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“Everyone welcome to today s video. So today s video is a quick update on on one of my videos that i did earlier. Which is how to get the mods period in the style of the video. Which i mentioned that you can stack your weekly projects by doing some level for control points.

On top of the weekly requirement in order to get yourself more blueprints thereby. Increasing your chances of getting the particular boot blueprint for the mod that you want and i did see another question that somebody asked on one of my videos. Asking how he can get the extra magazine. Which is i think they said the 30 extra rounds in your magazine.

So i m guessing they probably were referring to the large pal shot of the lmg or maybe they were referring to that 20 extra rounds on. Your. Maybe. 556 assault.

Rifle or the 726 variant. Now that the title update. 5..


Is coming my video is actually going to still be relevant. But there is extra information that i would need to add to that so i m doing this video to augment that information for those who might be looking for it so they re about 3 ways that you can get your blueprints. You do your dailies. Which is a daily acquisition project.

Where you go and give some materials to someone the base of operations and you get a blueprint from it or you can do that one of the two weeklies that you actually receive as your assignment. So if you go to your map. And you go to projects. Which is on the top menu.

The top left corner of your page. You re going to see the menu and it s gonna show you your weekly activities where you either donate materials or you either supply a control point or do specific tasks and at the end of that you re going to get yourself a blueprint now there are about two hundred and something plus blueprints. So you have to increase the output of the amount of blueprints you re getting and then finally level three and level. Four control points are going to be granting new blueprints now currently some people are saying.

They re no longer getting the blueprints at this current time from their level 3 level. 4 control points. And yes they apparently did it in a way where the loophole was gonna be limited only to the weeklies and dailies for specific mods and after a..


While you can only be getting them from the weeklies and dailies. But now what they re planning on doing for the title update. 5. If you re watching this video.

Before or after you re going to be able to farm. Whichever mods or blueprints you want from either of these sources. Which include level 3 and level 4 control points also another addition is in nya al khaliq. If you go to your crafting bench.

She s the blueprint person and so she is the person. That s also going to be selling blueprints as well so a lot of the blueprints are going to make their way into the pool of vendors actually selling them. So that is the extra information that i wanted to add so if right now you re farming level 3 level. 4 control points stop farming them.

If you re not getting blueprints. Anymore. I m not getting blueprints from them anymore and i stopped a while ago once people told me in the comment section..


That they actually stopped giving you blueprints and i eventually i m just waiting for the title of day. 5. Where some of them will be for sale. Another question might that might come up is if you already have the blueprint are you gonna be able to still purchase them are you gonna need to purchase them no the developers have said that you re just not going to see it in your in the vendor.

If you already have purchased it so that s the information that i have for now there might be changes there might be additions to where you can get your mods or get the extra magazines that you re looking for if that s something you are trying to farm. But currently you need to be doing your daily projects you need to be doing your weekly projects to keep getting you know the ability for these mods to and these blueprints to drop and if you you know if you want to say well. How do i know if i keep doing it i m going to get it well if you keep getting the other blueprints that are not the blueprint that you want well you re increasing your chances and getting closer to getting the blueprint that you want as crazy as it sounds. You might have to get them at the tail end of your blueprint collection right now.

I m still missing. My seven point seven six seven point two six or sorry. Five point five six extended magazine. The sturdy extended magazine on both my characters.

I m not able to get it. But i feel like the most important aspect actually is if the developers are going to make it possible to share your blueprints across both characters and i think they said that they will so also another thing you can do is will actually get a second character. And if your character is leveled up to 30 and you don t have those then try dailies on both characters..


And maybe you know not do weeklies because that will probably maybe run you too much time. But if you have the time then you can run them on both characters and once you get it on one character. Then you know i would say you know you probably start setting your sights on something else all right. That was a psa.

I wanted to drop real quick thank you guys for your time on your audience. If you have any further questions about these blueprints about mods about specific ones leave them in the comment section. I noticed that a lot of the people that watch. These videos are proactive and they ll be happy to answer your questions for you as well all right.

I ll get out of y all s hair. Thank you very much for your time and your audience. And i ll see you in the next one peace ” ..


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This is an Update to a previous video on the best way to get the best weapon mods.

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