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“Guides hey guys macca here playing shadow of the tomb raider and in this video. Video. I m gonna be showing you how to unlock to specific gadgets that you need in the game. If you re looking to go for 100 and for most things in this game.

What you re gonna do is get skills or finish challenged tombs to unlock skills and then you can craft stuff. But there are a couple of things like the reinforced knife. Which i made a video on that you can t do that with two other things you can t do that with are in this video. And those are the rope ascender as well as the lock picks.


Which are used for the conquistador treasures. There are eight of those treasures. And you will need them in order to get a hundred percent. So what you ll do is you ll get to the hidden city and you ll talk to this little kid at the end of the bridge and he ll let you know that his dice got stolen by pisco.

The dead you ll go talk to pisco and then you ll have to go talk to five strangers at first you ll only be able to talk to the first four of them. But once you talk to the final one you will be able to talk to the fifth and final outcast rather now once you talk to the fifth and final outcast here they will reveal themselves as a merchant and you can trade with them like you do with many of the other merchants in the game. You ll need the gold pieces currency in order to buy things. And i would recommend selling some things too especially any of the resources you are full on now once you get access to their little pool of items they ll sell a whole bunch of gadgets to you some of them are actually gonna be really useful including the venom in order to make certain types of arrows.


But the things that we are going to be most interested in and the things that i would probably advise you on purchasing first are the rope ascender. Which allows you to destroy heavy barriers. As well as the lockpick which allows you to open the conquistador treasures. So those are the first two things that i recommend buying from this merchant.

And then you can kind of explore and see what else they have and how you can use that with some of the things you have you will also unlock an achievement or trophy on the purchase of your third piece of equipment. So keep that in mind. And now you ll be able to not only take out heavy barriers. When they are presented in front of you in things like crypts challenge tombs and hiding collectables behind them.


We ll also be able to get the eight conquistador treasures. Which are also tied to an achievement or trophy. And they also have some pretty good stuff in them a lot of experience points. Which will get you skill.

Upgrades and also you ll be able to get things like knowledge towards certain languages for the monoliths. So there s one at the top of the hill here that i marked on my map you can go to it open. It and enjoy your reward next to that one that i marked on the hill. There s also a person you can talk to and that will finish off the side mission for the kids dice.


So you can talk to that guy in there go back to the kid and finish off that side quest. As well thank you guys so much for watching. I hope this video was helpful if it was drop a like share the video with a friend and hopefully you are one step closer to getting a hundred percent in shadow of the tomb raider. I ll see you guys next time a special thanks to the amazing people on patreon for supporting the show pace.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Rope Ascender (Heavy Barriers) u0026 Lockpick (for Conquistador Treasures) – How to Unlock

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