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“Sound hilts your lift let s freakin go salad hill. Too music saddle to easily easily the best psychological horror. Game. Ever made it has an amazing soundtrack.

An amazing and plot with immense detail the game. Let s use your imagination for so. Many things. And also has an answer a hidden answer to most of those things that you re using your imagination for it s got great characters weird as hell.

But satisfying voice acting amazing areas amazing puzzles. It s one of its one of the best horror games. Ever made if not the best horror game ever made ever to this day. It s a masterpiece of horror.

And it s a masterpiece in the silent hill franchise. No one that has played the game. And understood the game would argue that it isn t one of the best horror games. Ever created a master class of four did everything right besides the film grain hey.

But you can turn that off on the pc version so doesn t matter silent hill. 3. Sound oh three this is my favorite silent hill game. But i think it s an a i think it s an amazing game it has an awesome story.

I love the main character. The plot is easy unlike silent hill. 2. The plot is very easy to follow.

And it s very easy to grasp what s going on the enemy designs really good the music is really well done. The characters are all very well done and interesting and the pacing is very good in sanal 3. As well and it has the best combat in my opinion of any silent hill game it has that janky ass melee combat. But very very satisfying and you can block in that game.

It s awesome love. Since ssi. Little three master shan with 17 months. Oh yeah.

Yes sir. Thank you sad awesome streamer also from vancouver. Canada. Thank.

You so much sir. It s a little one music salo one godlike game as well all three these are godlike horror games. Some of the best horror games ever made tanto one it has an aged. Very well but the music is there very atmospheric.

Very scary music pretty cool creature design back in the day when that came out various scary creature design..

When it came him the boss fights are cool. The story is easy to follow cheryl. Where s cheryl. I need to find my daughter introduce some cult stuff.

It s very easy to follow. It s a very good game again with interesting characters an interesting story great pacing and very scary environments. It also has very good puzzles as well silent hill. 3.

It s just a great game. It s hard to it s hard to talk about these three games. Because they re all really fucking good. And there s not many negative things to say the running animation for for harry sorta sucks really sucks the combat is stiff and janky.

But it s fun. It s fun stiff and jackie the cutscenes are very entertaining for the most part it s a great game music. I actually have a lot to say about all these salad hill for silent hill. 4.

This is where the list gets tough music very janky gameplay. The enemies feel very uninspired and very annoying with very annoying enemies with annoying attacks and annoying gimmicks and uninspired enemies. I think it has some of the worst enemy design in the franchise floating zombies that you can only kill with a sword through the chest. That there s only a limited amount of the entire game is an escort mission and while you re escorting.

The girl you need to put candles on the ground. Two birders. Reduced the curse. She has on her or you know the the build up to get the good ending the inventory system is why why is it limited inventory.

I ll tell you why because the game creators just wanted a reason for you go back to your room. That wasn t just to go experience. What happens in the room. And the only way to do that was to add limited inventory.

Which really hurt the game because every other side hell. Doesn t have limited inventory as far as i know i think the limited inventory. Unlike resident evil really hurt this game and it just becomes very annoying. Some of the sound effects are ridiculously stupid and annoying like music the burping nurses.

The the yatta yatta isn t anything i m forgetting oh. And when i played this game. The thing. I disliked a lot was the areas and so when i got halfway through the game.

I was very excited to see the next area cuz. I was excited for the cool areas to start and what does this game do. It sends you all the fucking way back to go through each terrible area again for a second time. That is so fucking annoying shitty areas that you have to repeat twice.

I hate it..

But silo. 4. Has an amazing story i love the story in salatul. 4.

It s very well done very engaging and i i just love the plot if you watch someone play this that knows what they re doing and gets to the game. Without any fuss and and reads every note and expresses every story. It s awesome they did a great job with the story and the first person sections. Oh.

My god the first person sections are so well done you want to know where pt got its inspiration fuck. It s i don t know for play the game pt is just silent afford the room. But it s the hallway. That s where they got the inspiration and it never gets credit for that.

But the bad factors for me. Outweigh. The good where i do love the first person sections. And i do love the story.

I think this game is very annoying and very that some of the decisions are terrible. But when watching someone else play it to experience the story is awesome. I think this games to be it s definitely the best silent hill other than these i think it s a decent game. But when people say it s a masterpiece bar from it in my opinion music skytree five thank you for the two months.

I really appreciate it thank you. Thank you salad hell origins. I d like that you can use all the melee weapons. I think the story is decent and i love some of the puzzles and the music the theme is really good i think there s one song in particular in this game.

That is horrible that plays throughout an entire area. But i do like playing this game. I really enjoy playing this game. I ve played it three times.

The story s okay. The cutscenes are fine the gameplay is fun the enemy design is forgettable but the graphics make my eyes bleed and to add fuel to the fire this is a psp game. I understand that but here s the thing. This is unforgivable.

I hate it s one of my least favorite things in a video game in general. The film grain in this game. Is insanely present. It is it it s it s more than film grain.

It s all over the screen. It makes the graphics look disgusting. But here s the kicker you can turn it off. But here s the other kicker.

It s a new game feature..

What were they fucking thinking turning off film grain for a new game feature that is indefensible that s one of the worst things i ve ever seen in a fucking video game in my life. It s disgusting like beat the game on lock hard mode. You know get a new game get infinite if infinite ammo tvs. We could throw all the time because you could throw tvs in this game.

But turning off. Film grain are you fucking kidding me turning up the graphics for a new game feature holy shit that annoys the hell out of me. But regardless i actually did really enjoy playing this game. I ll give it to see despite it having one of the worst fucking things in a video game for me.

Which is the new game film grain that s bull alone ii. But i do i do think. It s still a decent game. I don t think it s garbage at all silent hill shattered memories i actually enjoyed this game.

I played it once it was in october. I remember everything about it there s like no combat. I think i think i actually really enjoyed this game. It s got an in depth decision system which affects your ending.

Which i think they implemented into the game. Very well i don t like how it s supposed to be remake of silent hill. 1. Because there s no combat and when the and here s the worst thing when there is combat.

Which is just running away from things it it s the worst part in the game. It s like every time you have to run away from the bad guys. It s so annoying. It s like the one time in the game.

Where you re like god damn. It not again. Which in other silent hill games. You re either scared of the enemies.

You re excited to beat them beat. The crap out of the van iron pipe or just shoot them. But in shattered memories. My experience was god damn it more enemies like oh i do you think this game is a b.

Though i actually really enjoyed it i thought it was a good game. I thought it was legitimately a good game music music music this game music again. I thought. It was okay the cup here s the one game breaking thing about this game is that if you use the starter knife.

Like the first step in the game. And i figured this out pretty damn quick. There s a simple combo you can do which stun locks. Every single enemy in the game every enemy.

A a pause a i think that s it and every single enemy in the game is stun locked..

So the combats already a f like the combat alone is decent. It s alright. But the fact that the first item in the game can just you can like who isn t gonna press aaa. Then pause an a again someone s gonna eventually do that and as soon as they see it stuns them they re gonna try it again they re gonna try it again and then they re gonna realize that it stuns everything in the game yadda yadda yadda.

I m talking about something that s very insignificant. The plot is pretty boring. The music is okay. I don t know this game this game.

Sort of sucks actually now that i m putting thought into it i don t know guys. It s worse than origins. But it s playable music. It s something s got to be indie and two games are taking up that slot and sila homecoming is one of them.

D4 downpour salad all downpour fucking sucks. I can say the good the good the good is the good is the exploration is pretty fun the mute the overworld music when your walk around silent hill is actually pretty nice. The combat is horrific. The enemy design is horrific.

The glitches are plenty the stories you know i act personally. I actually sort of enjoyed the story. But it is the worst silent hill game. I don t think anyone would argue that the side puzzles are all are alright running away from the garbage.

That s chasing whatever the hell. That is those sections are terrible. So many things this game were just garbage. It s a d.

It s it s the worst silent whole game. And that s it that s what i think about the silent hill games. This is again this is just my personal opinion as you as you heard where i was very passionate about some things with saddle for and origins. But the salomon franchise is a fantastic horror franchise bt is not on here.

But pt s is a like a demo bpd s not a game music. But i love silent hill absolutely love two three and one the so my favorite games ever made sahil. 3. Is actually one of my favorite games ever created.

I know i put to hire. But salad or two outweighs my personal preference like it s it s just it s it s so good like it s like the best easily one of the best horror games ever made. But yeah i really like saddle two and three and one the rest are pretty decent. But yeah that s what i think ” .


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