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“Walls intact and bulletproof. Nobody s getting near the maria anytime. Soon mission accomplished them them i hope. So yeah.

I m gonna have to call you right back. Why s going on you look good been working out. Oh. I mean you know a little so you swinging solo now so back.

With your ex. It s a lot of questions. I m just curious yeah here that s bad for cats. I bet you tell me why you re really here.

I was just waiting for the right moment look behind you i like your new tricks and i m tired of your old ones. What you gonna stop stealing art who said i m here for the art. What are you doing think you have lives to save what where d she go peter is everything okay sorry mj. I just ran into an old friend who trouble oh hey spider felicia hamaji are no joke you shouldn t be playing with oh.

But i like to play with the cat. I like watching you reminds me of old times. What s on that drive not entirely sure to be honest..


Then why are you stealing it if i don t they ll kill my son your son. Damn. It felicia has a son timmy. I mean it could be can i could beat you no no no no i m not gonna think about that right felicia.

We need to talk. Oh. I do miss our little chats. But i ve got a run music.

Yeah. She s shorted out my web shooters with an emp guess. I m doing this the old fashioned way come on i wanna help if hammer heads got your son you can t do this alone. Why not i ve done everything else alone.

I m saying you don t have to why won t you trust me. We worked together before answered your own question. Didn t you felisha. What didn t you come to me with this maybe.

I don t think. It s a problem wait unless you mean the gang war cuz. That s definitely a fraud shooters finally rebooted..


It s flippin tough as i got to play harder to get did you get music now can we talk like human beings. This feels pretty human to me. I know what s on those drives you re stealing look at you brawn and brains. You can t give hammerhead the last drive once he has what he wants your son will just be a loose end let me help you what are you thinking stall him give us some time to find your son.

I missed. You glad we re back together again not like that shame okay. I can probably give us a couple days. Max so how about your son is there a chance.

I m later for now let s find him when he s safe we can talk about that keep in touch spider uh mj s gonna kill me. So what are we looking at got a tip from an old friend hammerheads keeping something extremely valuable in that office. Above the bar. A lot of guys in there if they spot me my son s dead i ll draw them out then you sneak in my hero come on please and up for this crap you ve gotten soft in your old age you first spider.

Did you find the location of the vault. No but we re narrowing it down. And it s definitely where he s keeping my son yes speaking of him. There s an overdue conversation do you ever miss this what are you getting shot at while you steal things i really tried going straight got a job that didn t involve breaking or entering even started wearing sweatpants on weekends.

I wondered where you went must have been hard for you especially for the child i need to go deeper. I m gonna find him let me help if we re supposed to be working together some things i do better alone. Some things i ll call you if i need an extra pair of hands mj nailed..


It this place is isolated. They could keep the kid here for weeks. Without anyone noticing. This is the place.

I know it if they spot us. It s over we need to take them all out like we used to quiet as a cat sneaky as a spider lots of places to hide a vault around here you check the shipping containers. While i check in that building over there felicia. What i m sorry hammerhead did this to you yeah well.

He s about to find out you mess with the cat you get the claws. I check him out sable international. What is this stuff whoa hammerheads got sable weapons. I wonder what else he has that answers that question the vault falesha kidding.

Me tell me you were just stringing me along sorry sweetie. But i needed help to pull off a job. This big all you ever wanted was hammerheads drive the entire wealth of the mafia in the palm of my hand. You gave hammerhead faked drives you think.

He s gonna be mad at me. So the kidnapping. Did your son that was all just a lie lie is such an ugly word..


I prefer misdirection do the right thing take the drive to the police hey i earned these besides hammerheads on a mission. And nothing is gonna stop him. If anything i just help slow him down a bit clean up the whole yard check the vault. Time to go.

I ll raise a glass to you on the riviera felicia music boss. We re in drives gone new plan. There s a tracker on that drive find her and kill her and if she s dumb enough to go to a little penthouse. I ve got a crew waiting there to send it sky high what about the drives.

I don t care about the drives. I just want her dead got it we ll find her if there s a tracker on that drive felicia s in trouble got to get to her fast miss me already hammerhead knows where you are and he s going to kill you there s a tracker on his drive. I don t get you spider. I just calm the hell out of you and here you are trying to save me how can you be so damn nice all the time it s not about being nice.

It s about doing the right thing you ve got so many talents. We should use them to help someone other than yourself yeah well i should know by now. That s not how i roll people can change felicia love you spider. I ll miss you wait your penthouse.

He s rigged it to explode don t worry. I still got all my left gotta move come on oh you ” ..

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