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“It s me again and i m going to show you a few cheats on on here so yeah um. I ll show you blue cheats interestin okay. First first is the walk um walking cheating going to walk and then take reno. And you have to get at least one present look here doesn t matter that there s dogs there or not then go back down.

It doesn t matter. If you don t get a present or not it just matters. If you get there in time see it s present hey bub lord. How amazing okay hmm hurry up okay and then when you get there going to supplies go into here and then i put the purple collar on it and i must leave immediately.

I hope this works try to go home okay and then i don t i use my dashing olympus. It s clean when you get there turn it off then turn it back on i hope it doesn t bleed mcknight. See how she s still wearing her purple collar go out here you go for a walk in okay second cheat is um going to supplies. Now.

If you have it you go to the brush. What you first first you make sure that your dog is beautiful second you go to supplies then you get your brush. If you have one i m going to brush holly. And then you know huh and then stare.

It there and then you leave your dog right there plugged. In all night. And then it will give you like no idea. How i was at like at two hundred one time then i went to a thousand on my own chihuahua game before so yeah um.

That is pretty much all the tricks..

I know whoopsie okay and i do what i m doing and when you do the brush trick. It will give you you go to your trainers and foes. And it will do that and it will get more thing step. Okay.

That s pretty much all the tricks. I know um. I know my trick. But it s only on my chihuahua game.

And i can t show you it too right now because it ll take too long those are the two cheats that i know comment and say if i missed one if i miss two or one or three. I have no idea i hope you like it because i certainly do hmm bye. ting their evil goals and save the cyber world alongside its operator lon. Akari a fifth grader in some sort of fashion megamanexe is like a pokemon and lan is the pokemon trainer.

I m sure it s much more than that i should play the battle network games to get more out of the relationship put the torches down. But that s how i m generalizing it for this game. And my current viewpoint since i didn t have any baggage to carry when starting the most important thing. I was looking for was how well a newbie could jump into this game.

Without having played battle network. Beforehand good news. If you re worried about not getting the story fee or not the plot is painfully bare bones and almost as needless as a story would be in the classic series this is such an in between game. It s not even funny they only briefly go into details and how things went down in the previous game.

They vaguely alludes..

A future events and the amount of loose ends is beyond comprehension. Predictably. They want me to pick up battle network to continue the story. But do i really want to there s nothing really to continue here.

Dot exe program s run amok and mega man stops him until he finds the culprit and then stops him that s nothing new for mega man. No matter. What the franchise. There s an optional fight with this universe s base ending in the most any climatically way you could possibly achieve.

And that was a thing for the second game tied to the battle network universe. They sure had no problem immediately reverting back to recognizable territory. After just one title. I don t know if this was done in response to any outcry from classic fans maybe they didn t want to celebrate the 15th anniversary with a new face or perhaps.

They didn t quite hit the sweet spot. Yet for the role playing formula but network transmission plays like a 2d adventure that should look familiar to longtime fans of the blue bomber. I was surprised honestly i thought i was getting myself into an rpg here no this is definitely not an rpg they try to make it one at times. Though yeah they certainly try to do all right let s do this let s begin with this mechanic battle chips.

These are megaman special weapons here. Which could range from elemental attacks close friends or combat or they can even be defensive in nature like recovery ships okay that s fine here s what s not fine megaman is required to hold 20 battleships at all times. Now that doesn t sound bad. But you re only allowed to use up to 5 at once and when it s time to select your weapons you re not allowed to simply select from your list of 20 instead.

A select..

Few are randomly selected by lawn to hand out to you and if you don t happen to like what you re given you can do one of two things you can either wait for the custom gauge right here to recharge. Which takes a whole minute. I timed it or you can rely on mega man s default weapon. The mega buster which when starting off mega blows.

It takes an ungodly amount of hits to kill even the tiniest of robots and you won t be able to do anything with it until you progress through the game. Where you can power up increase its firing rate or give it charging properties. When that happens then the weapons not so bad in fact it became my go to weapon of choice. But you know i didn t have to do any of that with classic mega man.

Which this game is trying so hard to emulate instead. They re just making things needlessly strenuous. But battle chips man i have almost nothing positive to say about how these things are handled in the beginning of the game was not doing me any favors there s an ammo count for the weapons. But there s also a recharge meter.

Which depletes every time you use a battleship. It s like an ammo count for your ammo count. And yes. It does slowly recharge over time but was it really needed considering how we have to deal with both the rng factor of how battleships are distributed and because you can only get ammo of one weapon from a specific enemy lawn.

I m trying to save the fucking world here the best you can give me is reaching into your bag and thrown shed me without looking at it. I need fucking help here. Man fire man s kicking. My ass.

Oh god i was so frustrated at the start the worst possible point..

Where you can anger me because first impressions are everything to me enemy attacks were goddamn near instantaneous the moment they appeared on screen and again if i wanted to refill ammo of a weapon. I like to using assuming i had it at all i had to kill the specific enemy that dropped that certain battleship that s how i m are those work here. If you want more of it you got to grind one specific enemy fire man is way too fucking difficult to be the first boss of the game. I can just slide under his flamethrower just barely make it.

But then i only have a second to regain my footing and fire something anything at him before he fires another. Damn flamethrower and it needs to be something quick because if the battleship has any sort of wind up time the asshole either hurts me before i can even launch the damn weapon or he shrugs off the damage and attacks while i m just recovering from my attack. Elemental weaknesses are still a thing in network transmission. And you have a water based battleship at your disposal.

When starting off. And it s possible to buy more ambo free at the shop with money you can find in stages. Okay. I at least have something to douse the flames.

But i still have to make sure i even have the weapon ready to go before i enter. The boss portal for one weapon and one weapon. Only you can set it so that it always shows up when you bring up the custom menu and if you want to go down that pathway to make sure you re guaranteed to have the weapon ready to go you re gonna have to play the rest of the stage with randomly selected battleships unless you hate yourself enough to use the mega buster this early in the game. But what if you don t just want to enter a boss room with only the weakness.

You want to be a little more prepared than that get some recovery items and such you got away for those damn chips to show up to make things easier you can always deplete the ammos of weapons you don t care about and ” ..

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