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“Everybody welcome back to another mario maker 2 video you guys seem to enjoy the the last one and it s been a while so i thought i d make one so i m gonna get right into the levels. I m gonna play today real quick. But uh first i have made some new levels myself since the last video. These two are mostly just joke levels.

But this one launched into space is actually pretty fun i spent a while making it here s the id. If you want to go play. It take world record from spook maybe. However.

Although it wouldn t mean a lot to me. If you come over to this level. And give me your maker points. This is not the focus of today s video today.

We re gonna be checking out this creator here and they have a whole bunch of levels. They have got for to be more specific that we are going to play. Today. All of these are basically just sonic levels.

Except you get like invincibility and you can just run through them really fast cuz. It s like oh. Super sonic ha. Ha.

So let s start out with the most popular one super sonic green hill zone alright. So all of these are in the smb. Oh you know what i m gonna do here a lot of people in my last video. We re complaining why the heck are you playing as luigi in a sonic level.

So i m going to go ahead and switch to toad cuz. He s blue all right there we go so we can grab these and then go super sanic fast right here in green hill zone pretty sure. This is supposed to be like the original and we do actually have a tanooki suit. So we can just fly got egg reverie.

Rules here now there should be a loop down here somewhere nevermind. We fall into the bottom path. I believe i would like to see these without the whole super sonic thing. That would be nice ok.

I kind of wanted to go up there to that checkpoint. But this is fine. Too. I guess oh i know here s the loop.


Yes. So the way this person. Does luke s is it s really good if you can like do it right ok hold on i need to show this so here you like all. The springs aren t here anymore man.

I really goofed up here ok. We re just gonna we re just gonna take the top pad. Here i guess they even have like little item boxes with a 1up life god this person s so much better at making levels than me. And i believe this should be the end.

I m pretty sure they put capsules here at the end. Oh. No oh yeah. I forgot they have they have a boss here.

So i got to do is jump on top and then you can get a pow. There bam and you can proceed through the level super cool boss. Only one hit really. But still super cool and then here they did of little freaking capsule right and then look when you jump on it they put the end under it how smart how cool is that huh.

How cool is that alright next up is oil ocean zone kind of an odd pic. We i do have the desert style. Here we can go down the slope. So the oil down.

There is god that s what i can t do the loops right okay you have to like press. A on the springs. And it s really not that hard. I just suck as levels going too fast that i can t commentate you just gotta like watch for yourself at the bottom.

They have like spikes. Which i think are supposed to represent the oil and then you didn t really do that one right. But whatever if they ve got a vertical sub world. Interesting alright and then here.

I wonder if there s going to be another boss maybe all there hold on what the heck is happening. It s like the thing that comes up and shoots the fire. But i m so hot alright and then we got to jump on the p switch down. Here.

Where s it gonna be where s it gonna be right there i missed it come on please yeah let s go now i died are you kidding me oh at least. I m not the only one i guess all right. We re gonna avoid. Bowser jr.


Here oh. They did a terrible job of avoiding bowser. Oh. Man.

I messed everything up. Now. Bowser jr. s here.

Oh. No all right. We got it we got to take about. Oh no.

Oh god oh. No it s okay. I got this. I m fed up very bad alright.

Let s just hit the peace switch and leave please please okay. This is fine bam got him we in there. There s probably gonna be another little capsule. That s probably.

Why they do this whole thing. In like the the super mario bros. 3. Theme.

They re like oh man this would look better in in super. Mario. World. But man.

I got off the capsule at the end all right here. We ve got casino night zone. Once again. I do think it d be really cool if we could play through these without all the stars and stuff.

But you can t edit levels. That s fabulous so here we have the casino night two boss and i got a bounce on that and activate the pout come on yeah there we go throw that much easier than the oil ocean boss. They ll say and just like that got the capsule again i mean what s the point of the sonic level. If you can t have a little capsule thing at the end right alright and here we have chemical plant zone.


This is definitely the hardest one because some the mad lad that made this decided you know it d be a good idea. What if we recreated the like the spinny death section. Thing from the actual chemical plant zone so right here bam. We ve got a little ring box.

Very nice i love the little touch there i think we can take this upper pathway yeah. But it just takes us right to the same path anyways there are some paths that like branched out. But not really and then here that s like a little grabber enemy. Oh.

My gosh so cool can t actually hurt you but you know what it s good enough okay. This is the part that s stupid. Yeah cuz like you can get crushed really really easily and then also they have rising poison. I yeah so this is gonna take me a couple tries because it s very awkward.

They didn t even really put a checkpoint super close to it. But you know whatever i ll do my best um. Okay we have to jump right there music there we go okay. That s not even the hardest one.

I m pretty sure there s another harder one later on in the level. Oh my god the poisons rising. Yeah okay. It s okay we got this i got this yeah this is the harder one oh my gosh i m gonna die bro why okay this is our last shot time to god i ma god i m with god please no checkpoint.

Oh. My gosh. I got very into that i m sorry. I.

That was that was clutch. All right okay oh. Good and then here. They ve got the boss with like the flipping platforms here very stupid boss probably easily one of my least favorite ones.

There we go we can get on top grab. The pow just like the other ones land right here go through the key door and is there capsule of course. There is that semi solid is perfect. I just killed.

The animals. Oh no okay let s just let s get out of here. And pretend that didn t happen all right so. Here s the id for all the levels.


I already yeah you know so this person make a good level. I just wanted to make a video about it. Cuz also y all seemed to enjoy the first more you make her video. So why not and you know just another reminder please play my level.

It s very fun. I swear here i ll get i ll give you a little preview. Even please play my level. All right so here.

We ve got launched in the space. The concept is that you i just pretend this first section isn t space. But here you ve got a rocket ship right and then you go into the rocket ship. And then you know i didn t really think this part out very well cuz then usually just like get in the rocket ship.

But then you have to like manually climb up clouds. So i don t really know what the point of the rocket ship was besides aesthetic and then the whole theme of the level is like chain chomps and these little coasters. I don t want to spoil too much i m killing myself. He ll play the level yourself give me my maker points.

Also i don t want to spoil anything. But uh. There s a little secret right here at the start what could be in that question mark blocks. How do you how do you get over there.

I don t know guess i ll have to find out huh. So yeah. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed make sure to let me know if you want more mario maker.

I feel like the first one just got a lot of views and you said you liked it because it was a new game at the time so i don t know if this video is gonna go over as well. But if it does then i ll definitely make more mario maker stuff next week s video is going to be a bit more high effort than this one and i needed to make a bit more chill video this week. So i ve got more time to prepare for next week. Because i m also starting school next week.

It s great so make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed hit the bell and do all that other stuff youtubers asked you to do i hope. You enjoyed the video. And i ll see you next time goodbye music music applause music. ” .


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