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“What s going on everybody afflicted. The gamer here welcome back to another division two two video so in this video. I m gonna tell you guys how you can exotic components roughly every 24 to 48 hours tops. But it will require you to have a few things and not only that but why you are going to want and possibly need exotic components especially with the next update coming to the division to bringing the raid and a buff to all exotic weapons.

So if you guys find the video helpful or enjoyable do drop a like on it it s much appreciated and if you re new to the channel consider subscribing for more division 2 content. So the first thing that you will need is a character that does own the chatterbox. If you don t have the chatterbox. There are a million and one guides on youtube out there on how to get it once you have the chatterbox you will need a second character you can just have that character leveled up to level two and have the base of operations unlocked.

The reason being is that you need to give your chatterbox to that character it cannot be on the character that you re doing all the rest of these steps on nor can it be in your stash. It has to be completely on a separate character the third thing that you ll need is high in the keys. Where do you get high in the keys. Well.

I ve been scrolling over some of the sewers on the map..

The two locations that i find to be the most effective are west potomac park and directly south of the white house. You can hold a total of 20 keys from each faction and 20 will be plenty should be able to do this a few times. If you do get 20 keys. Unless you re extremely unlucky.

The boxes. Here and the boxes to get all of the components for the chatterbox reset. Once every 24 hours. So if you go through a set of sewers and you don t get any keys.

Don t go to somebody else s world here opening up the boxes wait for the 24 hours to go by or else you ll actually reset it when you go to somebody else s world tier. The same thing applies to the hyena boxes. Here so once you have enough keys. Then go to the three locations on the map that give you the three pieces for the chatterbox.

I m saying three because you do not need the blueprint meaning..

You do not have to do the bank mission. Once you have the three pieces return to the white house and go to your crafting bench. Now something to keep in mind is that if you do have the 500 gear. Score blueprint.

You re not going to pay any attention to that one it does require you to have your chatterbox on you. Which is on your second character and it would require you to use up one of your exotic components. Which again is not the point so whatever is the lowest gear score blueprint in my case. It is 490 you can see i need the loaded canister creative magazine modified mods poly carbonate titanium receiver components and that s it no exotic components that s the blueprint that you re looking for in this video.

I m still missing the modified mods so i have to wait the 24 hours for the box to reset. But once i have it this would be the blueprint. I would craft up and then upon dismantling the chatterbox at gear score 490 i would get to exotic components. So why do you need exotic components one if you don t have all of your exotics up to gear score 500.

Then that is one reason alone second all of the exotics like i mentioned..

Earlier are getting a buff to damage. And there s always a damage range. Whenever you re crafting a weapon. So as you can see eleven thousand three hundred and thirty eight to 13 thousand eight hundred and fifty seven so if you re gonna run an smg build and we ll just say for the video sake that you re going to be using the chatterbox.

But you craft one up and you get one that is twelve thousand damage so you re stuck somewhere in the middle. Well you re gonna want one that s a little bit stronger. Which means you re going to need exotic components. So right there is reason enough and the same thing will go with any of the other weapons that you have if you farm the sweet dreams.

And you have when i gear score 450. But you want to use a 501 in order to craft up a 501 you again need exotic components by farming the pieces for the chatterbox crafting it and dismantling it it is just honestly the easiest way stress free. You don t have to go into the dark zone. You don t have to hope for pestilence to drop you don t have to hope that you don t run into a group of rogue agents that are going to cut your rope and steal it from you you don t have to farm.

The dcd mission or the jefferson trade center or anything like that in hopes that the sweet dreams or merciless will drop this is a guaranteed way to get keys get components craft them dismantle them and that is that so there you have it guys that is how you can get yourself exotic components roughly every 24 to 48 hours..

I say 24 to 48 because like i said sometimes the boxes will not have either the components or the keys in them. And it does take 24 hours for the boxes to reset. Eventually. They will and it is a guaranteed way to get everything that you need so anyways.

I m out of here i do hope that the video was helpful please leave your thoughts and comments down below don t forget that you can always follow me on twitter at afflicted gamer. And i ll see you very soon in the next video or in the next slash game until then take care agents. Thank you so much for watching. ” .


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In The Division 2 we need exotic components for a number of different reasons, in fact with our upcoming update which will be buffing all exotics across the board it gives us even more reasons to stock up on them! Here is how you can do that every 24 – 48 hrs!!

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