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“What s up guys welcome back it to another video and today. We re going going to be taking a look at five hidden chests that you can find in special edition. Now all of these chests are found in very weird ways. They re actually known as merchant chests in which the loot inside of them don t scale with your level.

So. If you are a higher level in the game. You will get better loot inside of it compared to if you re a lower level. Some of the stuff inside.

There will be you know tailored towards what level. You are also this is kind of a part one you know there s a ton more chests that can be found in some other ways to this so. If you guys do want to see a part two to this be sure to let me know. But even gonna like it down below and i try and get around to doing that for you guys sometime in the coming weeks ahead.

But other than that jumping straight into the video today with the first one this one is located just outside of markov. If you re a lower level. And you haven t been there yet you can simply go to the whiterun stables and take the carriage. There and i once you arrive there turn around and keep heading all the way down.

Now the game plan the background you guys can see i ended up jumping on a horse. It s just much quicker to get down. There. And you want to head all the way down towards the bridge exactly where you see me from the gameplay in the background.

I ll also bring up the map location just for preference if you guys need it as well. And what you need to do is go behind this wall here look at the ground and just move around a little bit eventually you ll find it the exact spot you can see from the gameplay. As well. Where you got the option to search a chest.

That s hidden underneath the ground go ahead and search. Here. And that is the hidden chest. Just down from markov again a lot of loot in here will be basic stuff especially if you re a lower level.

You ll get you know just some basic low level items..

Some of them may be enchanted as well you ll get materials. No gold all that kind of good stuff again this is a merchant chest the high level you are though the better gear. You will get from this location. And that leads us into the next one which is just outside of solitude.

So again if you are a low level. And you haven t been here. Yet simply take the carriage from white run. All the way to solitude one show here do not enter the main entrance make sure that your outside of it as you can see from the gameplay in the background and i just before entering there if you turn right you ll notice a bit of a bush or a small tree in front of a rock and just in front of that bush the best way.

I can explain this is to watch exactly what i do you know from the gameplay in the background. But just in front of that boy should be locked down. You ll notice a bit of a blue line or blue twig on the ground. And again.

If you just look around that location. I m going to show you guys as best. I can with you know the stuff around me out of exactly where this is but again simply looking around that location eventually you will find the open chests option. And that once you do you can go ahead and loot.

This hidden chest hidden just outside of solitude. One thing. I will say about this one is that for me. This one did have quite a bit more in it than the last one i showed you guys so that s just something to keep in mind from this location here.

Anyway coming in up for the next chest. This is probably one of the most known ones in the game. And this is the dawn star secret chest location. So again.

If you are a low level. Simply take the carriage from whiterun all the way to adorn stuff. One shred don t start simply follow exactly where i go in the gameplay. Again.

I am on a horse here because it is a little bit quicker..

I just simply follow the footpath all the way around and at the very end you ll find a few rocks lying on the floor and in between those rocks. In the gap. Is exactly where you will find at this hidden chest a very very simple on there again. I do believe that is one of the most known locations in the game followed by this next.

One which you can actually find in whiterun in which you have to do a little bit of a college to actually get to so i have to get to this chest in whiterun as soon as you enter. There and you turn right and go into this a little kind of area here you ll notice a barrel standing up go ahead and drop on that barrel. And the key here is to sort of jump into the corner and kind of try and crouch at the same time it can be a little bit tricky sometimes and again. I suggest making a quick save just before just in case anything does go wrong.

But if you do it correctly and you drop right in from the barrel into the corner. You should end up outside of whiterun and you ll notice everywhere around. You is glitchy as hell. And this is what you are looking so from this point.

If you make your way all the way around the side of whiterun does it again follow exactly where i m going from the gameplay in the background. You re looking to get very close to dragons reaching x. You could say and again just keep following me and eventually you ll come across an area where it looks like there s a hole in the ground. But there isn t actually one there so walk all the way up you know through the invisible floor.

I guess you could say do make quicksaves around here just in case anything does go wrong. It s definitely a suggestion for you guys and from there follow the wall up and jump into the rock and you ll know if you ll end up going straight through the rock and at this point. You re kind of underneath. The map.

Still following me here. If you jump or write down you ll end up sort of landing on invisible platform. And you should see a chest directly in front of you simply run jump at the chest and then start spamming the button to open. It and you now have access to the hidden chest underneath whiterun.

This one had a ton of different smithing materials. In for me. Rather than weapons and stuff like that. But another pretty cool chest.

That you can find hidden under whiterun..

There and for the final chest at the video. This one is yet again in solitude. It s actually at the baloo palace in solitude so if you enter solitude this time and head all the way around to the blue palace again if you want to see the map location. I will bring it up for you guys just for a preference here and then what you want to do is simply enter the blue palace.

Now this one is probably the most tricky out of all the ones. I ve showed you guys throughout the video. So how this works is as soon as you enter the blue palace. You want to look to the left and on the table.

You should be able to find a platter that you can pick up and hold it in front of you go ahead and do that pick it up and hold it in front of you and then what you want to do is simply walk all the way down tunnel left and go into this hallway. Now what we re actually going to be doing here is using this platter to breach through the wall for those of you who don t know. There s a little bit of a glitch in skyrim with a plate or a platter. Where you can actually use it to breach through objects and walls in the game.

And we re actually going to be doing this in between the bench in this location. So again. If you follow exactly where i wen come all the way to this bench and in between this bench and the wall on the right you want to try and place the platter down perfectly you can either place it up against the wall and try to run into it as you re holding. It or you can try and do what i did where i try to sort of jam.

The platter in between the wall and the bench itself and i did it so much so that it s slid down a little bit then what you can do is run straight into the wall at the platter. And you should be able to breach straight through. Now that is a little bit tricky. What i can suggest you guys is that if you re having issues with doing this try searching got some tutorials on how these sort of plate or platter glitch actually ends up working.

But once you ll breach through doing this here. Is where it can get a little bit tricky again so once your breach through. I definitely suggest making a save here because this one can mess up quite a bit. And what you want to do is you want to walk all the way out on this beam to the very very end once you re at the very end you want to line yourself up exactly actually see me doing sort of a bit of a diagonal here then what you want to do is you want to look up into the air and the key here is to fall off the edge.

And as you re falling. Because you re looking in the air. You re going to sort of look at the chest as you re falling down. So as you re falling down start spamming.

The a button or again depending on which console..

You were on at the button to open the chest. And if you get it just right you should be able to open the chest and loot everything that s inside of here. Now this one s actually a mage s chest. So you ll find a bunch of spout tones in there some gold you know a lot of stuff related to magic and stuff like that if you do see a lot of spartans that aren t in the game from the gameplay in the background.

It s because i do have a mod on or activated. That actually adds 360 brand new spells to the game. Which by the way. If want to check out the modding series.

I m starting gun skyrim. I did a video yesterday so you can check that out as well in at the description below. But i mean yeah that is how you get this chest. It is probably the most tedious out of the bunch to try and do because of the whole sort of war breaching thing that you have to do and then sort of getting at the right angle and locking go up and it s spamming.

The a button. But eventually if you get it down you should be able to enter it and that my friends is fighting for awesome hidden chests that you can find in skyrim remastered. Now. There is quite a few more that can be found so.

If you you wanna see a part and you didn t enjoy the video today be sure to let me know by leaving a like down below. And i will try and get around it to making that video for you guys as well. I am hosting another amazon. Giftcard giveaway.

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” ..

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Skyrim Remastered – TOP 5 Most Valuable Hidden Chests #1 (Secret Chests in Skyrim)
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This skyrimn remastered video is based around 5 hidden chest locations

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