Sniper Elite 3 – How to Get Unlimited Experience Points Fast! (XP CHEAT/EXPLOIT!)

sniper elite 3 cheats This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Sniper Elite 3 – How to Get Unlimited Experience Points Fast! (XP CHEAT/EXPLOIT!) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s it going guys. Waikiki cuddy coming today with a xpg for you guys in in sniper elite. 3. This one pretty simple you just want to make sure that your loadout.

You do have a panzer the hell these things called doesn t matter. It s going you wanna make sure you have the rocket launcher alright panzerschreck or whatever. It s called here weird name for it anyways wanna make sure that you have that and then once you have that in your loadout equip that loadout and then head to the saguaro asus map. Ok so once you are on this mission.

All you are going to do is once you start it up you re gonna do it on cadet doesn t matter. What difficulty you have it all just doing look at that may be sure you skip the beginning seen as quick as you can that way the truck will be to your right you ll see the truck. There i m racing and racing getting you into the field. You re going to create a save file right here.


So just press start create a save file. And what that s going to allow you to do is now you re just going to shoot this truck with the panzer and then you are just going to press start and reload that save file again and then that truck will be right there. And you should be standing in the field with the panzerschreck and you will be able to shoot it again for another 100 xp. So you will be able to get 100 xp granted.

I m taking my time here showing you but you should be able to do this probably about 4 to 5 seconds 100 xp each time so that s a quick way for you to gain xp right here. And to level up real quick get those guns fast and of course get that achievement at the level 21 and level 31. I believe you get an achievement as well so there s just a really quick way to do that and get xp right there now after you take a little gander at this i will show you another method here very shortly okay so the second method i m going to show you guys is in mission 7a katsina pass. You are going to skip the scene right when the tiger tank shows up and shoots power out of the sniper tower and you re going to run right over here and you re gonna lay a mine right now what that s going to do is to tell your tank.

It is going to come down that come down that road right there and he s going to run over that mine. And it s going to lose his tracks and stop him dead right. There. Which is going to allow you to shoot him three times in his vir.


Well in his vulnerable spot. Granted. You are not using our basic rounds. Otherwise.

It will only take about one or two shots. And so you re shooting three times and make sure that you don t shoot the fourth time. Because the fourth time will actually destroy the tank. And then you are just going to run away hide somewhere lay down.

And then you re going to make sure you get the all clear. So you ll see here i should once twice three times alright now i ve shot it three times. It is vulnerable and ready to be shot for the fourth time to destroy it so i m just gonna run away and i m gonna go lay down somewhere until i get the all clear so i ve done that here now i ve laid down the street from it so i do have a vantage point at the weak spot with my sniper. I ve got the all clear so i m going to make the save file.


There it is and then i m just going to fire that one last shot into it it s a vulnerable spot to get the kill and the 100 xp. So you will see i just show you right there. There it is i fire down right now. And i get the hundred xp right there.

Oh wait hold on now. Let s show you the under xp. There it is okay so then i just go to the load file. And i m going to load that file.

I should be laying down right there ready to fire another shot into it and gain. The hundred xp and here i go. And there it is 100 xp and then i continue just doing this over and over again until i level up to get whatever. It is you want whether it is the guns or the unlocks or it is the the achievement sighted as you re going for alright.


So that is the xp sheet. I hope that helps you guys. Though maybe drop a like i appreciate that for now. Uncle cody and i m out peace.

I do it we. Win. No matter. What got money and every time.

I step up in the building. Everybody let s go up you ” ..

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