The Miracle at Fort Hateno – Links to the Past (Zelda Lore)

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“How s it going and welcome back to links to the past. The series warrior warrior tells some backstory or law from a zelda game last week. We looked at siege of aquila citadel during the day of the great calamity before breadth of the wild check that video out if you haven t already and today. We ll go with another story from this fateful day.

The day. The calamity gannon was surfaced in hyrule and took control of the guardians. But instead of looking at the crushing defeat of the hylian army at the hands of the sheikah machines. In accola.

We ll be looking at what was happening miles south of here. But what is remembered as the miracle at fort height. A. Know if you like this kind of video be sure to show you support by dropping a like or subscribe.

If you new like with the last video on the siege of aquila citadel. This video is based on information from the game. The ruins npcs cutscenes as well as information from the official breath of the wild creating a champion book. I ve just written it up in a more cinematic way so without further ado.

Let s go back a hundred years to the day hyrule. Fell to the story of four potatoes final defense. A hundred years after the events of the great calamity when hyrule fell the winds blow gently through the thick wild grass of blackery plain this great field lies sheltered on all sides by steep cliffs and aside from the gentle breeze. The grassland lies still and quiet the imposing shapes of the dueling peaks loomed to the west a mountain that long ago split into two harps and through its chasm runs a well worn footpath connecting the plain to central hyrule the decaying hulls of countless broken guardians litter black cherry plain silent ruins of what we ll wants war machines of unimaginable power the remains of an ancient stone wall guard the path leading to the east ruins.

Which now sit buried in ivy and dirt. But long ago stood proud and tall the shells of the guardians appear to be swarming towards the fortification. Some even petrified halfway up the wall as if time stopped while they were climbing it the ruins of fought height. A note.

Tell a story. The story of hope in the darkness during the nightmare. That was the great calamity when all of hyrule collapsed into ruins around them the haphazard defenders of for hatano managed to halt the unrelenting assault of the guardians and protects the kingdoms. Few surviving civilians silesia.

A traveler believes that for titano was built to stop the assault of the guardians a hundred years ago..

But this isn t true the fortress wasn t built to withstand an attack from hundreds of god like war engines nothing in hyrule was even the great accola citadel. The center of high rules military might a castle built in such a way that it was considered completely. Impregnable. Fell to the onslaught that possessed machines during the great calamity for height.

A note was a simple gate. House likely only designed to control passage between the east and western occluder region. Is built at a choke point at the edge of black cherry plain and the lack of any permanent living quarters for soldiers suggests that they used to have to travel the fort to work guard shifts. Unlike the mighty aquila citadel a huge fortification with vast storerooms armories and batteries of cannons for today.

No was never meant to defend against a large scale assault. Yet while aquila citadel was destroyed and its defenders slaughtered by the guardians thought hatano successfully prevented the guardians from reaching her taino village in the east securing a future for the hylian people this tiny fortress nothing more than a wall in a gatehouse managed to halt the previously unstoppable hordes of possessed. Sheikah titans. And the story of this defense is remembered a century later as the miracle of four hatay know when the calamity ganon resurfaced from deep below hyrule castle and took control of the guardians built to destroy it it sent them out across the kingdom with one purpose to utterly annihilate.

The entirety of hyrule and its people moments. After the calamity ganon appeared hundreds and hundreds of corrupted machines began to pour out into hyrule. The settlements closest to hurled castles such as castle town lon. Lon.

Ranch. And maybe village were flattened likely even before the people knew what was happening. The houses brought down on top of them and the ruins scorch to ash at the garrison s in hyrule field. The soldiers noticed the bright glow from the burning ruins of castle.

Town and prepared for battle from both hyrule garrison and coloma garrison. The soldiers moved south gathering civilians from smaller settlements like the exchange in gatepost town before fleeing eastwards towards the dueling peaks with hyrule field aflame behind them the soldiers reached the mountains with the surviving civilians. But they weren t safe. Yet.

The guardians were moving south rapidly from the castle bringing with them devastation on an unimaginable scale. The garrison s and towns were stomped into the dirt and anyone still left in the fields crushed or burned to death. The soldiers continued east through the open black cherry plain towards for attained. Oh.

Once they reached the fortress..

Exhausted and terrified they ready themselves for battle. Those who could not fight continued passed the fort to water. Taino village. And anyone that could hold a bow was stationed along the wall of the fort the portcullis was lowered and the soldiers waited weary cold and frightened the soldiers readied themselves knocking arrows in their bows praying to the goddess hylia for help and help was coming while the soldiers were moving eastward with the civilians for today.

No a princess and a warrior fled from the castle after seeing the calamity ganon resurfaced lincoln zelda had traveled to hyrule castle to confront it but when the guardians were turned and the divine beasts corrupted their champions killed. Zelda and her chosen knight were forced to run for the safety of kakariko village. With hundreds of guardians on their tail with them the guided any survivors left after the massacre. A capital men and women whose homes had been burned and their families slaughtered.

Fled south under the protection of the princess and her knight a normal night would have had no chance. But this was no normal night this was a champion guardians in pursuit link and zelda ran south through hyrule field using the thick forests along the river as cover as they fled guardians hounded. Them. Yet the hero destroyed them one by one with the power of the true master sword link broke the thick armor of the machines and ripped ganon s malice from them protecting the group of survivors night fell and the rain began to pour and still the champion and the princess ran the events of the horrific night were beginning to take their toll on the princess.

Her people looked up to her and in their time of need she failed to awaken her powers. She d failed to summon the strength within her to push back the calamity. And because of this failure. Her kingdom was in ruins linked.

Exhausted helped her to her feet and continued on towards kakariko. This was no time for emotion by this point. Lincoln zelda had traveled miles and the night had fought and slain innumerable guardians. The two finally passed through the dueling peaks into black cherry plain accompanied by their group of survivors.

But the hero s strength was beginning to dwindle in close pursuit was a horde of god swarming behind them like locusts the champion in the princess reached the fort safely delivering the survivors behind its walls. But zelda had to reach kakariko village. The home of the sheikah in order to put in motion. A plan to stop the calamity.

The silence in the field didn t last long cruel purple lights lit up the night as the machines began swarming into the field from the dueling peaks ganon s malice burning from within them. Like a furnace. Although. The thin pass through the dueling peaks bottleneck.

The guardians they still poured into the plain on mass spreading out and advancing on 4 30..

No due to the wall being situated in a choke point. The soldiers had a very narrow range with which they could target the huge mass of guardians firing volley after volley of arrows at them most arrows merely dented the thick armor of the machines. But the occasional lucky shot hit the eye a weak point heavily damaging or even disabling. A guardian completely.

But despite this their numbers were too. Many the war engines got closer and closer to the defending wall blinding bursts of blue light erupting from them their lasers tearing through stone. Like it were paper vaporizing scores of soldiers instantly as men died on the front lines more climbed up to replace them and continuing the return fire on the guardians as stone was ripped from its foundations makeshift wooden barricades were propped up to keep the guardians out meanwhile in the field link fought alone. The princess at his side.

The hero battled guardian after guardian breaking each one with sacred might. Forging his path towards kakariko the ancient master sword was chipped and broken his champions tunic burned and frayed. But still linked for time but for every machine he destroyed ten more appeared from the fort. The soldiers could see the warrior far out in the field.

Taking the fight to the ancient automata. A warrior of legend. Single handedly bearing the brunt of the guardian assault. His legendary strength and the power of the master sword meant that heavily reduced number of the corrupted machines made it to the fort.

But it was still too many for the soldiers simple boat. The guardians were too powerful and too numerous and despite the rain of arrows upon them that began to climb the wall of the fort slowly. But surely forcing their way through the kingdom of hyrule last line of defense and ash swamp. Half a day from kakariko village.

Link finally collapsed. He was mortally wounded from countless. Skirmishes with the technological terrors and heavily fatigued from traveling across hyrule. The hero fell resting on his sword.

But the guardians do not tire ashika machine appeared before him and with the last of his strength he stood and shielded zelda with his body. But something inside the princess stirred this was her kingdom. These were her people this was her chosen knight. Who had given his life to defend her this was her hero a man destined to protect her across all time.

She felt the blood of the goddess run through her a sacred warmth in her chest..

The ancient power her mother had passed down to her the power. She desperately tried for years to awaken was beginning to stir. She would not let her kingdom fall to a timeless evil in the darkest night in the middle of the most tragic battle the kingdom had ever seen zelda stepped out in front of the guardian throwing link behind her. She raised her hand.

She was the reincarnation of the ancient goddess and her power tore ganon s malice out for in the heart of the machine extinguishing. It and leaving behind an empty husk. Her power exploded across the field. A tidal wave of sacred lights that broke the hold ganon had on the guardians every one of the ancient machines fell one by one the hatred that filled them van the guardians climbing the fort seconds from over running and slaughtering as people ceased to function the lights from within fading to darkness.

Zelda s power had awakened and with it she saved the kingdom of hyrule in its darkest hour. Hers was the miracle of full height a no the last light during the great calamity music the dust settled on a silent field. While mere moments ago. The turf was being torn up by the many shunting legs of the guardians their empty shells.

Now littered the field unmoving and cold. Like great tombstones. The battle of fort hatano was over the guardians frozen seconds from breaching. The wall.

The brave people of hyrule had won a seemingly impossible battle with the help of the hero and zelda s sacred power link was mortally wounded and was taken to the shrine of resurrection by the sheikah where he rested for a century. The survivors of the battle at the fort went on to live in her taino village creating a life for themselves in the ruins of the kingdom zelda herself travelled to the castle to face ganon alone. Though the sheer extent of the part he played in slowing the guardians approach is not known too many links courage and the strength. He showed that night is remembered a century later as the legendary warrior of forte.

No and while no one understands just what happened on that night the power that saved the lives of hundreds is remembered. Only as the miracle of forte no thanks for watching this video. If you missed the first check it out with a link in the description or card in the top right. If you liked this video.

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The story of the miraculous defence of Fort Hateno, 100 years before Breath of the Wild.

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