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“Everybody i m zelda master and welcome to the legend of zelda twilight princess. Hd. Hd. An hd remake on my favorite game of all time so you should know i m really really excited to be playing this i mean this game has had a huge impact on my life.

I want to say it s the reason. Why i do what i do today. I remember also well. I was 15 years old had been in the game.

Several times and just started watching let s plays on youtube. And the room that many twilight. Princess lutz plays on youtube. So.

My 15 year old self thought. It would be a genius idea to record my old crappy crt tv with a digital camera and post. It online and ever since then my goal is to make lots plays for you guys crazy huh. It s been six years since sun and here we are now playing the game that got me until this now in hd.

I don t know why but i feel like i ve been waiting for this for so long. But it s finally time to dive in the legend of zelda twilight princess hd let s play shall we tell me do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls. They say it s the only time when our world intersects with theirs the only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits. Who have left our world that is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight.

But enough talk of sadness. I have a favor to ask of you link. I was supposed to deliver something to the royal family of hyrule the day after tomorrow. Yes.

It was a task set to me by the mayor. But would you go in my steed you have never been tyrell right in the kingdom of hyrule. There is a great castle and around it is a castle town a community far bigger than our little village and far bigger than i rule is the rest of the world. That god s created you should look upon it all with your own eyes.

It s getting late. We should head back to the village. I will talk to the mayor about this matter hey link you there hey you mind. Helping me hurt.

The goats. They ai. N t listening to me lately. Hey.

Where s epona and so our adventure begins with boink. The hero having to get his horse to herd some goats. Yeah..


I m not the most epic start to a game. But hey it picks up and it picks up really really quickly and god i just love the beginning of this game. I don t know if it s the nostalgia or just the general setting of this game. But i am so so excited to just dive back into this now in hd.

So yeah here we go what we got to do now is we got to help our friend here fatto. Because you know he needs some help with that hurting some goats and if you look at the time. Yeah. It s the hour of twilight.

It s getting light. It s getting darker by the second. I m sure all he wants to do is call. It a night and go to bed.

So the sooner we get those goats into his barn. The better. But before i do that fat out before i go fetch opponent for you and do this little favor you re asking of me i want to give you something there s a little favorite to ask back it s a rock. I want you to take good care of this rock fat oh okay.

This is a symbol of our friendship and i guess your dredit ood to me helping you heard goats okay here. But uh. What the heck fat oh come on you drop. The rock.

Oh. No is the rock of friendship. What you d even bother catching it just hit your face you don t even flinch. How did that not hurt you what the heck dude.

Yeah. It s actually freaking hilarious how that works like if i pick up a rock and throw at someone there s you re gonna stand. Still like that and i mean they do recline like from the impact of the rock hitting them. But that s it it s like what this guy is so tough no wonder you can t hurt.

A goats man. You can t even catch a rock. You can t even use their hands. You can t even flinch you d even have basic human instinct to like react when something s being chucked at you did something a giant rock was being chucked at you and all he did was stand.

Still okay. Fed oh whatever let s stop wasting time and with all jokes aside. We need to go get epona. You know to help him out capone is actually located here in the spring with a rainbow.

Oh. My god that looks so. Dice..


All right. Let s go ahead. And get epona. I guess oh hi link.

I watched a poni for you. Thanks. I guess haha ok. So yeah.

That cutscene was really brief. But it introduced us to a new character and that is ilya. And yeah. She has a strong connection with epona they re like pretty close and she always likes me you know he s hang out with the poni and kind of wash her and whatnot.

I have no idea if she s able to ride her. But you know i guess he just likes washing her and keeping her clean for us. So i appreciate that ilya. I really do let s go ahead and speak to her quickly.

Though and epona works really hard so i thought she deserved a treat oh. But listen link did he do something for me can he use a piece of grass to play that song for me you know the one that epona likes okay so yeah. What she wants you to do and this is pretty much the game. Introducing you into something pretty awesome.

And that is these horse shoe. You know tall grass things i don t know the proper name for them. But if you actually look at them they look like horseshoes. Which makes sense.

Because if i pick one up and blow into it. Yes. Eldo fans will know the song immediately. This is a bonus song and it calls the pony.

So anytime you need a ponen we can t find her we find some horseshoe grass. We can pick it up blow into it and just like that opponent will appear. So yeah. It s kind of awesome and i love how epona is like obtainable so early on within the game.

But ok. Let me just stop wasting time. I just you know soak all this in because i can t help. But josh over how awesome this game is and now that it s in hd.

It s just even better. But yeah do you have anything else to say are you happy now. It s such a nice melody epona looks happy well she s all pretty up now so you can go ride her back..


But don t make her do too much okay well i have to herd goats. So sorry ilya i m gonna go ahead and you know my best. But yeah if you write epona from the back like a jump on her from her behind. Which seems weird to say.

But if you do epona will go with a running start like instantly. She ll just start running. Which is actually really cool than jumping on her from the side. And i like doing that because yeah.

It s actually really awesome. But anyways let s go ahead and make our way to the main village of this area here this is pretty much where everyone within the forest lives in i guess this farm here we are in auradon village. Yeah. So we re going to find all of our good friends.

I mean link pretty much grew up here and everyone knows who he is you know these are all of just his a good friends. I guess like i said before so yeah. And i love how you are first introduced to all of these characters. Because if you go stroll around like this you will see pretty much all the characters perfectly in a walkway to where you can like talk to all of them.

It s pretty much both of the all three families actually one being russell s family. Which was way at the beginning. Here not really actually russell s right here and then his wife and kid and then another family with their kid and then i believe one more family which is just a manor mayor beau and he s actually the father of a lea. Which is the chick who just wash epona for us.

So it s going to give a visit to mary bow. Before we go herd some goats. So what s up man. Oh link looks like you re going to help photo again good job.

He headed to the ranch ahead of you you go finish you up your chores before the sun goes down okay sounds good man. I will do that so yeah. There s not much to do here right now all you want to do is as the game wants you to and that is go herd some goats. So we re gonna do that so we can call it a night and start off a new day.

Because yeah something pretty big is coming. I mean if you remember what russell told us right off in the beginning of the game. That he wants us to go in his seed to to deliver something to hyrule castle. Which is an arrogant link has yet to explore it because link has never left or don.

So you know he s just a farm boy. All he does is hurt goats and ride ponies and talk to people okay and stop. I can t even do like a southern accent. So yeah we re just gonna we re gonna stay away from that usually my voices are just my voice.

I m not really trying to give accents to people because i suck at them. But yeah so sorry to get you over here in such a hurry. These guys have been awful skittish lately..


We won t listen to a word. I say sorry to ask bud. But how about you and epona herd them into the barn real quick. Okay we ain t got much time.

So you think you can do it for me. Yes. I do so yeah. There are only ten out here.

And we got to quickly get them into the barn. So much obliged. There bud okay then love a block. I actually don t care cuz.

Yeah. We got to start and yeah. We gotta get in ten goats. So let s get into this all right come on buddy.

All you want to do and it s actually super straightforward. How to do this you want to make sure you re facing the opposite way of the barn. While you slowly approach the goats because yeah they re gonna kind of run away from you because they re clearly afraid of a pony and link you know link does this a lot. So i guess you just used your like ah come on i guess.

I got to go back in so. Yeah. What i m doing here is i m just doing it fairly slow you know just kind of getting him in ever so slowly not hitting gay because if you hit a link whoops and when he whoops he you know startles all of the goats and they ll go running and you don t want to do that especially if they re positioned not properly. So yeah there we go everyone i believe is now positioned properly.

There we go and let s go ahead and give him a whoops. Oh come on whoop up a book. And yeah. We did it not bad mooing capone.

Uh much obliged of both y all. I can cover everything tomorrow without having to trouble you to just sit back and relax bud okay sounds good oh. But how about today wanna practice with the fences you should wait a spell bud. I ll get the fence is set up okay thanks.

So yeah. If you want to train with the poni here you can if i don t set up some fences. But i mean it s a it s not that fun i m just gonna go ahead and jump over the gate and actually leave so we can start off a new day and end off this one so yeah you you ” ..


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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is a Wii U remake of the Nintendo GameCube and Wii game, Twilight Princess. This is the first Zelda game to be rated T. The reason is probably because of violence, blood and signs of nudity. This is also known as the darkest Zelda game. With Link transforming into a Wolf. It is also my favorite Zelda game of all time!

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