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“Everyone johnny hurricane. Here from gamer serials. Calm and today. We ll be going over over how to find the high stakes treasure in red dead redemption.

2. Let s started finding the map itself is very tricky because it is a random event for us it occurred up here on this little hilltop. A guy was looking at a map right above rig station. Here.

He was looking at a map talking to himself about treasure. We had to kill him to get the treasure map..

But like i said it was a random event. So i think it can probably pop up other places still it s worth checking out the area just in case. When you do have the map you re heading to cumberland falls. There s a waterfall there and there s a log that leads into the waterfall.

We re climbing that and inside we ll find the next clue. I just jumped on in the river and then i tried to climb up this way didn t go so well as you see oh that s right arthur can actually stand up right about here. So you can climb up at the log over here and from there you can make it up there actually from here you can kind of see there s a little cave under there climb up climb up the log here go on the first person view can t see it for you don t once you re in first person you can see that there s another ledge jump. This ledge turn the corner.

I d already gotten the map at this point. But it is right back here grab the map and we ll move on to clue to clue to a lot easier right here at barrow lagoon that is up in the north up in the snow area..

There s valentine. There s beryl lagoon right there so i fell. But this is where you re gonna climb. It s a little rock right here and you end up on this i would say island waters frozen around it though and we re gonna cross over the log at the end here in the middle of the log is the next clue.

I thought it might be under that stump. It s not there s a hole inside this log grab the treasure from there and then we ll move on to the last clue and we will get the reward for completing the whole thing third clue gotta head to fort wallace for this fort wallace is pretty much north northeast of valentine. When you get here you are you can be on your horse. When you re climbing up this ledge here.

But you re not bringing your horse. The whole way..

This is a bit of tricky terrain up here. So follow that up box ran over a squirrel keep going. This is to the northeast of fort wallace by the way when you get here dip off your horse. We re gonna take the left path keep going there is a carving right here if you want to grab it.

But we re actually going up above the carving here this is where it gets a little tricky so take it slow. I tried to get through it fast ended up falling on the first attempt so just not worth it we re gonna keep going i had a perfect crow corpse here. But i wasn t bringing it all the way back down with me here. We do have to jump or fall.

Whatever way you need to get down to this ledge. Then we re going to fall again this one you ll take a little bit of damage so make sure you got your hp then we re gonna fall not fall..

We re gonna crawl right under here follow it to right about there and you ll see it says search that is where the three gold bars are so if you followed all the treasure things that we ve done so far you will have a total of nine and all of them are worth. 500 so that s 4500. All right that ll do it for me. If you liked what you saw and got what you needed like come and subscribe.

See you guys in the next video later gators. ” ..

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High Stakes is one of the many treasure maps in Red Dead 2. This Red Dead Redemption 2 High Stakes Treasure Map Guide will tell you everything you need to know to locate the map, follow the clues and locate the treasure.

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