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“Don t let my soul tree. A mysterious voice. Startled you for hundreds nay. Thousands thousands nay nay nay tens of thousands of years people have come to me in of what they desire most if you find what they are looking for even fewer everly welcome to the k that s me the cave.

Yes yes. I m a talking cave detective to don t laugh. It makes dating hell besides i have a really interesting story to tell you this evening. So pay attention.

It s a story of seven people and a glimpse into a dark place in each of their hearts. But be careful before you judge. There is a dark place in your heart as well someday you will find yourself descending my depths in search of what you desire and you might not like what you find either. But enough about you this is about them hmm.


The night. He is on a quest for a sword of unequaled power and prestige. But will he find it before anyone else gets hurt the hillbilly on this fine night. He searches for his true love.

But does desire burn too brightly. In his heart. Ah. The time traveller.

She is here to right a wrong. A million years in the making. Fortunately for her yesterday is a new day. The scientist.


She is on the cusp of a great discovery for all of humankind and a hundred million lives hang in the balance mmm. The adventurer. She is hot on the trail of her lost companions and unequaled ancient treasure. But not necessarily in that order the twins they just want to go outside and play what could be more innocent than that ah the monk he seeks his master.

So he can become the master. It s a journey filled with peace and enlightenment and murder. I m sorry what does it took did you break it you buy it just saying. I don t think that bridge has been safety tested with more than two people careful if that bridge breaks.

There might be no way back up and by if i mean when that bridge breaks. Who am. I kidding oh oh. I hope you re not here to visit decay.


Because we rick waco. Do the gruesome and horrific accident has occurred and there s no way we can open no way i shudder to even describe to you what is transpired for the nightmares or forever on your every. Thought well if you insist when i came in we had no trinkets this self in the gift shop. Oh the humanity.

I ll never be the same some things you can t unsee. What am i gonna do now i can t lose my job. I need the health insurance. You know there is a way i could reopen allowing you fine adventurers to partake in a unique experience that only the cave has to offer i just need three small trinkets to sell just three let me say that number again three take this giant novelty sized key cute open the employees back entrance.

I m sure you ll find some treasures worthy of the caves gift shop. He is a funny little man isn t he i should probably fire him. I think he s dipping into the till. You you well that s one trinket.


A far cry from three trinkets ah drink it numero two ah the third glorious trinket. I have to say you have surprised me i figured you d give up after one. Oh right sorry. Well that was a close one.

It does bode well for our intrepid spelunkers that they navigated that maze of intrigue. I have high hopes for this group much better than the last. I think they may still be down. Here.

I should probably get them out nothing scares away the tourists like a rotting corpse. ” ..

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The Cave is a puzzle-platform/adventure video game developed by Double Fine Productions and published by Sega in January 2013. The game was created by Ron Gilbert, building on an idea that he has had for nearly twenty years about a cave that lures people into it to explore their darker personality traits.
At the start of the game, the player selects three of the seven characters, which they are then locked to for the remainder of the game; players can restart a new game to select a different trio of characters. The characters are based on stereotypical figures, such as a hillbilly, a pair of orphans (acting as one character), and a scientist.

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