you have no nothing to worry about now you can do this by hitting x. Y.

So instead you re just hitting guys with your weapon and then countering them instantly basically. But it doesn t work as well because sometimes there s archers and you can t hit your hitting archer with your sword..

If they re 20 feet away from you so. If you have that knife you can make the archers. So they don t shoot at you and when if the archers are shooting attitude. You can t manage to hit them with the knives.

Just make sure you re moving around a lot jumping over guys. Stunning them and you will literally be invincible expecially helpful when you re against a really tough like war chief or something..

And there s gets a ton of guys around you just keep doing this around him and then slowly whittle down his health. I kind of on the side and eventually you ll just get to the point. Where everyone s dead like right now so thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you guys next time in shadow morgue.

” ..

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How to be invincible in Shadow of Mordor!! Enjoy! HD This video is for educational use to help people better understand the game.

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