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” s up guys first year for infinity. I d gaming and today we re doing doing another tom clancy. The division 2 and we re going hunting for another mosque. Today we re going for the reef mosque.

So if you re going to the the right bottom edge of the map. And you re going to the well itself waste. The southwest area. And it s actually the mall.

It well they call it the mall is it the mall area no well this is a southwest area. But you can see where i m walking and now there s a safehouse close by and it s actually there s one memorial. I m marking there. But it s actually close to it so just put there go to the safe safe house and then just run thee.

So i m just gonna speed up this whole process. Because you don t want to see me run d..

If i had a achill. I can drive there so hopefully that can bring in some wildlands choppers and stuff. But yeah. I m not engaging anyone i m trying to avoid as much as possible and this i had to say everyone all the videos.

I looked at basically said you should do this at night. I did this as you can see in the video during the daytime and it worked the first time so as you can see i m at the location. There you can see the memorial you can see the eagle and the american flag. I m gonna show you again on the map.

It s not where i put the marker. It s actually the small little building year you can actually see it s like the tombstone area. So this is for the fallen soldiers. So this is going where you re going to activate the hunter.

You have to kill for the wraith mosque. So these two steps you have to do this you re gonna stand yet the water area now bear in mind they do say you have to do this at night it work for me during daytime..

But this is not an easy on to do and we re struggling our asses off to get this thing ready so first of all you shoot this one there s only one spotlight. That s on the one on the right you just basically have to shoot. It i m just grabbing this back quickly you re going to shoot. It destroy it and then you can look at the names and then you have to do your emote and the emote you re going to use these dissolute so understanding there there s no spits well spits balloon specific place.

My tongue to us specific place so press down on the d pad on the ps4 and then you select the solute and press x. I did it one time they say about six times. I did it one times and he spawned. Luckily i managed to kill him with my first go.

But we tried this again afterwards with me and na serpent luke. And he s horrible to kill and maybe they buffed him up i m not sure i died just as i killed him you can actually see they he died and then i died so it was still daytime. I think someone of one of those other idiots that rannian there killed me so i quickly respawned to the safe areas close by and i just ran. They and delude was still there so i got the the key and i got the wraith mosque.

But keep in mind that most of the people only get this at night and they only get one chance at actually spawning him in and try to be a couple of people when doing this i was very fortunate being my first time my first go and was during daytime. But they say you have to salute like six times like you saw in the video..

I did one time and there you can set picking up the right mosque. So leave a comment. How you finding this because we tried any everything and we re lucky if we spawn him once every time in stock. If you don t know how to see.

When it s stock you can actually just go into your photo mode. And you will see what time. It is and usually at 8 o clock in the game. Time it will turn dark.

And there you can see a nice view of the rife mosque. So hopefully you found this video helpful and like i said. If you really have an easier way to get to spawn him or advice. Please leave a comment and yeah.

As always if you like this video drop a like comment and if you haven t already please subscribe your channel thanks for watching guys you music music. ve implemented some other pretty interesting concepts like idol marketing agile method out of the scrum mentality to help turn and burn..

If you will to speed up that time. We ve also implemented some new team based strategies or in structures like sealing off an entire operations team above content marketers digital specialists. Videographers and then writers so therefore all they focus on is a specific specific piece or specific product of our content. Funnel may go all the way up and down from the close in aligning with sales.

All the way up to the awareness and then all the other clutter. The noise that comes in there we deflect it we pick it up or we kind of push it off and say you know it s not as important. I m knowing how much their time is and how valuable that is there s a few of things that we ve tried yeah i like the edgehill mentality. Because with agile you really prioritize.

What it is that you have to get done and get out the door and it goes back to focus. We all have a lot more time like arthur said. If we just know what it is that is is a priority and we know what it is that we start to say no to because there s a lot that we get asked to do a lot that we re expected to do out i have it. But that s what we need to be able to start saying no to and that agile helps you prioritize all ” .


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A quick guide on how to unlock the Wraith mask in the division 2.
This has to be done in the Southwest Area at the fallen memorial – Shown in the video

Apparently during night time but i did it at day time
Locate the memorial
Shoot out one of the spot lights
and salute 6 times
This will activate the Hunter that you need to take down

Good luck

If you have any questions please leave a comment

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