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“Last my victory is at hand behold. The legendary 13th monkey of montevideo our whose whose sacrifice will eternally bind the oceans themselves my infernal will shall be when guide cuts your diseased caucus with his rudy cutlass. Whose doddering sack of scum. I wouldn t hold your breath waiting for any last minute heroics me dear the last i saw of your mighty pirate husband.

He was being torn apart by a school of my ravenous. Piranha food oohs. All right let s check put down the monkey and back away from my wife you led me a merry chase. But soon.

The thread mysteries of these ancient simians. Will be mine. Ha ha. Ha.

And the seas. Will run. Red with the blood of my enemies. Like no time to wait guy brush finishing challenging that sword to fall a chuck completes his spell i m on it one lechuck defeating cursed cutlass of cthulhu coming up now where did i leave those handy voodoo instructions the pin.

You lost. Oh yeah come to guy brush. Use buki voodoo. Recipe you well.

I had to sail six of the seven major seas to find the ingredients. But i finally finished the cutlass. Almost now all i need to do is find some fizzy root beer to spray on it. And let.

Chuck says. Good as toast nikki. The disease. Toast is starting to chafe cease your infernal struggling around i d fire the cannon.

But elaine jettisoned all my ammo after i accidentally sunk her mother s schooner just lt. To chase. Cease your infernal struggling in our islands got jeff from gobs who we thought it was affiliate for buying the auto navigation option. But who s the idiot now huh ah.

The legendary monkey casket of kawaii i ll never forget the horrible who loves hades. I had to do to get this thing is this thing sloshing forwards. You don t want to hear when you pick up a coffin. I wonder how you open this thing.

A seltzer bottle full of root beer haven t seen one of these since before i had a beard. But this stuff will work wonders on my cutlass well this city prepare to meet your frosty carbonated maker. Lechuck come on get me at dirt digging doily dipper. Stop.

Showboating spray the sword. Guy brush showboating. Again. Oh wonderful okay.

No problem. I just need to find a fresh supply of impossible to find booty root beer. I sure hope there s someone elaine ship because mine s as dry as a bone and not one of those wet bones. I m talking to dry dry bone elaine my beautiful box.


I said elaine my beautiful funnest butts at i m gonna say butter company keep putting it off. Oh guy brush now stop the choker all dead you late you ve got inordinately sperm fight so you gonna treat me that rope it s not but i bet your idea how d you do that you don t spend several years at the side of guy brush threepwood. Mighty pirate without picking up a few tricks done my ship my booty my collection of autographed sextants. But why is the most sexy slate to just stop the chuck ah three poor devils.

So good of you to join us saves. Me the trouble of having to sink your ship. Alain digress now that were reunited. What should we do first you should look for a way to replace that root beer dropped sorry.

It took so long to catch up with you but i ve been busy digging up arcane buddha items did you miss me now put this pirate. Out of our misery. Ethan wouldn t believe the adventures. I ve been having there was a death hula and ice breathing accountant and tell me all about it over dinner right after we stop the rampaging undead pirate over there so what have you been up to while i was out adventuring the usual mayhem swashbuckling.

A troubling encounter with an enchanted aardvark. Now my votes for the monkeys personality over there thinks he s gonna marry me again talk about obsessed come on it d be flattering. If i wasn t so married and he wasn t so dead what s the chuck doing with all these monkeys. Anyway.

I think. It s some sort of blood sacrifice in exchange for the secret language of plantain or maybe. He just really hates monkeys. It s all been a little beige.

That s strange. The chucks slow. Chilling schemes are usually so well planned hang in there guys you ll get you out as soon as i put an end to lechuck. I wondered where all my gunpowder went after the mother in law incident.

It s elaine s barrel of light frog. It s like real grog only without the taste of calories or debilitating blackouts. The chuck. What what s with all the monkeys are you trying to learn the secret of monkey island again nay now.

I d be after much darker secrets secrets. Very deep within the entrails of the monkeys of montevideo one monkey entrails of course. I ll sue you what kind of secrets do these monkeys hold dark secrets. Powerful secrets secrets that will make me a demon pirate king you know it s nice to see that your repeated deaths and dismemberment haven t dampened your enthusiasm would you mind releasing my wife she gets a little cranky.

When she s tied up for more than hour. So your wife named elaine is destined to be my bride. Elaine s my wife and she s not marrying you he be starting to get on my nerves deep wooden elaine we can all go home as you wish my love i m pretty sure she was talking to me listen see this ring. It means.

That elaine and i are marrying hitch. Cohabitating. Eternally betrothed. Till death.

Do us part got it till death. Do you part eh. We ll have to do something about that teste nothing can stop me now those roots could really use a trim. Let s see if we can cut back some of those unruly roots.

They re much neater. Let s see if these roots had anything to this horrible not grog laughs. This route croghan bland joyless and jejune. It s also flat now that s some fizzy root drop bet.


It still tastes like monkey stop. Though okay you d barrel of disgusting low cal goo make yourself useful whoo yeah look out the chuck here comes guybrush threepwood glowing sword of hot monkey vengeance. But chuck do you mind i d be in the middle of an unholy ceremony. Here on holy this unholy this yeah.

I know. But he didn t give me much to work with hey you can t defeat me that easily. She would wait what s happening right what the heck woof. I i m human that s debatable.

My gosh quick finish it off what oh right this is for the monkeys lechuck. It s not me. It s my hand uh. Oh you lane guy brush you yelling ahoy there me hearties.

What don t worry we ll have you up and sucking back across no doubt. My beautiful pirate notes. I ll get you for this your craven build runs. Sorry.

I don t know what got into me. Oh this can t be good you know you really should have that look that kid huh. The names nificant davy never get senior reporter kilala gazette welcome to flux tomorrow mind if i ask you a few questions actually all right what s your name. Where d you come from and how d you get here i m guybrush threepwood.

Mighty pirate angry dang i believe it when i see it kid still it would be nice to have a real genuine pirate buckle in his slosh around flotsam island again um. I i haven t had an honest to goodness pirate story to write about norma six months hurray. Sorry bob nothing like the promise of a good pirate story to get the old journalistic juices flowing again since i say just listen to me prattling on while you stand there all wet and confused and whatnot. So what s your story creep wood.

This island looks lovely. But where can i find a ship. I really need to get back to the rock of gelato and find my wife well there s only one ship here on flotsam island. I don t want do you any good.

Why not it s the winds frequent the winds you re in flotsam islands. The winds are always blowing in we re 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It s a freakin agent. A fluke a curse whatever you want to call it.

The result is the same once you ve landed on flotsam island. You re trapped are you seriously telling me there s no way off this island well not by ship. Anyway. The only person who i think might know a way off the island is deep cut deep cut what the deep cut dave cuts.

My secret source for off island. News stories and it s a good thing too but at the guts uncanny inter island scoops the kilala gazette would never be able to compete with those snooty prima donnas over at the flats and times off island news. Even he might know something about elaine. Where can i find this deep gut hold on a second pirate boy.

Baby. Jane. If akande doesn t go in and offer a secret sauces to every tom dick and guy brush that washes ashore. But i can pay you with treasure from my ship.

Which is probably at the bottom of the ocean by now look kid you seem like a nice enough pirate. So i ll make you a deal a deal yeah my friendly nose is nice and all. But the fair citizens of flotsam are getting tired of stories about faraway lands. They ll never see again not to mention that i hate being beholden to this deep gut person so so i need some nice meaty.


Local pirate news. I love making pirate news that s the spirit kid you can translate that moxie. And the news makin pirate man now and your deep good on a silver plaque yeah. It ll be a snap a snap a snap attention club 41 flotsam islands.

Most prestigious pirate organization is no longer accepting new applications for membership thank you for your continued interest and please go away club 41. I wonder what the 41 stands for odd cart look hard wind still sucks flotsam island endures 1138 straight day of unwelcome winds printers ink. The lifeblood of the newspaper industry lovingly harvested from squid utters whoever built this jail. Really wanted to put the bird brig those eye carvings are creepy.

Hear ye hear you owing to the unprecedented downturn in criminal activity on flotsam island. I ve locked up the courthouse and taken a long delayed three month sabbatical please don t break any laws until i return or else sincerely. Judge grindstone hmm. I guess court isn t in session today which is probably a good thing considering all the laws.

I ll be breaking alphabet sam three vowels while supplies last it s locked holy screaming starfish. I think i ve just found my right off this stinking island not so fast my well quaffed friend who reginald van winslow captain of the screaming novel and you are diverse threepwood. Mighty pirate oh really what can i do for you. Mr.

Mighty pirate. Nice ship were you drunk when you built it good one boyo. But i didn t build a screaming narwhal. It was assembled by a committee of concerned flotsam citizens with a drug no but the head to use whatever floated ashore.

Hence the aforementioned constructed by sobs book. If you didn t build the narwhal why are you the captain hey tradition whoever knocks the captain of the screaming narwhal off the deck gets to be the captain until he s knocked off by the next guy so all i have to do is knock him off huh do you know anything about club 41 41. Wonderful place. I haven t been there since i lost my membership card when i seized the narwhal.

How d you end up on flotsam same as everyone else here led the winds. I was chasing some brigand that had stolen my hard earned booty when all of the sudden fraught soms. Capricious winds picked up my ship shredded into bits and pranked me down here on a buncha floors heave to and strike your colors. I ve come to seize your ship jolly good.

No one s been man enough to take the screaming narwhal groover. Two years he s got a really good attitude for someone who s about to lose his ship. Why are you so happy about me seizing your ship. I love a good challenge goods.

The mind and sharpens loins. Do to do huh be seeing ya. I look forward to it nothing more piratey than the old climbing up the anchor trick. Oh dang you ll have to do better than that dad the screaming narwhal may not be particularly pretty or seaworthy.

But at least. She s a ship prepare to be boarded then winslow they couldn t grease boyo sneaky stuff in the seven seas. Oh crud this check. It was an anniversary.

Present and now. It s all covered with bacon grease man is elaine gonna be p owed. Yeah. Hey.

There s something in the sock club 41 probationary member number 37 original band winslow this should come in handy sheer sexy and playful with plenty of support for the active pirate. The weather gu the weather never ever doesn t mean for me wow never thought i d see a pirate selling glass unicorns for a living hey. And i never thought i d see a talking baboon. I guess we re even ahoy there scruffy artisan.


I m geiger street wood mighty pirate oh hi yourself i began for current digit pirate glassblower not a crusty pirate like yourself wind up making little glass unicorns listen matey glassblowing is every bit as dangerous a sail in the spanish mane one false move with their glass jack near the glory hole. I m gonna kiss your eyebrows good boy i can i m not sure that s biologically possible so unicorns huh hey graceful delicate creatures they are low to be honest can t selling so well to the pirate community at large. I mean. It s project maybe we ll be making something that really speaks to them shaman.

I can air acetylene blasted horny buggers. What can you tell me about flotsam island. Well you probably already know about flotsam infernal winds. Does anyone told you about the reefs.

The reefs. Hey. The crystal reefs have flotsam island sharper than a dragon s tooth. Maybe they have circled the island shredding in a ship foolish enough to get caught in flotsam winds yikes.

What s this alphabet sale all about it s the latest thing i make unbreakable tombs in the shapes of matters. Which can be used to create festival. Umma nated business. Signs novelty mementos or lamps.

Kitschy. Hey. Recap consonants cost. Thirty eight pieces of eight today.

I m giving away one free vowel per customer would you like a foul. Well. I think i d like one of those free vowel tubes. We d like to buy a vowel.

A here you go a you what about a e. I o or. Even why o sold out all. We got is you tools these days thanks for chatting.

But i got a wife an arch nemesis to return to i who doesn t god art. Oh. Yes my membership card here you go very good captain fan winslow here s your blindfold blindfold. Tommnow.

Sir. You know the rules all probationary club 41. Members must wear blindfolds inside the club right. How silly of me very good sir on the step.

I ve heard you make a mean draaga tini. I m so sorry what a fight that was spectacular driftwood best pirate whoo ha ha. Seen in months. I don t know what got into me.

It was like my hand was possessed or something possessed. You say hmm sounds like there may be a follow up story. There he feeding me these bar full pirate stories. Three board.

I ll be handing over the secrets of deep gut before you know ” ..

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The Monkey Island Saga continues!….And this time its better to look at! This is a walkthrough of Tales of Monkey Island by SnakerPace etc etc etc, subscribe, comment and all that stuff.

Episode 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal – The saga begins with a heated battle involving the brave but often bumbling Mighty Pirate Guybrush, his beloved wife Elaine, and their nemesis, the demon pirate LeChuck. When the showdown goes up in flames, Guybrush finds himself marooned on a strange island with winds that always blow inward. How will our hero manage to escape this meteorological anomaly? What has become of LeChuck and Elaine? And what s the story with the infectious voodoo pox that s spreading across the Caribbean, causing Guybrush and other pirates to act like unruly hooligans?

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