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“Guys on gaming with you and i had to do a couple changes. But i i did want to record this this is a game called legends of norrath and s a free to play card game that s made by sony. It s kind of based off of the story of everquest and everquest 2. I guess i didn t play those really i know some of you guys did but so this is a card game similar to magic the gathering more closely like shadow era mixed with wow.

It s more in between those two. I ve played a couple games. I will be honest i am awful at this game. But we re going to try this is the third scenario of beginner scenarios and playing with just the base starter deck that you get and i m awful heads up.

I m awful. We re going to give it a try. Though i ve lost every other one on the first try so i ll try to explain a zygote this game. It s cool i like it but i suck at it and i don t want to spend money on it yet so keep and mainland don t spend money at cuz sony games have this tendency to just not have an audience okay so these things on the side.

You notice. The battlefield is in four sections. These two sections are his these two sections our minds. Wow.

It s loud let me turn down my headset. Let me. Turn down the game volume. Actually can i options.

Please i cannot let me pause. It i ll be right back once. I figured this out okay guys. I m back and i turned down the volume hopefully.

It s more reasonable let me check my mic settings. Oh yeah. Mike s on turn it my base by 1. I ll just turn down my headset volume hopefully.

It s good to you guys ok so these the two quests you have quests that costs to four five and six in your deck shown here you always start with your level two quest and then these others come into play later anyways the two battlefield sides. You will cast your creatures essentially to one side or the other of your battlefield. They battle on that side so. It s kind of like to battlefields.

These quests. When you complete them they have special effects like this one you complete this quest search your library non weapon item card take it to your hand. Okay. This one whenever player applies and ability abilities were our new points like this one needs to to complete our dew points towards completing that quest so if you apply an ability that has one level that only apply one point in such a library for an item card put it in your hand.

It s pretty good these over here. This is my action points per turn basically my mana. It goes up as quest get completed. So if we if he completes a quest.

We each gana mana..

So that s how it works you don t get a vantage on your opponent by completing quests you share the advantage you just get the reward for completing. It okay. So then these attributes are attack defense and bonus damage. You can only apply one of those combat that your avatars included in and beside that your hip points.

Looks. Like he has more hit points than ideal let s see during each combat involving this avatar. He gets a plus for rune wow. This guy s really strong.

He is so much stronger than mine. Okay. So he has 12 hits. So.

My avatar gets one bonus for each of your exerted abilities. Well it s defendant. Essentially ones that have been used i only have nine hit points. Oh yeah.

This is a tough match so this is my hand. I don t like this setup. Because you have to hover over them to see them i don t know if i can change this. Let s see so this is my an armor items go here you can only have one of each positions like my chest.

I can i ll have one chest armor. But you can exert it when you exert during defense you can exert a unit combatant okay. I had a weapon. I got an ability called stalk ability called assault a creature and a spell.

A tactic card who s going first place quest plays quest you draw through the loop. I think i m first the scene is actually fine. I guess the stack socks keep he s going to smash me let s do it so in this game you re starting hand is five card draw card on your return your deck is 6 or 50 cards unlike magic where it s 60 and seven. Yeah okay so did your carbs.

A turn. And i drew nothing to wolf pierce. I m confused i did draw something i guess i had drunk. I don t know guys i don t know not sure okay so stalk when you apply this quest begin combat against opposing avatar.

There s this other thing. It s light and shadow. If i m light side affiliated by casting light side creatures i can already one of my items if i m dark side. I can exert an opposing ability when an ability or creature anything s exerted.

It s used until a full turn cycle. The salt. A new place ability begin combat against opposing avatar. This one begins combat whenever.

It s exerted now the combat is going to be a tie..

Because he s going to have three defense so i m not going to win unless i use pierce. The yam. I want to use my mana efficiently so i think i m just going to start out with these claws. The claws are pretty cool i can exert the side.

I m join exert yeah. We re on klaus remember our prime eric is there one handed weapon. They re pretty cool. I like the claws now i did that instead of doing anything else because the cost is rips ended up here in the corner.

I had three mana and i want to use all of it essentially so in his turn. He made this he made an ability called intimidate when you apply this ability to request move all opposing its quest to another quest. Interesting so it will be worth two points next turn. He will be able to redeem one of these quests.

So that s good for him sucks for me. So i do want to get something going this turn. I m going to go ahead and play ferocity and that s all i can do now frosty. I can destroy it search.

My deck for my water card and put it in my hand otherwise it gives my orders 11. I m not going to search my water my order is just a wolf that s nothing special. So it s kind of annoying. So he solved the clock for cargo clockwork now you win by getting your opponent.

20 life or getting solving for quest. So if he solves the forge for the noble sword. Which he very likely will do next turn. He s well on his way ok so i can apply ferocity towards one of these and i m going to this will use up my quest.

Just like it used up his um. But i m going to do that alright so crap. Oh my gosh. I m so bad so i could have searched for a weapon.

When i did that i always miss these triggers guys. I m i m pretty bad at this game. Um gee chef sucks. So i have four mana now um.

I would like to go ahead and play a salt. He s gonna solve the forge. I just really shot myself in the foot. This turn.

Yeah. Let s go ahead and play this dang. It 2 defense. Okay go ahead and activate her get plus 3 to attack.

Now if this is a tie you both your damage..

I m going to go and play pierce. So now we re tied we can both essentially due to damage to each other that s not necessarily good for me. I m going to go ahead. And do this one too so i won the combat.

I do one damage to him. But a lot of my stuff s exerted now you can only apply one quest per turn. So i guess i m going to go ahead and play this guy at this quest. It s probably going to die.

So he s got one tack. One defense and you always do base one damage. But i can exert him during combat to get 1 damage at the end of combat destroy him. So yeah.

He solved that quest now his level 5 quest is out is he another intimidate and he s got a 22 wolf that gets plus one defense for some reason she gets one check for each ability in opposing ok all units this quest get one defense. Okay so this guy is going to be strong. Now. I can attempt a quest which will apply my assault um.

It s not necessarily good for me. But i can t pass so i applied one there my guys are all refreshed and it s here s the problem with this deck is none of my stuff really apply as many points to a quest. So it s very hard to win by questing and my creatures all suck like this guy. He cost too he s a 2 2.

With two hit points. And he gets better right that s ridiculous redic so redic and i have cards like this that just rewriting. My crappy order that i can search up in this deck is really bad they really try to force you into buyin as well occasionally when you re trying to attack or defend. A choke point.

The explosives is just much to handle at this point switch to the officer class and equip the defuser start card. When used it diffuses any explosives in your area. If you say an 8 a rt or a spider always make sure to aim at the head rather than the body of the vehicle. Because you will kill the enemy.

A whole lot faster this way the little green jello master really is short. But he s nonetheless powerful in fact his rushes. They re able to break opponents blocks making them exceptional for one on one life to have a combat your unsuspecting foe thinks he s safe. But in fact you re just one button click away from rendering him completely helpless with any dash ability like everyone s defensive rush.

Or harm shoulder charge for example always make sure to dash or roll. Rather than actually cancelling the ability not only will it get you out of the way. But it will also end the animation much faster than normal feel like writing some havoc on galactic assault jump in a star fighter and bombard. The helpless ground troops with missiles you can bypass the lock ability and instantly fire missile by double tapping the activation button despite being pretty hard to do yoda.

And more can actually deflect blaster bolts with their r1 abilities at the time. We re making this video. Their regular blocks. Haven t been added to the game.

Yet so until i have been given proper blocks try and make the most of this whenever possible easily the most stylish of heroes lando has some abilities that match his fashion sense his smoke grenade is one of the most underused and it has some hidden properties that can battle sabre users..

While in landers smoke. Sabre users are unable to lunge as far as they usually can giving you an edge when it comes to maneuverability make the most of those officers squad. Shields. If you re attacking an objective and detainees just failing to make a breakthrough sprinting there and throw down the shield and then even if you do ie teammates should be able to make some good progress before the shield does get taken out swinging your saber in midair increases.

The distance you travel. It also feels really satisfying and sounds really satisfying with the new saber combat. It is critical to combine regular attacks blocking dodges and abilities all together in order to win one on one battles make sure to combine as many different moves as you can while still staying as unpredictable as possible possibly one of the most hated pop ups in game. The turret lock on warning is common during hallway combat use smart iron grenades to clear turrets from your path.

And even up the playing field despite their recent nerf arc troopers are far from useless at close range use the arc troopers massive damage output to obliterate vehicles and heroes emperor. Palpatine can shoot lightning with both hands hold down both triggers or mouse buttons to give your opponent s a double dose of unlimited in capital supremacy use heroes to control the objectives. I know everyone loves saving their heroes for some kill strikes. But this game o is for playing the objectives so get your ass on those command posts.

Most lightsaber abilities can be activated. While you re blocking its best activate your ability while blocking because it leaves your opponent s less time to take advantage of the animations. The only thing more difficult than patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time is hitting your shots while midair as boba fett before selecting a favorite bounty hunter and multiplayer matches be sure to practice picking off enemies in the regular arcade mode. This will greatly improve your chances of not being knocked into a solid pit by a blind man holding a pole.

Because let s be perfectly honest that would be pretty embarrassing with me when playing is the legendary bounty hunter boba fett feather. The left trigger or jetpack key to travel further without burning as much fuel plus more importantly it ll look really cool in heroes vs villains some people plug very offensive while others prefer playing defensive instead i ve found that the most effective play style is a blend between the two because it s generally a little more unpredictable and you are still able to defend yourself. When needed as well as land those damaging strikes when you do get a chance when versus a hero is a standard trooper risk your life or even sacrifice yourself to lower their health. If you get them low enough it will be very difficult for them to regenerate their health and sooner or later.

They ll be picked off by teammates either that or you ll get an amazing kill. What s this another fighting reactor all right. Where s that trusty gps turn right and then turn left there right and continue for 150 meters. Then turn left turn left continue straight for 400 meters in 100 meters turn left your destination is on the left arrive the death trip of reinforcements has an insane grenade look at the range on this thing look at how many enemies.

It can reveal so there are the 50 tips and tricks for star wars. Battlefront make sure to check out the second half of this video on the silky channel for the other 50 tips. There will be a link in the description. A pinned comment and a card up in the top right of your screen right now.

And before you leave to check out the other 50. Tips and tricks don t forget to subscribe to sammy s channel for new videos that are designed to help you get better at star wars. Battlefront. Thanks.

Marcus yes. We do post multiple star wars. Battlefront. 2.

Videos every week. So feel free to check them out after watching the second part of this video on the sylvie channel. Thank you all so much for watching you guys have a great day in all caterwaul in the next one you you re afraid. ” .


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