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“I m going to show you a cool animal crossing. While i m city folk folk cheat. It only works on city folk not well world and um. It s good easy way to get like a lot of bells.

But the first thing you have to do is um. Well in the bank first well get one zero zero zero zero zero bells. I have no idea what it is i ll put it in the description on you have to do that and then go to the year 2000. I usually set it to um june 2nd.

Because when it s you go to 230. Yeah. 2035 on the balloon guys in in the town so over 2000 and then live east. I kind of i think the only downside to this on glitch cheat.

Thing is that some friends move away. You might get some weeds and all a lot and your hair will get messy now see i never fix it because i always do this cheat okay okay first like i said you have to have a lot of bells in the bank. Okay you have to have around that many bells to actually do the cheat okay and then you just every time..


You do this you don t have to go here. I m just showing you how many you can just go out of your house. And then do this save and quit now this will take about five minutes to foot two to five minutes every time. But i get to a lot and bought of bells faster than any other way so yeah like from doing this i ll show you what i got it s really cool.

Okay. Applause music okay go to settings calendar. Date. And go to 6 june.

2nd. Because the balloon guy will be in the city. And then 20 2035 start it again okay okay and now you ll get a letter. C.

A b d notice. We appreciate your business and hope you are satisfied with their service. You have earned nine nine nine nine nine bells and ingests get that many bells just from doing that little cheat in interest..


And you can just keep doing that over and over again whoo see is that awesome super. Awesome cheat so you can do that as many times as you want and from just me doing that over and over and over and over and over again. I ll show you what i got well first of all i completely paid off my mortgage. So my house is the biggest they can go with the flag.

So yeah biggest you can go and it still has and has the flag see there s the flag. It s the biggest. They can go and now inside my furniture yes and that gracie gracie store is all the whole theme and i will see the whole theme and then i have all different balloons. I have yeah.

It s the whole beam. What the hell did my mom send me yes. So i got this whole entire theme. I have shopping care and to get the goal.

The golden slingshot. You just have to keep shooting things then to get the golden shovel you bury a shovel and dig it up eggs cereal and with the pumpkin heads and the stuff you get from there you get shot and then the egg hunt you can sell those for a lot of money oh. If you find empty lamps save them and all candy you get save it for on the 31st in here for halloween..


And um. The mushrooms okay so yes that is a good cheat the best ever. entals either especially with the beach being off limits and no ocean shore served classic. Unless.

The sand comes back by next week. First one i ve missed in 20 years music even if we have to shovel it back ourselves. We ll go take a look around and see if we can find anything out. Okay guys whatever you want music music.

Mr. Column has assured me he is doing his utmost perfectly. Logical explanation. I m sure make selection music music music music good day citizens.

I imagine you re surprised. But i m missing sen. Hmm well duh oliver..


What else has happened that will totally ruin. Everyone s holidays yes well i have my own little hypothesis to add. I heard heavy machinery sounds and loud sucking noises coming from the beach last night. I suspect.

Our sand has been deliberately stolen. But the main mystery. I could not figure out was why oliver why what possible use could anyone have for all this sand finally. I worked it all out work of genius.

If i do say so myself. So tell us yes. Well i suppose i must the ocean shows sand is very pure and conductive to electricity. This will make it the perfect raw material for silicon computer chips someone has taken our sand to produce electronic equipment of some music applause music music ” .


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