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“My fellow dragonborn cato genesis here and this is the guide for shouts for dragonborn. Dragonborn. The expansion for the elderscrolls v. Skyrim in this guide.

I ll show you shouts you can get in souls time. What they do and most importantly. Where to find them beginning with one of the most powerful shouts in the game. Oh dragon aspect at full strength.

This will give you 25 extra damage with power tax and immense increase of 125 percent to your armor. 25 extra fire and frost resistance and a 20 decrease to your shout cooldown for a total duration of 5 minutes. This shout also counts as a power and can only be used once a day. But the reason for that is pretty clear one of the words for this shout can be found in blood skull baro inside of raven rock mine during the quest.

The final descent once you encounter a dragon priest by the name of zach risos..

The word wall will be behind him the temple of mirek is where you can find another word for dragon aspect delving further into the ruins with freya in tow your path will eventually be blocked by sarcophagus with the skeleton of a dragon hanging above just to the left will be the word wall proceeding to the end of me rax temple you will discover the black book waking dreams reading it will pull you into apocrypha right into the clutches of me wreck and this will be the one time he shows remorse once you were kicked back out of the book. You can read it again and discover the mysteries of waking dreams. Which at this point in the game ends at the word wall and you may simply read the black book again to return to souls time bend will this shout ties directly into the main quest of dragon born. The first word can be used to purge the all maker stones in soul style for the quest cleansing.

The stones. Using two words of bend will allows the dragonborn to make temporary allies of animals and people regardless of their stance and once all. Three words are obtained the will of dragons can be controlled granting the ability to ride them one of the words and the only one obtainable. Without a quest is found on top of serang swatch in the northern mountain range of souls time usually under a dragons protection.

Seeing as it is woven so tightly with the main quest. The other two words are learned from hermia s mora directly after the path of knowledge. A quest in which you accompanied nel off tune achar tack to retrieve another black book opening it and completing its challenge. Her is more will appear to you giving you the second word of bend will and forcing you to bargain for the third starting.

The cuesta gardener of men which ends in skull village and the third word of bend will cyclone..

I shall somewhat similar to unrelenting force. But instead will send your targets up in the air in a torrent of wind dealing fall damage to those caught on its path and thankfully. There is only one quest tied to this shaft. So let s start in cold yarn.

Barrow. The nordic tomb. Just southeast of raven rock. Helping the one at the site.

Raleigh s sedaris will initiate the quest unearthed and after much patience with him the word wall. Inside will be uncovered. Another word is in white ridge. Barrow.

Another nordic tomb fully accessible from the start..

Here. You will find the wall. In toucans chamber. Another one of the dragon priests watch for spiders here.

Though. The third is in a cave infested with recling he s called. Ben conger eek. I likely butchered that and in the great hall of this ruin is the final word for cyclone.

Nick haha battle fury. A less prominent shout. But still having its uses this shout is nearly identical to elemental fury. But instead effects the weapon attack speed of your followers.

Quite useful when they are dual wielding all three words of battle fury are found in the tomb of allah which is accessible after starting the quest lost legacy with our stan a man you find studying skull village and you must have saved the village blacksmith first in order to get access to valla tomb..

Once jumping through the necessary hoops. All three words can be found inside this dungeon. The final one being involve and that is the four shouts that can be found in dragonborn. Do you have a favorite shout in this expansion.

Or in general. I d love to hear about it. And if you found this guide useful entertaining or both please do it every you see fit to show that if you wish to see more guides like this you know what to do thank. You so.

Much for watching. This is kato genesis and your next adventure awaits. ” ..


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A short and sweet guide to all the shouts in Dragonborn, the expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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[Shouts Included
Dragon Aspect
Bend Will (1:45)
Cyclone (2:43)
Battle Fury (3:28)

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