The Complete Tea Party Guide! – Fire Emblem Three Houses

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“Em on treehouses entities. The efficient hefty paris with a variety of characters calling a a tip erectus to an activity plane. But today i want to show you how make the most out of them first things first you need to invite your disease character to a tea party they will accept our decline. Upon invitation.

However here is a trick whether they accept or decline is entirely based on rng..

So the character declares their invitation. Just soft reset their game. And try again once you start the deep re the first thing you have to decide on the billy skilly estar de buri every character has got a preference in regard cities sir i recommend self resetting until you find their favorite one. If the leaves to chose her the character c.


The character will have a day look similar to be firm with bernadette after you ve done that you ll be able to have a conversation with the character your goal is to talk about topics they re interested in if you chose a wrong option as i ve said before you can soft reset forever correct. Option chosen the one with the character will be wrong. There are three conversations in the fourth unlockable. One which can be unlocked by choosing to the topics correctly narrow a filthy parry will occur if two topics are chosen incorrectly in a row.

Flt peri will still grow the one with the character..

However no extra credit will be obtained from correct answers a nice deeper will happen if two topics are chosen correctly separately aside from wearing the one between characters it will also increase the chance that for both characters stored topics are chosen correctly consecutively a perfect tee time will occur. If will unlock extra time. Which can be used observe the character or give them a gift. When observing a character.

They all have different dialogue depending on where you re looking give swings in the same way as well exploring the monastery..

If this will increase support when giving gifts you should consider the things that character likes so i recommend looking for the right person to give a gift to instead of giving it impulsively to someone during tea time this does not apply for items like the outfitter. Which are alive to by everyone and that s pretty much all you need to know i appreciate the feedback you guys gave me last time and i have tried to improve the audio also make sure to click on the stuff appear on screen right now if you want to look at more pheromone stuff. I m planning on posting more pheromone content in the future with that being said yeah right they baker see ya music. ” .


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