System Shock 2- Fun With Cheats (Co-op Gameplay)

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“We started a new or what oh sure sure actually i don t care whatever whatever you want we weren t really very far anyways. No. We don t we getting yeah. Oh.

God why did i do this okay we might never mind we might want to quit god damn it billy you broke arcade oh no fine where was it broken because i can t see anything everything s black let s escape and then on escape. Yeah. I m still black press tab. I don t oh my inventory came up good news.

Okay. I m picking the marines this into the gravitas to proceed. I still have to grab sacks already on the side crap. I m coming wait for me come aboard the space station chesapeake bay sailor.

It looks like you picked up some standard weapons skills at basic on coronado. I had done nothing of this sort. I m not spending for you now yeah. I just got done okay.


It worked out these are some readings from that radar dish outside the window. It s become oh. Yeah. Billy.

What s hitting me. Ah. What the hell really did you kill. Me.

I didn t do anything she fucking asshole. No leave me alone slut no fuck you billy ya. Know the door won t open. Oh no oh.

No he s come around the corner. Oh. He killed. Me.


Oh. Now the door opens do you like the explosive arrow will i hit peter will do want to see your friend wildon. Don t expel to be your friend. It s back there for you huh nothing happened well i left some armor out for you know look at that thanks bailey it requires a strength six you bastard well.

I m sorry i could cheat so i get all the xp and i become max level. I think that one s you fancy yeah. What i m about to summon sounds like a really bad. Idea by the way okay well.

I meant blowing up help that it doesn t matter anyways. I just summoned it i summon an indivisible arachnid. I don t know where it is hey why would you summon an invisible arachnid. I don t know what i m scared oh.

It s right in front of me. I see it billy. I see it. Oh yeah.


Uh yeah. I killed. It well i got a fusion gown. Why do you have a fusion cannon holy crap will i just max my stats.

Why you re so go fast. I am you re just standing there well i got sexy armor. Glad this oh got armor else the exact same as it did before billy no shit. I made a mistake.

I summoned an assassin oh oh we have to kill it. There you go are you ready go mother effer. Where d he go huh. I ve had him oh i got those me killing me stop it damn it faster weird it where s the thing.

I just spawned there you just kill it with fire stop being a wanker this should be fun. Sir billy. I made an invincible swarm really watch out billy hey billy. It s killing me okay fucka.


It s invincible mail piece. Don t worry i can fix this that are ah. I did so oh this is terrible. I will kill you getting killed.

Hey. Hello. Suit hi. So you ll never find me huh.

Oh. I killed myself at the elevator you re in those vents there. But how did you get cassette awake. Hey rich no it s every time the swarm is coming for you doing what the hell yes look what we she suffered too.

Oh. My god what did you sell it you ” ..

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My friend and I decided that playing the game fair just wasn t enough fun. Then we got distracted. Like, really distracted.
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