Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Let's Play Part 32: Ilum

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“Is happening. Y all. Welcome on back in ilium okay this is a branding place place which way did we want to go i guess. It s gonna here first to the right and then won t go straight.

Nice pick younglings the time of the gathering is upon us use your skills. Why speak music so i guess. This is this is probably where like let me see at a bank master. No i wanted to see le.

I m yelling scheme here for the secret right at the gathering a test all jedi must pass to build their lightsaber. Okay so this i mean to be fair. I know like nothing about star wars lore. But i would infer that all the knights come here.

And this is like their final ritual to be i m actual jedi s i remember every jedi comes here as a kid or they did when the word jedi fast. So we got three secrets and five chests. Really hope the chests aren t out here in this snowy shithole. It d be hard to really search for things out here looks like a way through over.

There don t be careful with the ice and that first first secret. We found which is kind of some dumb luck the rest are so i d imagine there s probably a serious. She said. You know you re gonna be tested so it s probably a series of tests and a full blown temple music.

It was that i had an exam and pop up music that was shit here. We are well yeah well it s a good thing. I swag swag swag. It s a good thing.

I swung by dathomir got that upgrade cuz otherwise music. We ll be having a hell of a time music yes..

I am. I feel like that s the way i go. But when i bet. There s some treasure waiting for me up top.

Be my crest. All to get that jenner was a cowboy like eh and i meditated here he returned at points throughout his life to contemplate as many adventures and trials. Okay okay that worked out yeah. It used to be beautiful the warmth is nice music this melts down.

Later. I remember this room master yoda melted that door to let us into the caves. Now with a force with that crystal the light passed through it and carried its warmth that we can do it too. Yeah.

We need something to hook. This bitch up to first what seeing any any points to get up nope. She got a little buddy all right so. The question is if i need ics cse.

Let s see so i need to first we re doing this one then we ll melt that to give us a shortcut. I think that s all that s over there right maybe that it s anywhere. I can chain this thing down alright that the crystals where it s at now. It s not gonna work.

But now it might all right so i need to i need to do this i m going to take that need to do that and then i need to pull you over will you slot it in send it back okay skill tree and seeing groups of enemies flying that would be useful repulse. I still don t care about whirlwind throw could also be useful. But i used push a lot so let s pick up this how unrealistic. We all know he would be instantly frozen well maybe not geothermal.

This isn t where i came in. I think..

It is definitely is not each birth is different be mindful of your anger music. This is where i came from there s heat coming from those cracks underwater. It s freezing up here. I can feel it it s calling to me we must be close jed.

I can t pick any camper crystal. It chooses you yeah kind of like you it s a little shake. It ll be okay let s hope it holds next of a dozen. We re gonna end up in not grad situation well this one calls getting stronger let s hurry.

I m all about you hurrying. But there s chess and shit to get cow hold up hang on a second music. How oh we get it and then we come out this way as you do all run double jump grab climb out crystals that way we re going this way i feel like i m surrounded by ghosts no i m not all right. It s hard to be here.

How did they find us here all right let me get the lightsabre because the that s the second wall. I ve seen that i gotta bust open. I m gonna bet once at my lightsaber. I could start cracking up in walls and i get what i need so we don t go that way.

I know we don t go that way at all. But this way so i was going her way all along no wait that s the third secret. There s three secrets here right yeah all right well. We know where all the secrets are at least now come on man.

But for the most part the movement in this game is solid. But there are times like that where it s like walk. Why would you not just grab the thing. It s right there they re all posey has jumped over it music where did you last see her he was heading into the caves.

Here we ve got a problem jaco. It s in the caverns..

There s no way they could have put a tracker on us. But i would have said the same about trilha hijacking. You re calm breathe and i will there s the mantis thanks. I ll be back as soon as i ve got my frickin you re vulnerable out.

There. I still got the force. It s not like i m a helpless child out here that s it i can see it s shiny add a feeling no this is my fourth or fifth. But i know we re getting close to having all chests banco second so there s a chest in the shattered lake area.

It s that one that s up there the temple. We re good it s the secret here in the cave was the other chest. There s the one that i messed up top. I ll see any other zones showing like chest being missing shatter lake.

It s that s right here. I m gonna break that open to get it so we chose three out of five. But that s two out of two one out of one zero. One yeah.

I don t that s uh maybe. It s a bug. It s right nice yeah. We look at this again.

It should be a total of five chests so far there s two in the crystal caves. Which we got one in the jedi temple gives me 3 1. In shattered lake is 4. How where is there where s the fit chest supposed to be tilaka zone that like dipped into oh.

No i do not know it will certainly bother me. When we run over here to get this marked on the map over here..

I got a break open with my crystal. So that s a total of three. I use false. I got a pop later through there i can feel it we re almost out of here.

I promise music don t come any closer. I mean it could be fine. I was just ice water no uh wonderful geothermal vents here my seeing a blackout before he gets up top our false it drew you out of the water cow crystal calls to you to be your partner. So i wonder that the lightsaber that he had before is that just a good training lightsaber or something likes if the if the crystal chooses the jedi how can you just no use whatever or can i jet i use any lightsaber.

But when they finally get their own it s like this is that good shit music. Oh something tells me that wasn t supposed to happen like that failure is not the end my friend that s goodbye. The times come this may be the last you see of me hold up. I can sense the doom of the jedi order is upon us added bd record bd recording n.

Though oh failure is not the end. It is the necessary part of the path hope will always survive in those who continue to fight like you bd one. I believe you will find someone just as brave and persistent as you have been and you will help them as you have helped me. But your memory will be completely lost are you sure you want to do this beginning total memory encryption only with a trusted connection with your memories be restored.

I believe in you as i always have and i believe in whom you choose to replace me goodbye or friend your memories you risk them from me. I believe in your to prote yeah. You re right. There s still chance music come on alright well.

I think we re about to use our lightsaber. So we re gonna wrap up now because you know my ass is gonna spend like 15 minutes designing the damn thing so stay tuned make your own lightsaber the next episode and i ll catch you all then ” ..

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