South Park The Fractured But Whole – All Big Al's Cats Locations Guide – Scavenger Hunt

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“Guides hey guys macca here playing south park the fractured but whole and in this this video. I will be showing you all six of the cat locations for big now. If you visit big owl at his house. You can try to take a picture with him.

But he s too worried about his cats and he puts you on a side mission to find all of them. And there are a total of six and i ve just kind of put them in order based on how they kind of fit around the map. Although they re pretty separated. Now you will want to make story progress to unlock so toe.

So paw as well as all of the buddy abilities. You ll also need the fart time pause. Any fart time rewind for some of these in order to grab them the first one we can find in soto. So paw will need to get to almost the very top of the building.

And this is where you would go to get the divine wind achievement slash trophy. But just before getting all the way to the top you ll use your firecrackers to clear some boxes and on a little ledge. You can find one of the cats now another one of the cats you can find in front of beibei s house..


And what you ll need to do is use the firecrackers to knock the cat down from the tree. However as soon as they touch the ground you ll need to use the pause in order to grab them before they run away a little bit further from that we are now at the fast travel point nearest. The pond and the church in the north area and you should notice that there is a cat very close to this fast travel point which you ll want to use your firecrackers to knock off the tree pause time and then grab before it runs away if a cat does run away on you all you need to do is rewind. Which will bring them back to their original state.

Now we re in the middle of the map near the very top at the south park mall. And just to the right of the porta potty. Which we would have used for the master toilet achievement or the crap and fort achievement rather or trophy to the right of that you ll find a cat near some bushes that is pretty easily scared. But you should be able to pause time from pretty far away and grab them really quick before they re gone just past that we have the bijou theater in front of that on main street.

Connecting the main areas with all the little shops and the playgrounds. We can find a cat that runs away to that bush and if we pause time and do it very quickly we can grab them before they run away to the bush. This is in front of the bijou theater last. But not least we are in hill vale farms at the very top right of the map.

This has passed the u haul store past everything basically in the very top right and this is how you get to canada in the old game. I believe and in this game you can almost get to canada. But not quite now for this one you ll need to get past..


The farmer and to do that you ll need to pause the time grab the bucket and block him. And then you ll be able to walk across the little gate and get past him without him blocking you once you are up the path. You ll get changed to this little picture here. Where it says.

There s an arrow to canada and as soon as you do this you can knock the cat down on the top left pause time and pick them up right here. And that will be our final cat six out of six so far and we ll want to do is go back to big al s house and talk to him and you ll have to return each cat to him out of your inventory. I already have a bunch of the cats returned. Which is why you see them in the screen already but i ve returned my last cat and he ll reward me with two full sets of costumes including the feline and including the snow cat costumes.

I believe you ll also gain a little bit of xp you ll get the side quest off of your map. And you ll be able to equip the clothes. The gloves are the hands part as well as the mask part of all three of these and you ll be able to mix and match different colors as well i happen to think the feline costume in black and red actually looks pretty cool. That s what i ve been using for a little bit in my game personally however you re free to do whatever you like the other thing.

I would highly recommend is that after you complete this quest make sure you take a picture with big owl. As this is the only time in which you can grab a selfie with him any time after you complete his quest otherwise. He s too worried about his cats..


And he s not willing to take that selfie with you until you finish so if you re looking to get 1 in the game. And you want to grab all the cats grab this costume and grab that selfie make sure you do this. And you should be good to go thank you so much for watching drop a like share the video with a friend special thanks to the amazing people on patreon for supporting the show and hopefully. I see you guys next time pace.

cause if you just jump at him right after he does a head attack. He s gonna follow up with a second head attack. So wait and their effect. Sometimes sometimes you can screw up the jumping attack by not pressing the left analog stick and bites.

I m getting a little nervous here because he s alright. This is why you shouldn t look at hbo. When you fight a boss. Yours is a oh with you stay away from aoe gonna see how much throwing knives.

Do it barely does anything going back with a head attack attack thing clogs okay any bugs just you know just walk backwards. If you re too close. Then just um..


Just do like a step back the back dog make. Sure you always lock onto this guy ah yeah. That s pretty much it this is the watchdog that the dangerous part is um getting hit cuz. We get hit it s a one shot introspecting or unless you have enough belt or phobia to shot.

I thought i can finish him off there i didn t want to get greedy. I was gonna try and finish him off there i m like it he does some magic crap i m gonna die instantly so screw that back alright wheezing dog hmm i was like is this guy remind me of sif no in fact i don t think yeah. That s the tag patterns are totally different. I don t think sifters of them does not yeah and down goes with the watchdog.

Oh my god yeah. This is actually my third attempt at the sky. So it wasn t as bad well yeah. That s gonna wrap it up for this boss guy.

So thank you all for watching. And i ll see you all next thing comes out ” ..

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South Park The Fractured But Whole – All Big Al s Cats Locations Guide – Scavenger Hunt: Big Al s Big Cats – The result of this side quest are the Feline and Snowcat full costumes as well as XP.

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