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“In this video. I will talk about an item that a lot of people got got upset with with waters of new york. Because they got changed and with that a lot of people said that they are super trash now and the worst item in the game. And they are not worth using.

I would say the opposite. Though they are in my opinion. The best known damage gloves in the game and in this video. I will tell you why if that sounds interesting then let s get in to the video.

So the gloves. I m talking about or the exotic bgsu gloves. Which are actually really powerful with this change. So what do they do now detonating a hive refreshes all allies skills cool down and grants them overcharge for 15 seconds.

Allies. Receiving this effect are unable to benefit from it again or two minutes. So it s basically a two minute cooldown for overcharge for a full team. It s pretty similar to the backpack.

I guess because this will also grant overcharge. But it s only to yourself you have to toss a grenade so definitely when it comes to this backpack and the gloves like for you is pure overcharge. If you are on a group. The gloves are the way to go the backpack does have some use though and actually got this one today in the legendaries.

I think i make a little video talking about this exotic bag. Though let s go back to the exotic gloves for now. So how do you actually get the bgsu gloves. So so it drops from black tusks.

Which is pretty obvious so anything that s invaded would have a chance to drop it so basically any mission that you could put on invade..

It and then you could also do bounties that have black tasks and i think the one i have gotten these moles from is to do camp white oak really good mission for that like also keep in mind that to get them the fastest. You want to have the target loot being gloves. So if you see cowboy talk with gloves. Then go and form it and same with the other invaded missions.

If they have the glove go and form that mission because that will have a real high chance to drop so as i was reading here it works with a hive. So we gotta put on use the restore hive that s usually what the healers use i think a riot form it s a really good way to show it just a difference. We can shake through the other skills as well why it s good. But this is the normal range for a foam.

If we would overcharge so we put down the hive. You hold the the skill and bam or full team will get overcharged and yeah you get way bigger radius. I don t know i think. It s bug now let s try it to put it out again.

Oh there you go there you see the radius. So pretty damn huge in difference compared to darwin. So. Why is this one so good though like especially for high roi.

Having cc is pretty damn crucial to make it way easier and this one gives everybody in your team overcharged so even your deep bass players will have the skill overcharge. Which means you can get extremely strong skills for every two minutes to your full group so for example. What we ve been using a lot is to use the the poles. The banshee poles that i talked about yesterday.

And the overcharge is pretty crazy. 150 increase in cone size 100 percent. Longer confuse duration. And you shore.

It up faster..

Compare that to having tr0. Which all the d bass players are going to have it s a big change right so like having that increased it s pretty insane. So we have scanner which adds. A basically a spotter on the pulse of 15 multiplicative damage to targets.

Which is pretty pretty crazy. I think other ones that are worth noting that a pretty insane bit over short is a shock trap. Like the radius is pretty crazy already. But with overcharge you get 70 bigger shock.

Radius you also get 200 shock. Duration which is pretty crazy so 55 turns into what 15 point 5 seconds. I think but do the math correctly something like that so those are really good i m gonna see okay i can pop it again let s swap a skill here so we can show for example. We can show you guys the trap.

So this is the normal range which is huge. But if we re actually proc this it s gonna be even crazier like look at this look at this you guys see that it s really hard to show. But you see how much it s covering like it s actually insane like do you actually see that and that s a 200 shock duration duration. So you probably see see them for 15 seconds.

So if you do in legendary and you have a tight room like around this size you can pro have one player broke that one. And you toss. It and they see seed for like 15 seconds just with the overcharge so pretty damn strong. But other skills that are pretty nice too is like blinder firefly or cc.

So then it d have ten targets. More and yeah. That s pretty crazy like you have so many more targets other than that i think like that s usually what we ve been using. But for example if you take the fire starter that s pretty crazy too if we can show it but it like definitely with the pulse here.

It s crazy how strong that one is the trap definitely pretty strong too and i guess worth noting as well with overcharge on the shield..

It gives you your invulnerability right for the overcharge so 15 seconds. Where your shield doesn t take any damage at all so that s worth to note as well pretty good for your tank ladies like you don t really care about anything. So let s equip. A fire starter.

We aim it normally not that big right if we can we can fire one. There. What s that one down that was not the position. I wanted let s find out we explore it now we can see the date thickness here.

We get overcharged and we look at the difference. You see the difference you see the difference right that s pretty crazy how much it does and of course. It s not only the radius. But that s easy to see.

But you see how much you can see see in a room with that and duration as well will go. Up but yeah so the normal duration is 44. For the burn and the cloud would stay up for 20. So if we look at the overcharged.

The radius turns into 145 radius. Which was huge a bounder asian. It gets 200 and 60 burn damage. So i guess.

It s not that big of a difference with this one except sure you get 40 moderation compared to 6 and the radius. But if you compare that to having tears. 0. Then i mean then you get this so it s huge you have this for your team.

So i would definitely recommend if you re doing legendaries to have one healer that uses the bgsu globes..

But really good gloves. I just wanted to cover it really quick care. I don t play healer myself. Therefore it s like such an important piece to use when you re doing legendaries or heroic to make it easier yeah.

There you guys go hope you guys enjoy the video. And yeah. See you guys in the next. One.

Yeah. They re coming now. What s up bugged again hmm. So that s a thing huh yeah.

It s a firefly one year like activating it most fond to the left could have stitched me off me station guys super deep and i count sam. I m fine. I m fine well fuck sleep you got to go for sleepy. After the mps waiting for it to happen seraph.

I stand alright stars lost eps shut off pulse will try to get into the middle that didn t cancel it is still doing it it may be blind. I said it is so i would blind if he can there s the shitter positioned on maybe going on to me speak boy that s better for me to know some family. I care definitely. It s better to have like i think the only good thing with versatile is girl nothing only good for the rifle really am.

I moving back it wouldn t make sense for the accelerated route. Because i pick pay got so much this rounded all fucking around so do me no reward you ll get a rank you ” ..

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