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“Is up ladies and gentlemen. My name is scott and welcome back to fudge muppet. Muppet. How are you sensational beings.

Doing today. I hope good because we ve got of those fun videos one of those videos that fill you with nostalgia for the good times. You ve had in skyrim and make you want to go back and play well well today we have our top 5 play styles for elder scrolls v. Skyrim.

We have played every play style under the sun and created builds for just about all of them i don t think there is a play style. We haven t done in our over 100 skyrim builds on the channel. Unless maybe some really impractical or crappy styles. But push that shit to the side.

We aren t talking about crappy play styles. We are talking about top play styles. Our favorite out of the vast selection available now for some ground rules. We aren t including any play styles that rely on mods as they would change the list drastically.

We are just talking about classic vanilla skyrim and the play styles. Within that also we will be ordering them. But it s just personal preference ranked on things like fun effectiveness and even just how damn cool. It is this isn t strictly how powerful they are and finally after we have listed all of these sweet play styles head on down into the comments below and let us know what your list is of the top play styles.

So let s jump dive and backflip straight into this sensational list in the number 5 position. We have one that might surprise. Many people one that is very straight forward ladies and gentlemen. We have the sword and board shank and plank.

The classic shield and sword well actually it could be shield an axe or shield and mace. But regardless we are talking about the undeniably classic staple. Yet so fun the block and one handed character now across our builds this may include heavy armor light armor. Some enchanting maybe even some alchemy as variation.

But the key here is the one handed weapon and the shield. I honestly find it to be one of the most underrated play style. My very first skyrim character. All the way back on that fateful day of november 11th.


2011. Was a sword and shield character and i had so much fun one of the main things that makes this play style is the block perks like block. Runner shield bash. Deflect.

Arrows. Quick. Reflexes and shield charge. This playstyle gives you that powerful warrior feel that ultimate tank.

The you against the world feeling when arrows bounce off. You dragon fire barely touches you those awesome kill moves where you smash away their defense with your shield. Only to plunge your mighty sword into their chest. That shit is off chops my personal favorite example of this playstyle is a build called the centurion that we made the classic imperial armor sword and shield valiant warrior of the empire shield charging stormcloaks off cliffs bashing them to the side with your shield like i said.

The block perks are what makes this style. Block runner allows you to move at full speed with the shield raised and with deflect arrows. You can charge the enemy while their volleys simply brush off you it s such a cool feeling bashing. It makes combat a slice of cake allowing you to interrupt.

Very effectively and deal your own damage. But most of all we ve got to give it up for shield charge. If you haven t run across the bridge at val farm towers. Shield charging bandits off into the rapids below.

You haven t lived and on top of this all there are some particularly awesome shields in skyrim such as spell breaker. Giving you a ward on top defending against spells or taaj of the blooded spiked to ad bash damage or the shield of is grimore. Which just looks really damn cool. Because of how huge the thing is overall.

The shielded warrior playstyle is one of my favorites and one that i feel doesn t get enough love now. If you re sick of being the center of attention sick of having all the arrows flying at you sick of being the target of everyone s aggression perhaps you could try some sly methods of giving them their own medicine in the number 4 position we have one of the most overpowered. But super sexy play stars illusion controllers. This is that playstyle where you make one bandit kill his best friend and then have him killed by his pet dog.

Which he then pacify and leave alone because you like puppies this play style allows you to dominate the minds of your enemies and manipulate the situation as you see fit this often works best with snake and sometimes adding in things like conjuration or weapon skills is a good idea too but overall the main thing is controlling the minds of people illuminati style. Some examples of builds that we have that use this play style. Very well of a puppet master in the vampire temptress. Vampires is a whole other rodeo vampires have significant boosts to sneak and illusion already and then when you combine that with the necromantic illusion duel casting you can basically tell any enemy to shut up and sit down because you re the boss except a few ones like dragons.


But still it s super great and particularly illusions. Your casting is what makes this so powerful in the long run is when you duel cast. It basically doubles. The level limit of the spell sitting down and watching battles go down is far more entertaining than you may think i mean npc battles like for giants first 50 bandits of something like that get watched on youtube by plenty of people well in a small way this allows you to experience that for yourself oh and please try kill dark brotherhood contracts with frenzy.

Only that is really fun have your victim go mad and attack everyone only to be killed by the guards you barely had to lift a finger. So if you are feeling particularly sadistic or maybe you re actually a pacifist like our shadow foot build. Then try out this play style illusion. Control is particularly rewarding earning.

It the 4th place on this list in the third place. We have the meme can you guess what it is oh. My god all my characters just end up being sneaked arches in skyrim. Yeah.

Well there is a reason for that and usually because it s just so damn good the sneak arch playstyle is one of the safest. Most powerful and fun play styles around late game. No one can touch you because they never saw you never knew you existed probably. Didn t even realize they were dead one moment they were just wandering around doing bandit things and lights out there in the afterlife.

The recipe for this is snake and archery of course. And this doesn t mean strictly bows either crossbows are a really cool assassin s weapon. This one is trick shot long shot and head shot galore it just never gets old it s kind of like sniping. It s such a popular play style.

But of course. The reason is because it s so satisfiying being tucked away on a cliff. And then killing a powerful enemy in a single shot out of nowhere. The rko of skyrim and among the biggest benefits is the fact that you can pretty much disregard armor and health and such because when you get really good no.

One will touch you or know where you are making it the perfect setup for a thief or assassin. Some builds we have that use this style of play other morag tong assassin and the dealer. It s a very very powerful playstyle probably the easiest unless you are terrible at aiming. But even men with a sneak skill super high you may just alert the enemy.

But they won t find you straight away and even if they do the shadow warrior. Perk helps you duck away get a new spot and fire away again from a safe distance. Now the silver medal. The second place goes to the play style of shadows.


The ghost in the dark the stabby stabby in your baki bakke. The classic dagger wielding assassin with the assassin s blade perk. You do 15 times more damage in sneak attacks. With your daggers and with the shadow warrior.

Perk. You can even abuse this by getting some mid combat sneak kills by crouching and in slashing immediately doesn t always work. But it is really cool aside from that it s one of the coolest play styles and in my opinion. More fun than snake archers mainly because it s far riskier.

It gives you that little adrenaline hit when you get that throat slit animation and pull it all off fantastically it s far more rewarding and if you want to next level. This play style making it a knight blade with an out of illusion is amazing cutting invisibility into the mix if you like to truly be a shadow in a dark. Then you have to try this look at our spectre build for example. Which is an argonian that jumps out of the shadows with invisible in slices.

Throats left right and center. Only to dash back into the darkness. You ever see that movie ninja assassin. Remember that opening scene with the gangsters.

It feels like that except you re the assassin you re hiding in the shadows. And that s what makes this playstyle. So rewarding it may be harder you may get caught more often at the start. But when you truly become a master assassin when you from the shadows to claim the souls of your victim.

It truly is a menacing sight to behold and a super fun play style to experience. So if you haven t already definitely try out this style. Now for the final spot my personal favorite. The number one playstyle for me.

The conjuration warrior. Now this in particular is one i have so much fun with conjuration is probably my favorite magic school and summoning fearsome creatures or having dead thralls of your favorite characters follow you into battle is awesome. Sometimes warriors can get a little plain and there is nothing like some conjuration to spice it up walking into battle with simply a shield and armor is so badass your enemies not expecting anything more. But then you spring out to draw more lords and summon a bound sword from the plains of oblivion and lay waste to the foolish daedric armor daedric shield.

Conjure daedra and a bound sword is awesome. The bound sword is an option with the conjuration warrior itself is so cool even with no gear. You are never defenseless being able to summon dual bound swords or perhaps you re a two handed berserker charging a fort but archers are giving you trouble just summon to store matron arcs to give you covering fire the bone lord build. We have is an awesome example of a conjuration warrior.


And it is just my absolute favorite playstyle to be honest my favorite playstyle could be described as a little bit broader. But it s mainly conjuration if i were to define this category more broadly you could say battle mage. But i m not talking fireballs and such i generally prefer warriors with support magics like alteration for shields or restoration. Conjuration for heals and summons.

But overall when i really narrow it down out of those three conjuration comes out on top. The conjuration warrior is amazing charging into battle with your own undead bodyguards is the best feeling. I m even going to give an honorable mention to the conjuration archer. Because bound bow.

Plus. Summons is also a beast playstyle. But even from an aesthetic point of view. I d rather be a menacing awk warlock in daedric armor with flame.

Outrun arcs dancing around slinging fireballs. While i go into a berserker rage with jewel bound swords. So essentially my favorite playstyle is any variation of the conjuration warrior. Whether that include bound weapons dual bound swords bound sword shield or normal melee weapons.

It s just a really fun and top play style. So now that i ve talked about my favorite play styles. What are your favorite play styles. What do you guys think let s see some lists down below in the comment ranking from 1 to 5 try to be specific.

I m really keen to see what your guys favorite play styles are thanks. So much for watching this video guys your support means. The world to us links to all our social media. Particularly twitter.

In the description below have a great weekend. Guys. My name is scott and i will be back again to nerd out with you again next time ” ..


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In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we take you through our top 5 playstyles ranked in order of our personal preference.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game s main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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