The Division 2: Missing Wire Scavengers Side Mission – YouTube

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“I noticed that there was um oh. You went over there there s dogs. I i m not checking this side. No i don t know which side of this up.

But yes. Oh there s a way into the building. Oh. I think.

This is it chester not going up oh. There s one way ah. That s nice. Oh i ve had a missing texture.

Oh my god missing attacks it s in here. Okay. Everybody there s a missing texture no i m sure they re missing wires calendars. Yeah probably just watch this right that s all oh bye safe the boss thing is i mean.

The mission level is 34 using sign language..

Okay. But you re not going promise can you help us our friend john used to work at this museum. Nearby he took two others with him to strip out wires. There.

But my girlfriend believes. This is lot easier to find that i thought it was please can you see if they re okay. How is that it okay. That s all i think that was a dialogue that was it yep all right how was it okay anything around here to pick up no missing.

Texture music. There. We go three people from the chinatown community. You ve got missing.

The nearby museum keep an eye out for the music music. Locate. Community members knock knock. Hello.


Members show yourself right. Oh wow. Oh. This is a cook this nice.

I think. We should just. Both reroll sharpshooter. Interesting always up there laughter laser is up top and the left.

It s kind of hard to see music you re saying shh ausa. Nice place yeah. It is that s a weird sound walking on this thing sounds like i m walking on what am i walking on like acrylic all right you re next up. Here.

I hear oh here s maybe john john please box. I can open the electric lock all right john where is the fuse box downstairs. It s a nice place yeah. Except for all this green paint are you telling me.

There s no hit and loot boxes anywhere should be all right here..

It s my left you know let s go john come on oh. My god we both hit. The switch. Let s hope that resets the locks.

Oh whoa protect john even though okay so he said take him to the fuse box. And he ll reset it but we ended up doing it music there s a guy named ives. Any guess on what what please huh a grenade launcher that shoots incendiaries music. Oh.

We gotta stop. Nice we got to keep them that well this eugene get me dudes. I was pretty interesting the for bugging out for you me bugging out just like static. It s supposed to do that right yeah.

That s part of the okay part of the effect uh. It s a good shine computer. Ship cool good thing. They ve got a community watching out for them.

They never asked for your assistance..

This could have ended up a lot worse. Oh. There s something there yeah. It was um hi.

Nikki. I had to open it not an exotic mod from it really or exotic component. Thing oh nice something come over. Here.

I found something come over. Here. Thank. You.

Oh wow. Oh. This is a cook this ” ..


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Missing Wire Scavengers side mission. Reward for completion is the Osprey 9 Suppressor blueprint. The suppressor provides +5% critical hit chance. Location of side mission can be found at 2:17. IMPORTANT NOTE: There is currently a bug with this mission. If the mission is failed at any point, you will be unable to complete it upon subsequent attempts.

Notes on performance:
– FPS hovers between 50-60fps in the open world, mid-40s in areas with very dense vegetation.
– Occasional FPS stuttering/hitching. Usually very brief. Cause uncertain. Suspected memory leak, according to what I ve read on forums.
– Volumetric Fog on Ultra can cause harsh fps drops in certain scenes

Notes on graphics:
– Noticeable clipping on player and NPC clothing. Examples below.
Odessa s gloves:
Division Agent Jacket:
– Aliasing on hair is very noticeable under certain lighting conditions
– Certain objects and parts of buildings may flicker or pop-in when viewed at a particular distance or angle. Occlusion culling issue?

Current known issues on Ubisoft forum:

My graphics settings:
Brightness: 10
Contrast: 15
V-Sync: Off
Frame Rate Limit: Off
Shadow Quality: Very High
Spot Shadows: High
Spot Shadow Resolution: Ultra
Contact Shadows: All High
Resolution Scale: 100%
Sharpening: 7
Particle Detail: Ultra
Volumetric Fog: Medium
Reflection Quality: High
Local Reflection Quality: Very High
Vegetation Quality: High
Sub-Surface Scattering: On
Anisotropic Filtering: 16x
Parallax Mapping: Yes
Ambient Occlusion: Very High
Depth of Field: Off
Object Detail: 100
Extra Streaming Distance: 10
Lens Flare: Off
Vignette Effect: Off
Water Quality: High
Chromatic Aberration: Off
Projected Texture Resolution: 512
High Resolution Sky Textures: Yes
Terrain Quality: High

My video settings:
Windowed Mode: Fullscreen
Resolution: 2560×1440
Refresh Rate: 165Hz
Enable Reduced Latency: No
Enable DX12 Renderer: No
HDR: Off

PC Specs:
Titan X Pascal
Windows 10
Nvidia Drivers 425.11


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