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“Guys the better to editor and couldn t you guys with a still working unlimited unlimited sale in the game of red dead online. This only works with fish. In t tried it with other things. But i d highly doubt it does work with other things because we would have found out by now cuz.

This has been in the game for a while and i don t think it works on pc. I ve tested this out with multiple people in different places on pc. And never got it once only other things i wanted to talk about before. I let the video play out is i did make a song that ll be the first link in the description.

I have my own discord server now that ll be the second link in the description and also if you do regularly watch my content. Then please consider hitting the subscribe button if you aren t already subscribed because we re getting really close to 14000. Subscribers. So yeah guys that s basically it and i m gonna go and let the video play out i ll see you guys in the next one bye bye hey guys is the better editing room kind of you guys with a very easy unlimited sale now.


It is not solo. You do have to have somebody with you. But that person all they have to do is stand there so in theory. If you just go to a populated town and then try to do this it would work solo.

But i don t know you have to risk a lot of stuff because a lot of people might try to mess with you if they see you doing this. But it s the same executive of stacking. So you re not stacking. So the same exact unlimited sell that we ve been doing for a month and a half now maybe.

It s been a minute. But it this is like a way easier method like there s just a couple steps to this thing. There is no defensive mode offensive mode or anything like that no no that has anything to do with it nz glitcher was messing around with it and like found this method. I guess technically the og founders.


Still the founder for the glitch. It s still his glitch. But nz glitcher was messing around with it and got it to where it s just a couple steps essentially so i m gonna go ahead and get into explaining it so you want to go catch a fish preferably. It s a northern pike and they spawn like northwest of valentine s so they re very common up there in they re worth eight bucks piece and then after you get the fish you want to put it on the back of your horse and head up to valentine once you re in valentine.

You want to go up to the butcher. And you wanted like drive your horse up to the butcher sort of like i did and you want to just sit on it. And then open up your interaction. Menu and go to player options.

And then just respawn. While you re sitting on your horse. And then your character should fall over off the horse and once you respawn you want to run over to the butcher. And then you want to run over to the fish and take it off and put it back on and then go into the butcher menu and then into the butcher menu you can sell the fish.


Once you sell it and back out the fish should still be there if you keep trying this. And it s not working for you then just find a new session or get a new session. Because i ve gotten it to work my first time like pretty much every time. I tried this whenever.

I was doing it earlier and a lot of other people got it like their first time to that i was partied up with some people are having issues with this unfortunately. But if you just like find a new session or something you should be fine. But yeah all you got to do is sell the fish back out of the menu go over to the fish take it off put it back on sell the fish go and get out of the menu go back to the horse take it off put it back on sell the fish. And that s really all there is to it it s very easy the worst part about it is you do have to have somebody standing close to you whenever you do it now the only reason.

Why you have to have somebody standing close to you whenever you do it is because your body is gonna be on the ground. Why why that has to be there i have no idea it s so weird i wish you could just do it solo. But yeah that s basically it for the video you guys thank you guys again for 10k. We re already at ten point three k already almost at ten point five our ten point four k and we should be at eleven thousand really quick because the channel is getting a ton of subs every day so thank you guys for all that stuff.


Yeah. If you guys like this video. Give it a like if you dislike this video give it a dislike. If you guys want to see more videos like this like red dead on one side.

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It said we got lbb on the instrumentals music. ” ..

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