Sharpshooter 9 Challenge RDR 2

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“Guys welcome back to another red dead redemption tube video and today. I am going going to show you how i finally completed the sharpshooter. 9 challenge. Which is three shots and the same deadeye now the problem.

I was having with this challenge is when i m in deadeye and i shoot my weapon. It deactivates deadeye after each shot and i m going to show you what i m talking about here. And i ve been trying this for a while i m in chapter. 4.

And i guess my deadeye..

As you complete story mode progress in story mode. It unlocks. Perk perks within your deadeye. So right.

Here every time. I m in deadeye and i shoot my weapon it like cancels deadeye. So that s just not going to work. So then i got to think of well let me try it a different way i m going to paint the targets.

So that doesn t work either because it ends up killing them and even if you knock their head off..

But it kills them that doesn t count so this is just a couple of clips. I ve been trying this for about a week. So yeah. It s just not working so then i just finally get so frustrated that i just move on to something else and i decided i m gonna do this mission here with dutch well funny thing is after i finish.

This mission here it unlocks. My next perk for my dead eye. This mission is called urban pleasures and this missions about the middle of chapter. 4.

Okay so right after i complete the mission i get a little notification in the top left hand corner of the screen talking about my dad..

I and it says you will remain in deadeye when you fire your weapon. If you do not have a target tagged. So then after i saw that i was like okay well let me try the sharpshooter challenge again i like to go to butchers creek. Instead of valentine.

Because you don t get a wanted level out here they shoot back at you. But you don t get a wanted level. And i don t like paying those bounties. So now my deadeye stays active after each shot.

So i was able to finish the challenge..

So it wasn t that i i wasn t good at this challenge as much as it was i just didn t have the perk unlocked. So there i got after all those weeks of trying this i finally got it so anyways. I hope this helps for any of you that are having trouble with this challenge. And i ll see you again in the next video music.

” ..

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Sharpshooter 9: 3 hat shots in the same dead eye.
This was a more difficult challenge to complete because I was trying to do it without the upgraded dead eye perk. In this video I will show you the problem I was having and the solution that finally led me to pass this challenge.


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