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” s it going youtube. This is gym entertainment coming to you with a brand new new video. This video is just a little short five and a half minute video. How to easily.

And i do mean this y all. How to easily get the full hardwired components. So you guys can craft and make the gear set to me. This is one of the best gear sets in the game and people all around bigger you know content creators.

The ambassadors. Some of the people they are saying that this gear set doesn t it s no need to to actually get the gear set you know saying but peep it so i m gonna show you guys how to uh how to get this how to get the components easily and you do it on every single mission of where you have to go you do this is rinse wash repeat. I m telling. Y all.

It works brian. I m about to show. Y. all.

Alright and i m also if you guys like this channel. And my content makes you guys to sub button internet notification bring that bill shared through all the social medias especially read it alright so basically..

I have the full six piece hard wired gear set right. And this is what i did. This is exactly what i did to actually get all the components easily and it s a cheesy way. But it s not a cheese you see what i m saying so.

There s not no way for them or nerf. Something like that point blank simple now furthermore okay so we re over here on the stage. And i think it s the c1 or g1. I forgot which one it is but the boss is all the way in the back.

Which the boss never comes up you know the boss always stays in a far back like that right so the crazy thing is this you guys. And i know all of you guys have experienced this right. Y all. Get tired of doing the missions.

Completely over right. Where y all. Complete. The mission and then all of a sudden.

Y all be like damn. I didn t get the piece man..

Let s rerun. It you know saying you get tired of doing that right you get real real real tired of doing that and i understand. But i m about to make it easy for y all. Man.

I went ahead and just decided to make this video. And i m just you know of course. I m talking because you know i m making sure that i show you guys full fledge full fledge. Which that s the boss right there you know sitting.

I m using the professor escobar bill. You know mom sent us my sniper build and i m working on right now. It s not that even at his strongest is only like a level. What six five six or seven on the on a firearm side of it so it s not really that strong.

But it is strong all right now um. I m telling this this is cheesy. But it works and you see my boy my bro bro knife. He went ahead and got the kill and as you guys see right there.

I did not have the gear piece right. But peep it so you see that medic let the medic pick him up..

I m telling. Y all. Let him pick him up bro let him pick him up. And i didn t realize it the two i did it i was like whoa so this is how i got my hardwired gear.

Said now look i killed him boom. I was wondering if there was if that was just a regular you know gear set drop. But then i was like nah not on this mission not not not on a bus like that so of course. I had to make sure to figure out who was shooting me or hit me from behind and whatnot.

But peep this up man you see i m just sitting there cuz. I know there s there s npcs around so that s why it s taking me so lonely get over there. But you remember if you notice i killed the boss we killed the boss twice bruh. We literally killed the boss two times and yeah.

I m not good at sniper so don t even don t even paint into that but anyway. Went ahead and seen that walk up to it boom hardwired. See component. You see what i m saying.

So all y all. Really got to do is just the missions that you have to do..

Which is set on this projects. Those dos places are the only places that you go okay. Those are places you go. So each one of those missions kill always killed.

The boss first if it s a rhib purple or gold medic. Let them pick them up just keep doing it until he till he drops. The component for you. But this is your budget attainment.

I just had to hurry up come out with that real quick for y all make sure you guys hit that sub button turning the notification man. But we gettin it we get in there you feel me let s get us your boy jib entertainment. Y all. Stay humble once again any ease at ease at ease and i m out go on me.

” ..

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Here is a video showing you how to get all of the components easily and all you have to do is watch the entire video which I will explain to you all on how to cheese your way to get the hardwired gearset which I discovered when trying to get the C-COMPONENT. If you like my content please subscribe, leave comments and hit them likes AT EASE!!!!
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