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“Hello. Everyone we re gonna go and do a walkthrough of all six challenges in in the hidden city first one we re gonna take a look at his keep and carry on this requires us to find three condor feathers. Now you can see our starting point here for the first one. We re just gonna go jump up under this little short pathway here right before the rope point down on the bottom right on the ground is going to be our first of three condor feathers.

I m going to show you we are gonna then head over just a little east to the fishing district and i m starting at the base camp here there s a tree that we can start our climb. We re gonna send pretty high up in order to get the second one again you need three there are more than three in the hidden city. But you only need three so i m gonna show you the three that i grabbed so we re gonna jump up here and we re really close to the feather and there it is that s the second one now the third one i actually already previously grabbed. But it is going to be in the northern part of the hidden city.

See the base camp there own a rut those home. I don t know how to say his name. But we re gonna start there spawn and you re gonna run into a hidden city here and we re just gonna go down a little bit. And there s gonna be a condor feather right on this roof here you can see it is there.

But i ve already completed the challenge so the next challenge. We re gonna do is high diving. This requires us to find four high diving points. So we re gonna go back to where our first condor feather was and we re gonna go climb up on the same wall.

We climbed earlier except this time. We re gonna run past the feather which is not there we re gonna create a little rope point here zip down and we re gonna have to just do some platforming in order to get to the diving point. Now once you get to the diving point. You ll know what s the correct point.

Feels a little kind of pop up a little tutorial saying press exit dive. And then circle or directs to jump and then circle the dive. So we are almost there there we go so again jump in and dive right away. Don t don t have any extra time between those two commands so the second one.


We re gonna go a little south of that previous location. Now. There s this little point here in the hidden city. That has a little tunnel that leads to this area.

So we have to get to the top of this waterfall. The top of this waterfall by the way just make a mental note of this there s going to be a crypt up there the last challenge. I m not gonna run through the entire thing all you need to do is complete the four crypts but i m gonna show you the location and that right past that top of that waterfall is the location of one of those crypts took me a little while i was coming at it from the wrong. Part of the geography in this region so anyways.

We re talking about high diving again this is our second high diving point of four that we re going to do a lot of platforming in this game for my money. It s a little slow. But it only feels that way because you do so much of it. And if you re a completionist and going out for a hundred percent.

It can get a little tedious at times all right so here s our point again swan dive. We re gonna axe circle and that is our second high dive location now we are going to head south of the city you can see my marker there on the map. We re actually gonna go through this nearby building just to my right and swim down in a hole that s on the floor so drop down and we re gonna swim into this little area the dive point is pretty close we don t have to climb up too high here. But once you get out of the water follow the stairs on the left over here.

We are gonna have to make a jump and then one more climb and then follow this around and you will reach the dive point alright. So for this fourth. One. You re gonna need the reinforced knife.

You can purchase that from the merchants in the center of the hidden city there s a merchant. There that will sell to its 20. Something hundred gold in order to purchase this reinforced knife. But it is gonna allow you to knock down barriers.


Such as this you can cut the braided rope. And that will immediately lead to the swan dive location. So no climbing involved at all for this one. So.

Next challenge is dropping decimals dropping decimals is going to start off here on the far west side of the hidden city itself. And what we re gonna do is follow from that campsite follow it don t go down those stairs swing around this building. Here. And what you need to do is grapple on these i m gonna use the instincts.

There. And you can see the grapple point. So you got a grapple attached of the three of those hanging things so from that location. Let s kind of head back to the way.

We just came from go up these stairs. And we re just gonna kind of make our way around let me go on the back side of this building. For some reason turn left there was the campsite over there just for a point of reference. We re gonna go around this building.

And we re gonna find another one of those grapple points just in front of us there and i m gonna jump off the stairs and fail i had avoid doing that it s that jump from higher up on the stairs. And you can reach that grapple so that was two out of three we are now gonna relocate ourself the little north west of the city the abandoned village base camp when you fast travel. There if you immediately look up you ll see the grapple and since we only need to do three of these this will be our final one before we deal with some skeletons challenge complete alright. So the next challenge is duncan bones.

This requires you to knock off skill since from walls. Oh. We re gonna go from the space camp on the east side of east of the city and from that campfire. We re gonna actually just scale along the outside of this wall now there s three skeletons that are impaled into the wall.


I polled all you need to do is knock into them. And you ll knock them off the wall to complete the requirement for each of the three skeletons that we need to find however first two i accidentally knocked over during the story and didn t even realize it was a challenge so it would normally be just to the left. If you use your instincts. You ll see it just swing.

I m a wall like that left and right and you ll get it so that would have been the first one the second one i also accidentally got earlier but we re gonna continue this path. We re gonna continue this path pretty much all the way to the end so jump up here. And then stick to this wall. And then we have to rappel down in order to swing forward.

We progress further. However there s a skeleton on the left pillar right there in the green again i accidentally knocked it over somehow i m not entirely sure how the would normally be right about there so anyways continue down that path and you re gonna create yourself a little rope point here and then you re gonna go right if you go left you would end up at the creek. What the fourth trip. I ll show you in the final challenge that i name is we re gonna continue to pass go to the right now we got to do that section where you got to kind of grab the ceiling and it s right here.

We are going to find our third and final skeleton. You can see the instincts. There. There is skeleton go ahead and swing right into it changing the weather is the next challenge.

We re gonna do we re gonna start in the market. This is where you d get your reinforced knife in this area. And we are gonna go up. These stairs.

Here. And there are five five frogs that we need to find and here s our first frog is hanging on a pole. What you need to do is use your rope and pull down the stick from which the frog is hanging and that is our first of five second one it s just about forty feet away. So just go through the building turn around and look up and we re gonna continue from this location to the next location all of these frogs are kind of on the southwest corner of the hidden city of the main city itself.


So follow the path up this way and you can see right in front of us is gonna be the purple frog. Let me just pull up the map so you can see where i m currently located okay now from this location. We re gonna turn back around and go up these stairs and it s gonna be on the opposite side of this building just to my left this white building. And it ll be way up high you got to look up for this one about your bow or a rope.

That ll be number four number five is also close by so they re all nicely grouped together for us and this guy who wants to talk we re too busy to talk to him though we re gonna jump up here i m gonna fall down jump back up there again then it ll be right in front of us. Let me just go ahead and pull up the map. So you can see where we re ending up all right. So.

The sixth and final challenge is called speak of the debt. All you need to do is complete all four tombs completing. It is getting the treasure at the end of them. So that s the first one and then there s just south of there this is the one i mentioned earlier by the waterfall go up to the top of the waterfall.

And then the entrance will be over there and then there s two more on the far east over here. A crypt here and then the final one right. There. That is where we did the skeleton bones thing and then again you got to complete the tomb and this is what it looks like just all you need to do is find these in each of the four crypts rather not in the tomb.

Big difference to open up the crypt you ll get some treasure you ll get a piece of gear with stats. Which are kind of nice do all four of them. And you will complete the speak of the dead challenge. I want to thank you guys so much for watching.

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Stele Hunter
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Tomb Raider
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Resting Places
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Thread the Past
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Help thy Neighbor
Complete a Side Mission

Good Samaritan
Complete 8 Side Missions

Perform 5 Eagle s Talon takedowns

First Steps
Purchase a Skill

Earn all Skills in one category

Treasure Hunter
Find and open all the Conquistador treasure chests

Asking Price
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Tables Turned
Kill 5 enemies while they are searching for Lara

Look, Over There!
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Total Party Kill
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Playing with Fire
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Perform 3 headshots in 3 seconds with the pistol

Last Known Position
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Beast of Legend
Defeat the Nahual

Sixth Sense
Hunt and kill 10 enemies while Perception is active

In the Moment
Kill 10 enemies while Focus is active

Made to Endure
Takedown 10 enemies while Endurance is active

Como Te Llama
Pet 5 llamas

Underwater Archeologist
Collect 5 underwater Artifacts

New Heights
Complete a climb after finding the Overhang Climbing Gear

That s a Knife!
Fully upgrade the knife

Collect 20 critters

Legendary Hunter
Hunt and loot 5 rare animals

Untold Riches
Gather 40 gold ore

Perform 20 headshots with the bow

First Blood
Perform a Stealth Takedown from a mud-covered wall

Unwelcome Guests
Get rid of the pillagers outside of Kuwaq Yaku

I Believe Hakan Fly
Rescue Hakan from the cultists

Hearts and Minds
Retrieve Manko s Necklace

On the Go
Craft special ammunition 50 times

Point of Interest
Learn of 5 interesting locations from civilians

Shoot a turkey with a Flare Round

Better Equipped
Get 3 pieces of equipment

Path of the Stars
Decipher the Path of the Stars

D a de Muertos
Remove the dagger from the Temple of the Moon

Recipe for Disaster
Survive the flood

Survival Instincts
Defeat the Empress Jaguar

Fire of Life
Enter the Temple of Life s inner chamber

The Hidden City
Find Paititi

The Underworld
Get out of the Cenotes alive

Family Ties
Free Unuratu from prison

Heart of the Serpent
Find the Mission of San Juan

The Chosen One
Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

Back to Where We Started
Return to Paititi

Queen of the Damned
Make an unlikely ally

Quite the Adventure
Finish the main storyline

Smart and Resourceful
Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Smart and Resourceful difficulty

Rite of Passage
Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Rite of Passage difficulty

One with the Jungle
Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on One with the Jungle difficulty

Deadly Obsession
Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Deadly Obsession difficulty

Reach 100% completion

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