Skate 3 – Cheats for PS3/XBOX

skate 3 cheats codes ps3 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Skate 3 – Cheats for PS3/XBOX . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“And welcome and this is a video. But escaped three clutches i m colonel on on ps3 and but this works on ps3 and xbox and i m assuming it on computers as well if they even is available for computer. And but yeah. We want to do is go to start career mean and go to free.

Play. Once. There. You can select whatever character.

You want. Blah dee blah. And once there are you so. You re in free play mode.


Sorry. I m there to get the cheats you go over to the sentence menu. Which is also known as options and select extras and see right there entergy code. That s what you wanna press.

Compatibly 100. Again and the first one and i m not gonna do this one right. But i ll put a rest of them under this video and they re in football. But the one.

I m gonna do is mmm right last mcfly mcfly give i know so name of a band yeah stay they always. But it takes away your trucks and wheels and replaces. It with the hoverboards as you can see them overboard mode enabled. So yeah.


And it s hard to see. But it s taking away the trucks and replaced them with two little things i m gonna make you look as if you re hovering if you see if i can flip up buddy kickflip. Yeah until 100 well i m not like this whole thing. And yeah so the next.

One is going to be to make your ski character turn into someone quite small many me saw thing if you want to call it up so we wanted to sense options enter cheat codes yard and what this thing wouldn t happen is many skaters i m just recording this and let me get it from this aid was implemented it and i ve entered it before so that s many skaters when you enter that many skaters enabled you get this grabbed you turn into magic. But the thing a little bit that says you re bored can i just flies next to you casual fat evade of education and basically everything to see him. But you have really big shoes. And you can have the same size a head basically right so the next one i m gonna enter it as music zombie and a half done this one before i don t really like it.

But i m just gonna do it anyway. It s gonna be and enter. Don t be enabled. Blah dee blah.


You get the script and zombie. Isn t that good to just tons your screen a different color cuz apparently that s what a zombie is not don t know how you come up with this one probably hired someone kherson when i was 19 wow. Would you look at that well it s just amazing who the thought it anyway right before i enjoy myself as you can see there so that basically is to conclude the whole of skate 3 g. s.

But you ll see more in the info. Bar and i ll post a couple. Oh. I ll post a link to where basically they are so you can look for yourself.

And but yeah i feel like this video every comment and subscribe and five stars for the little midget yeah right see you later guys bam. ” ..

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