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“Music you music kids. Music. Music music. Like music.

Kids. Music music music. Yo. Guys.

Guys. What is up maxie turn on portal a3 video. And today. We have updated.

Which now ricochet. Which is my favorite amara build ever since i created it and it is still my favorite build which says a lot because we make a lot of crazy builds on this channel. I absolutely love this build. I can t stop playing it and it is now even better than before with new weapons.

Updated. Mechanics and new gear. Now real quick before we get into the skill tree and everything that s changed with this build got to quickly say that most of my viewers are not subscribed and if you want to do me a favor and enjoying the bills and content make sure to hit that subscribe button lastly ice cream every day at 4 pm eastern standard time over at twitch if you guys want to see the testing of these builds live and the creation on half everything that goes into them make sure to follow me over at twitch at twitchtv. Slash moxie alright plug over let s get into the build.

So. This is the new skilled street have it up on the screen right now. Now you ll notice some things have changed immediately. And there are new gear in the game that is allowing us to change our skill tree and still maintain the same amount of dps now where those new points went for the most part is in to transcend.

I ll be talking about all of these skills in a brief second. But transcend is going to allow us to have increased critical hit damage. Which increases. The bossing ability of this build and increases the overall dps now you ll note some other changes and we re going to talk about all of those in a second brief summary of the mechanics of this build a lot of you already know this.

But ricochet. Which uses multiple elements in multiple different instances of elemental damage to create multiple projectiles to murder entire rooms of enemies with single shots. It is one of the fastest. If not the fastest clear speed built in the game and uses primarily the projectile recursion to clear rooms one shot bosses anything you want to do with this weapon.

It is absolutely crazy now there are other weapons that we re gonna be showcasing and today that are also loop absolutely awesome a lot of them are deal sea weapons because those are new weapons and i wanted to talk about them and we re using new dlc gear. If you don t have the deal see the old rickety which build still were justified..

I would just change the skill points and use the same gear. But for those of you that have to deal see i want to show off what new things that we can do are now let s talk about this skill tree now the biggest change in our red tree is that we are no longer expecting conflicts pretty much everything else is the same here. But no conflicts now we were using conflicts before will be the nella mental projector to proc multiple elements on herself and that was allowing us to do boosted elemental damage. Now that also gave our screen crazy screen shake and also made it harder to aim and was very very loud and annoying so for general use of this build.

We are no longer using conflux and we are no longer using an elemental projector. Now this pearl of ineffable knowledge is a big change. And if you haven t seen my video on it this that video will be right up there. But this artifact is absolutely disgusting and is going to be or is the new meta.

For all builds. Now basically the pearl of ineffable knowledge. Gives us a hundred and fifty five percent increased weapon damage while using it now it works like the consecutive hits indictment. So you may be thinking.

Hey moxie. Why would be be using this on amara she doesn t have unlimited sustain when or ammo sustain like mo s does and if we re not constantly damaging enemies we ll lose this and then we ll have less damage than well then we would have had with an element projector. You re right. But wrong at the same time amara can keep up the a hundred and fifty five percent increased weapon damage from the pearl.

A hundred percent of the time without ever shooting her weapon and all she needs to do is this self dot from the driver procs pearl artifact giving us a hundred and fifty five percent increased weapon damage all the time without shooting our weapon you run around one hundred and fifty five percent increased weapon damage. This is disgusting. I cannot say enough how gross this is and how crazy the dps increases on a build that did not need another increase in dps. But it s here if the knowledge or the pearl gets nerfed.

We ll go back to the elemental projector. But for now it s here it s here to stay eddy. It s disgusting so we re gonna use it now let s get back to our skill tree once again not using infusion infusion is a trap for most ammar abilities are gonna lose your dot damage you re going to lose over kill potential and i recommend not using it i will have a build out with five out of five into infusion. Very shortly that uses it in a smart way.

But it is no place in ricochet. Which and we re not going to be using it now the rest of the points. Here are pretty self explanatory. Anima for a little more dawn on us tempest.

Dread for when we do phase grass someone. We re going to be talking about what drug is actually kind of useful now because before we didn t really need it that much deep well indiscriminate for more ricochets sustainment. Forceful expression. Now one of the biggest things about using the pearl that changes up the way that you have to think about this build is before and i exaggerated.

I talked about this so much the importance of this. But it was very very important to match your element of your weapon..

With your action skill element. Because otherwise you wouldn t get 90 percent. Increased damage. With your elemental productor.

It s now 103 percent by the way if you have a 57. But you would not be getting a bonus or big use out of the elemental projector. If you weren t using a matching gun with matching action skill dad no longer applies so using the pearl allows us to use radiation weapons. Way more effectively because we don t need to proc our are same same matching dot on ourselves this allows for increased versatility of this build because you can use whatever you want and you can switch up your action skill to whatever element.

You want if you want to use corrosive against wotan and whatever weapon you can do that if you want to use shock. If you want to use fire. It doesn t really matter because the dot honor self doesn t matter except for forceful expression. Which is giving us bonus element.

But it doesn t have to match. Which allows. Which increases. The bill is dps tremendously with cryo and radiation weapons.

Because before we couldn t make great use out of them so that is super super awsome and increases the overall versatility of this build next up greentree real quick personal space roots arise. Um. I don t want to take too. Long.

With this so personal space bonus damage. It s not actually twelve percent. It s 18 percent increased bonus damage personal space is gross. It s a gross gross skill i increase this are damaged by ton definitely grab it arms deal for splash damage splashed and reduction a lot of the weapons we use with this build do splash damage.

Even the recursion helping hands mindfulness now i have done dps testing. I have done a double cap stone build with amara and no points into mindfulness. But still using a driver this build puts out more damage. Then even if you were doing a double cap stone.

Just because of how ridiculous the scaling is with the driver with mindfulness so genuinely six out of three here make sure it happens because it is an awesome awesome out damage and guardian angel. If we ever go down if you ever screw up if you shoot yourself in the foot with the lob you re right back up because you re amara. And nothing can actually kill you lastly. We re grabbing transcend now transcend is the pickup with the new skill street transcend is going to give us critical hit damage when we use our action skill now this build does fake grasping.

A lot and genuinely doesn t actually ever need to use its action skill. But if you do want to kill a boss even faster..

If you want to go if you want to go farm and not switch to transcendent amara. You can switch to phase cast use phase cast weapon damage weapons or or face slam. Either or and get transcend to increase your critical hit damage. This is very very awesome because critical hit damage is a big increase in our dps and something we couldn t grab before so now this build is amazing for mobbing and it can be bossing.

Very very well now it doesn t put out as much dps as transcendence tomorrow that is my boss killing belt that ll be updated shortly but this bill does do mobbing. But it better than any other build. I ve seen lastly for guns gear and weapons. We have the old god shield.

Now. This is what i believe to be the best legendary shield in the game for aim our players and for most characters. It s gonna give us increased elemental damage and when we get it with an asc. We re gonna get increased elemental damage and further more radiation damage as and increased elemental damage resistance.

This is so nice. This is such a good shield especially for amara now don t be mistaken this is not bonus damage. If you re not using for example with this shield bonus. If you re not using incinerator damage you get no bonuses from this shield.

But if you are using incendiary damage. This shield is amazing. I would like to have a increase shock damage one because i seem to always be using shock or radiation. So not my perfect shield.

We re working on it next we got its piss for debuff enemies. I don t really throw this that often but if you guys want to do even more damage in its piss with bonus elemental damage is great lastly a spiritual driver you guys know what it is plus three mindfulness and any other bonuses you guys want the weapons that we can use amazingly well with this of course is the recursion. The best weapon for this build and can kill bosses and mobs with a single shot. Other weapons that are really cool is the clairvoyants assault rifle now this doesn t function like any super better on elora.

But it s a really really strong weapon and because it s so strong and this is such a strong build this assault rifle you can kill creve work in one clip with this thing. It s absolutely disgusting the amount of damage you can put it put out and it s a really great single target weapon that has good multiple enemy dps options so clairvoyance is sick anarchy you guys know what it is gross gross shotgun but overpowered on amara was specially when proof rocking shotgun damage splash damage scaling our movement off of our dps with a hundred and fifty five percent increased weapon damage this thing. If you want to just run anarchy on this build you can pretty much just one shot every single thing in the game. So that s totally up to you it s absolutely gross.

The unseen threat also crazy weapon you basically one shot anything with this the 7th sense is gross. The carrier is gross. The lob is now one of the best single target weapons in the game. And if you want to use a lob you can totally do that is build this very versatile and there s a lot of things that you guys can use conference.

Call still amazing lastly lastly. We got a new guardian rank..

We have harmon get in now. Now harmon. Getting is basically given to give us laid bare. The more unique status effects on an enemy.

This build already was using a lot of elements. So harmon ganon only increases our damage even more now with this building you want to be aiming for at least three different elemental damages at least three. So. The recursion is a great choice.

You don t need 50 asc on this thing. Because now that we aren t using an elemental projector. Before we were using one with plus 50 read in the most recent update. I believe i have it on here here.

We go we were using plus 50 red. Because we were mainly using the shock version of this and using the element. 2. Protector.

Now. We don t need to use a uc 50. Because we can unmatch our action skill element from our weapon. So i m using red with shock.

And then i ve got radiation and i ll probably use the cryo with shock and radiation and corrosive. I should be using incendiary and for the most part of use incendiary because otherwise. I m not getting any bonus damage out of my old god but try for 4 elements. If you get 5 that s awesome.

But at least 3 and you will be good with this build. I hope you guys enjoyed the saf file will be dropped for this build. It s absolutely crazy make sure to give this a try if you guys are playing a maura. If you enjoyed the video.

Please subscribe like and comment check me out over on twitch. If you want to see these build made live. We should have the chains in a video guys for you soon take care guys have a good one peace. ” .


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Its back and better than ever. Ricochet Witch is a monster of a build and with a few changes, this build performs better across the board. A lot of effort goes into these builds and videos, so if you enjoyed, be sure to drop a like and hit that subscribe button. I have a few new and a few revisted builds on the way. Join the discord link below to get access to the save files for this build and all my others under Save-Files-PC-Only. Peace 😛

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