STAR WARS JEDI FALLEN ORDER Walkthrough Part 11 – Dathomir

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“Yeah welcome back ladies and gentlemen to star wars. Which i ve fallen order my my name is nick as always you guys call me tetra ninja. We are continuing mission to the cosmos. So we actually have never been back to dalton here.

Yet our next thing is going to kashyyyk. But from what i can tell adopem it looks pretty based on the amount of secrets and chester are do you want let s do it let s do it let s do it what happens setting course for done wait a minute you want to go to dathomir. I m surprised to put over went. There must have had good reason i am staying put on the manus once we arrived red sunlight cannot be good for your skin this place used to be home to a powerful cabal of force wielders known as the nightsisters they used the force what like jedi.

No these witches served only themselves their powers focused on deception illusion. Nip ulation. Sounds like someone i used to know during the clone wars. The nightsisters made a deal with a sith lord who betrayed their trust in the end they were nearly wiped out in a massacre death.

Emir is a deadly place. We should be careful don t have to tell me twice the lure coming up on our creepy destination grab. Some seat kid if this play knows here at the beginning of the game. Never told us the country so get the most bang for your buck you a pleasure get it all on ticket.

It is every place. We re gonna go as terrible as this cow. A word. I d say cordova s reason for coming here was extremely important to risk his life.

But risks were second nature to him after what i ve seen so far. I can imagine there s more to come. And i m not sure either of our imaginations could conjure up what we might face have you talked to our captain. And bet.

He could that one is stronger than he realizes well this a part of me feels like this area or this map has gone old world. I guess. It s gonna be a world where it s like kind of optional and we ll progress further with the more powers that we get no i m just spitballing here. I m just making stuff up as i go based on this is just based on my history of playing video games.

And what i can expect fully quick to eventually hit a wall well good thing. We weren t standing. There precedes telling them be friendly meow. It s hustle look sky looks like a deathclaw you got come on you didn t walk into it.

It s poison thanks. Thanks bd o. Less certain attack you all know what that means. There s gonna be a greater than attack big one today.

I ll pot oh do you know what i just was like for some reason..

I was like it s so quiet right now. I forgot that for the one section. We disabled music there we go music help please stand up yes. I see it i just want to make sure that we got everything else that we can out of this area music huh.

Oh. It s kind of awkward my to check it out. Oh you found something gross. Some hanging balls all right take it easy music show us love and then day.

Lori oda night sister practicing her craft richland. See music. Why did the music just pick out lastly back up again music shortcuts. Let s look at how much scanning.

I m doing let me see i knew it i should be a game designer. I swear music warlow was here and outside are not from this planet back up again take the shortcut looks like the sepa were here strange this place seems abandoned music. I trespass jedi must be a nice sister and heard you re all dead not all the sameer is forbidden to you believe at once well. I m afraid i can t do that but perhaps we could help each other you see i easy i m not your enemy.

He s your director made other ways hold on i m not here music adversary try me jedi. Okay. Brother. My bad dude.

Help. Please killed. Your brother. Always.

One else fingers. Okay. Music. Eight.

Point two points disband health or abilities. That s three points. I feel like this is the less sexy of two skills. But it s gonna be the most useful just because going to constantly having it oh the most exciting thing to buy with your your money and experience.

But face the wiser. Oh mine music oh music stores. Not budging. I need a spit btw music.

Your blood music a week blows..

Just say to me oh hide inhibit for her no. I was there you guys give up fun of experience. Oh my god you watching these guys hiding corners stop that music music roasted music easy liam neeson. We will find you and we won t kill you hey bt here yes.

Let s take a look music all the guys sucked twice a little healthier feeling much better thanks anyway to knock down a shortcut for me spiders spiders want to check it out okay bt what is it man so much good stuff here well this aesthetic stuff. All da. When it s old. Yeah.

Loot box all these lightsaber customizations. I m just kidding bad not changed music are you kidding me you coward no thanks walking for you. It s not i came in from i can win the problem me after the intruder music music. No.

Why did i think that would work. Oh hey think bad work music. Oh. Fellow wanderer jesus.

I steve met the resident nightsister. But unlike most you alive one lightsaber don t know don t hide. It that would explain your survival who are you you know what to fear. Mr.

Traveller studying the nature of extinct coaches ede philosophies. He s telling the nightsisters i study many things but yes that night sister or she was only a child and the war came to this world she had to watch her whole family perish. When you know about this ruins agent beyond belief. The night sister and her warrior kin was seduced by the power that works with him.

It avoid the route or suffer. The same thing music. Yeah. I can t jump that high.

Yeah. Far. Yeah. Yeah.

You don t seem ready. Yeah. Samir is unforgiving. Return.


When you re ready to face its perils in full hold that boy lair. We re gonna get a building with everything in this game. Just meet me up on your why why beauty here music okay let s go off this table. I can t use it.

What you can t use that rope bro looks like we have reached the edge of our abilities at this moment. Oh hello line it up actually we re healthy. We re gonna be able to take that job crimey jedi. Let s go back to our ship.

We did get a couple new upgrades like how it completely called with this world. With the other checkpoints and our new abilities checkpoint. What d you find nothing good. Everything.

That moves here is trying to kill me. There s a reason. Why no one wants to visit this desolate planet. Not everyone i ran into this wanderer.

He called himself a scholar. Said he came to study dathomir. I would be very careful town you need to be on guard against anyone seeking out the darkness of death. I m here it was a pretty strange guy music.

I like it i like that race. There love finally look kate be straight with me are we just marching to our deaths. Because i d like to know i m not sure. It s something i m used to i guess during the clone wars.

Every battle was risky. I don t like where this is going look if we succeed. Then you have nothing to worry about great answer good to know. And if we don t hold that thought got a new customization switch right ooh magus looks pretty sick all right back to kashyyyk let us the bark where to next.

I told you can t you hear me kashyyyk because she home other wookies you know even after all the action. Youtube brain. I still get a thrill. Watching the games.

As long as you keep your habits in check. Oh yeah. No of course. I m just a spectator.

No gambling or nothing going on really yeah we re talking pure entertainment..

Nothing gets me going more than watching a couple slob swear off just slick moves through force. Oh. Captain. I am.

Slightly troubled by your enthusiasm for something. So barbaric. Oh yeah. I mean.

It is true totally barbaric. But still kind of entertaining get over here kid. We re about to land it s a little orb there why normally i wouldn t waste my time with the likes of insurgents. But i m looking for a table another one and i know he s been here and for that all of you just let me know when you want to go bt1.

Keep. An eye on cal for us. Where is the intel second mari. Drew a map to your rendezvous point with tarfful elevator.

It s more of a sideways. And this varro later death did not see that oh shaky night. What s it mean guy here. The minion first ordeal.

Begun come on line for line all right you me. But feel that bt quick music bobby charged for a long time to die. What s it all the time grandma oh wasn t pretty. But we got it free at all cal do you read me.

Seer gave. Me your comm frequency mari are you okay. I m safe unlike too many of the others. Good mariana.

Give you our rendezvous coordinates. She did i m on my way. Good. We ll just reach even now so we can t stay long the empire is looking for us.

I ll be there as soon as i can music. ” ..

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