The Evil Within Series – 11 Strangest Enemies And What They Mean

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“Tango gameworks is the evil within is an underrated. Yet. Intriguing survival horror series its its world is one of a litany of nightmares. Given shape and the monsters inhabiting are as much byproducts of torture as they are begins with malice.

Let s take a look at these strangest enemies. You ll meet in both games. In the meanings behind them spoilers included for both games ruvik. The evil within ruvik is definitely more complex than his initial appearance.

Let s on his tattered robes hide. A heavily scarred and burned body he moves about stem with an unnatural speed and possesses extraordinary powers and most importantly. He has no qualms about inflicting pain. When he was rubin things were different he was troubled.

But extremely intelligent and loved his sister laura. Deeply so when laura eventually died in rubin was imprisoned by his father hidden away from society. He went off the deep end. He would eventually kill his parents and begin furthering his research towards stem taking on the name ruvik.

All for the sake of building. A place where his sister could be reborn fun. Fact..


The name is actually a reference to the rubik s cube. Hinting at the twisted puzzle. That is his mind amalgam alpha. The evil within a huge grotesque creature.

The amalgam alpha is more than just well an amalgamation of corpses. It s the collective consciousness of all the victims connected to stem in their final moments. Obviously that would mean a lot of emotional trauma. And as such the amalgam alpha immediately attacks.

Anything. And everything how does one explain the giant ma. That s exposed when it flips over well. It s probably hungry so just don t get eaten alternatively.

Don t crawl underneath a car when the amalgam alpha is watching it likes jumping on cars and crushing those beneath anima the evil within she moves like yama del toro s mama and even resembles her to an extraordinary degree. However anima isn t an entity. That s seeking to keep her children all to her lonesome instead. She stalks the town of union looking for prey to relentlessly hound sebastian becomes her latest obsession and she ll turn up at the most opportune times to make his life miserable somehow.

She s related to the guilt. He feels over the mistakes. He s made once sebastian finally moves on anima disappears as well maybe to go haunt..


Another victim and be the killing weight on their shoulders. Laura. The evil within one and two laura and reuben were close as children and when she sacrificed herself to save her brother during a fire that memory would remain seared in his mind forever. This.

New laura is more than just rubix. His sister given a form and burnt skin. Her screaming is a testament to a ruvik heard as she burned and also why she s afraid of fire for all intents and purposes. This laura within stem is indeed rubik sis recreation of his sister sadly his revenge and hatred have twisted her into just another murderous creature.

The keeper. The evil within the keeper is a curious figure. He seems fairly straightforward at first acting as a manifestation of rubik his drive to keep his memories. Safe those who would try to learn rubik his secrets are essentially brutalized reflecting the sheer anger that he holds however in the executioner dlc.

We learned that the keeper might not be a sole entity. Perhaps the keeper is merely a role reserved by someone robbed of their free will in an attempt to safeguard whatever ruvik needs them to they wouldn t be the first to suffer that fate the shade. The evil within the assignment. The consequence.

The old dancing spotlight woman herself the shade is easily one of the most unsettling enemies and evil with ins. The assignments and the consequence. She wears white just like julie kidman and is looking for leslie just like julie kidman..


The fact that the shade appears in stem at the same time as julie seems to reinforce their connection of course. She s probably part julie in part of rubik his desire for a new body continuously devouring victims as it mutters your body as the case may be both the shade and julie are serving the same purpose in their own unsettling ways obscura. The evil within to the product of the creepy. Stephano obscura.

Is essentially created from two different bodies and old camera parts when finding obscura players here. A mix of low and high pitched sounds the low sound seemed to indicate that pleasant sound a stefano heard when creating art that art being the woman he d butcher the actual screaming of the woman could be linked to higher pitched sounds that the obscura makes that mesh of reality and imagination were stefano knows he s not just hearing good vibrations when murdering his victims is unsettling. He just doesn t really care and has no problem presenting both sounds as a testament to his art in obscura guardian. The evil within to sebastian s first encounter with the guardian is pretty straightforward.

It s a huge. Hulking creature armed with a buzzsaw that can murder him instantly on a closer inspection. However it s actually a twisted mess of the women that stefano killed. This is his art given function with the various heads holding kinds of expressions from the giggling that embodies stefanos madness to the pain of their final moments.

We call. It a mass of hair heads and limbs strewn together. But this is stefano s art come to life glutton. The evil within two gluttons are victims of their own excessive greed and longing of course.

It doesn t hurt that theodore wallace is responsible for their state manipulating them into taking on these horrid forms gluttons can t really attack per se. All they can do is run at sebastian and explode hoping to damage him in the process. Perhaps a statement to their own excess eventually leading to nothing..


But oblivion aperture. The evil within upon entering union players encounter this massive eye in the sky. That s keeping track of everyone in town. We initially see stefano with his hair covering his right eye as it turns out the aperture is his right eye.

It was lost during stefano s stint as a journalist during the war. However aperture could be looked upon as his true. I awakened thanks to his time and stem and granting amazing power. The matriarch the evil within hilariously we go from a creature that resembles del toro s mama but having none of her habits.

The matriarch which looks completely different but acts exactly like mama. This creature is created from myra hansen s manic drive to ensure her daughter s safety matriarch. As such is a term for a motherly figure. But myra takes it to a whole other extreme even fighting back against the bastien eventually.

She relents. But the matriarch has mira s protectiveness. Given form is still terrifying and that about does it for this video. If you enjoyed what you watched and want to see more from gaming bolt.

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Tango Gameworks The Evil Within is an underrated yet intriguing survival horror series. Its world is one of litany of nightmares given shape and the monsters inhabiting it are as much byproducts of torture as they are beings with malice. Let s take a look at 12 of the strangest enemies you ll meet in both games and the meanings behind them. Spoilers included for both games.




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