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“If you guys have been around the channel for a while now you ll know know that i love stories in fact. We ve dove into some of the biggest of duty characters of all time starting with captain price and then we branched off to the blackops games. With alex mason. And today is really no exception.

Except. There s a little bit of a difference because this is the first time ever. We are diving into a character with two very different stories now the character that i m talking about of course is gasps. Now the interesting part about this is we have two versions of this character to go in the call of duty.

4. Version. Aka. White gasps and then the call of duty modern warfare.

20. 19. Version. Which i guess we can just call.

Kyle garrett. These two characters have a lot of similarities. But they also have a lot of differences and in this video. We re gonna dive into the differences and similarities of both of these two stories ladies and gentlemen today.

I present to you the full story of gasps starting out with the call of duty 4 version of gasps. The first thing you need to know is he is a member of the british sas similar to captain price. His callsign is bravo 5. Instead of bravo.

6. Now gaza is one of the most integral characters of call of duty..

4. As he is nearly there on every single mission now believe it or not gaza is actually the very first character. We hear in modern warfare. Even before captain price good news first the worlds in great shape.

We ve got a civil war in russia government loyalists against ultra nationalist rebels of 15000. Loops at stake khaled. Al assad currently the second most powerful man in the middle east. Now word on the street is he s got a minerals to be top dog down there intel s kicking the line and the bad news.

We ve got a new guy joining us today fresh air selection. He s nice son. The first mission you actually see gaz on is crew expendables essentially the first mission with in call of duty. 4.

He is with you in the helicopter as you drop onto the ship. He is the one who actually finds the shipping container with the russian nuclear device in it and he is with you all the way into the end of the mission to the final escape after crew expendables our characters need to go and save their russian informant nikolai and on this mission. They don t actually know where he is until gaz takes some initiative and actually interrogate sergeant. That is right the same komarov that we see at the end of modern warfare 2019 camera price nikolai been a bad boy from you that s a compliment now going back to call of duty for casas next.

Big moment is the interrogation of al assad after breaking in the door in finding al assad. The interrogation begins sir is he so funny who is that sir the chaya emran zakiya. The next mission that the sas go on is to flush out in runs a cave and the way that they do so is by going after his son and in this mission gaz actually goes undercover to confirm that victor s a cave is there and after chasing them down. Things don t quite go the sas is wet.

See kids got its first play. This is brothers so their sons. There for this they find out the location of immens. A cave and track him down to a nuclear launch facility and after very briefly saving the world.

The sas division then tracks down a mur ins. A cave and after a brutal chase scene..

They end up on a bridge. After a big explosion. And what happens next. Shocked us all music music now if you didn t already notice that is gas right there.

And that is the end of gas. Never talked about again never seen in any other modern warfare games. Until this year. But the thing is is a lot of people don t know this is gas was actually never.

Ruled dead he was. Considered mia after this entire mission was covered up by the government. They were never allowed to say that anyone died during it so technically during this mission gas was just missing in action and in fact in soaps journal from modern warfare. 3.

We find out that soaps really distraught that gaza s family never got to know what happened to gas. But another this sadness moving on to modern warfare 2019 now we are talking about kyle garrick. And he joined the british army in 2014. And very shortly after got into the sas or special air service.

Now after this he served in many different areas including northern ireland bosnia. Turkey iraq afghanistan and syria now where we pick up in modern warfare kyle garrick is working as a counter terrorist specialist firearms officer for the police service he s still a member of the sas but working within. The police service now we pick up him piccadilly circus. Where he is tracking down some terrorists and everything seems to go wrong and throughout the mission you fight your way through piccadilly circus and alongside captain price you end up defusing.

The situation well actually you don t end up diffusing. The situation was clear. But medical coming up and after a brief discussion with captain price. It leaves price with one decision recruiting.

Sergeant garrett onto bravo. Six to help take down alka tala..

We don t stand a chance in hell with these rules of engagement captain they can tell us where they can tell us when don t tell us out my member tracking that several weeks. You were the actual intern on this quite a bit uh. I got it music now sergeant garrick and captain price then go on one of the cruelest missions ever in a call of duty game called clean house. Where they have to breach and clear an entire house full of terrorist forces and in doing so they get to the end of the house where they see a lady who appears to be friendly.

But all of a sudden she goes to reach for something and as sergeant garrick. You have to make the hard decision to well put her down all teams turner secure commence sse copy boss roger foster play soldier so we can find fuckin ellen. She was going for bloody debt and they are good job. We dropped it in we made the right call sir about your house now in the safe house that they infiltrate.

They actually end up finding out the location of the wolf and alex and farrah end up being able to track him down after which they take him to the us embassy. Where kyle garrick and captain price are sent in to extract him and bring him to some safe location. Unfortunately things don t really go to plan when al khatallah forces break into the embassy. Forcing them to have to sneak out now the way they do this is kyle garrick actually talks a secretary through sneaking past al khatallah forces to bring them a security key to escape the facility after which they bring the wolf to a secure building.

Where they have to defend it unfortunately by the end of the defence al catala forces are able to break the wolf free and he is once again on the loose. Now eventually. Alex and fareth tracked down the wolf end up killing him and defusing. The bomb that is attached to him.

But at this point. We find out that the wolf is not our main threat and rather hadir is the one that stole the gas now the only way that we are able to find hadir is by tracking him down through the butcher. The wolf s right hand man. So in a mission called old comrades captain price.

Nikolai and sergeant garrick. Go after the butcher and after they end up capturing him after nikolai hits him with a car they end up interrogating him this is where kyle garrick ends up with a few options you can either sit. The interrogation out and let captain price do his thing or you can opt in to the interrogation. And you end up threatening.

The butcher s wife and kid to get information out of them either way you end up finding out the whereabouts of hadir. What turns out to be at roman bar cobbs residence captain price and sergeant kyle garrick go and track him down an omission called going dark and after a mostly sneaky mission..

You end up in roman bar. Cobbs office and tracked down hadir as it turns out the reason. Why he was there is to find out the location of roman barkov scats facility. Which eventually the whole crew ends up going to take down in the final mission now from being completely honest kyle garrick or gasps really doesn t do much in the final mission.

The only thing he does is end up planting some c4 on a part of the gas facility. And that is pretty much it. But the big twist actually comes in after the campaign is over in a discussion with kate last. All captain price talks about putting together a task force the first person he wants on that task force is kyle garrick.

But there s a little bit of a twist. This is the son victor lovely family big fans of hunters. We ll explain why he s still alive they re gonna get him out they give me what i need applause. Who s your crew sergeant gary kyle by calling gas he never said anything it turns out that this entire time sergeant kyle garrick.

Was none other than gaz the iconic character from call of duty for just a newer version of them now the point of captain price wanting to bring back gaz in the future is to put together a task force never not arrest that s need to know we got a deal. What are you calling this task force one for one ladies and gentlemen that is right task force 141 is back and of course. Kyle garrick orgasm is a major part of that now an interesting thing that we didn t really talk about in there is that gasps in the original call of duty trilogy was not actually a part of task force one for one he died. Before task force one for one was actually made.

But that ladies and gentlemen is the full story of gaza aka kyle garrick hopefully you enjoyed it if you did i always appreciate it if you do hit that like button on top of that if you like what you see here and want to see more the best way to stay up to date on my videos is make sure you hit that subscribe button. Make sure you turn notifications on and also i m curious which characters would you like to see me cover in the future. We ve covered a lot already. But is there certain character you d like to see me dive into let me know down in the comments.

But guys as always i hope. You enjoyed the video. Thank you so much for watching. And until next time peace out music.

” ..

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On this channel we have looked at the story of the characters in Call of Duty. It is time to expand to the Modern Warfare universe. Today we look at The Full Story of GAZ Kyle Garrick . Gaz is a predominant character in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2019. Hope you enjoy.


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