THE OUTER WORLDS: Top 5 Tips For A Head Start in The Outer Worlds! (Starter Guide)

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“Outer worlds is finally here. And it is oh so good since the second it it released. I ve been diving deep into the early part of the game to tips to help you get a head start the first thing. I recommend everyone do is to search everywhere for loot behind every single door.

If it s got a lock on it find a way to hack into it behind every single building. There are dead bodies and notes and special caches with really good gear even in every single bathroom. It feels like the developers took so much time placing items and rewarding those people that take their time. And really look.

There are so many items so many hidden objects just out of sight. Some particularly tricky places. I found were underneath beds and counter tops those are places that you normally wouldn t look. Where there are plenty of items and also on shelves that s another place where things are as easy to notice.

But it absolutely pays off once you find these items because most people won t if you go into the first few hours. With this mindset. You ll find so many consumables. So many weapons and a lot of armor to help you early on stuff that you re not going to upgrade for hours keep your eyes peeled on desks and tables because a lot of npcs will leave notes around that give you extra context for whatever is happening in their situation.

And unlock extra dialogue paths. I can think of several times. Where because i searched for something. It unlocked.

A new path and a dialogue option with a character that made a difference. The skill system can feel very overwhelming. When you first start the outer worlds. There are so many options and it s hard to know what to go with especially at the start of the game.

But after several hours in the game. It s pretty clear what s best to grab early on first..

I d recommend the stealth category. Because it gives you bonuses in sneak hack and lockpick skills. And these three are essential for stuff. You re gonna be doing now and far later into the game pretty much throughout your entire experience.

Because you ll be using sneak constantly whether you re in combat and trying to get a critical hit or you re trying to steal something sneak is very valuable hack gives you the ability to get into computers to get information that you wouldn t be able to use otherwise that is so important for quest progress and also the ability to sell to vending machines. Once you get your hack level to 20. That is a very useful thing to have in the early game and lockpick that one s fairly self explanatory. But like we said before you want to search everywhere and get behind every single door.

You ll find great items and resources. But also extra information for your quests and unlock more paths to complete what you need to do the other skill category is dialog. Which dictates the lie. Persuade and intimidate skills and all three of these are so useful for dialogue just like in fallout.

There are dialog skill checks so if an npc can be lied to and you have the required amount of lies skill you ll be able to do that successfully and that also gives you an xp bonus. I don t know about you guys. But in any case. I love multiple ways to tackle any situation and the outer world is fantastic for that you can complete any quest or any objective in multiple ways having great dialog skills and then being able to sneak hack and lockpick are going to give you the tools necessary to do all of this in the early game.

So i d highly recommend you check out those skills. My next tip is to talk to everyone npc s in the outer worlds. All have something to say they re all interesting and almost all of them serve a purpose they will talk to you they will give you information that you need for quests. If you choose all of their dialogue.

Options the way. I like to think of it is the writers wrote these lines and the voice actors acted them so you should give the time to talk to these people. And hear what they had to say because it s going to be worth it for you another thing. I ve taken advantage of when talking to npcs is to make sure that i have gear on that boosts.

My persuasion or my general dialogue skills like we just covered if you invest in those dialogue. Skills..

Then you ll be able to choose these options that will benefit you in quests lines make things easier steps when possible and reward you with bonus xp. So anytime. You see you i. Persuade charm or intimidate.

Choose those options and make sure that you ve got that gear on that enables you to do that my next tip is to steal everything anything that is not bolted down to the floor to the wall to anything take it because there is no penalty for selling stolen items in this game. There s no karma system to worry about either. We do have a reputation meter. And if you do get caught stealing that s an issue you will lose some reputation.

But the thing is it s so easy to steal that you should be trying it whenever possible i steal absolutely everything that i possibly can because it s really easy things to keep in mind crouch when you re stealing to avoid being spotted that reduces your chances because obviously you re a smaller frame. But if you can t reach something on a shelf don t worry about it you can still stand up and steal. No problem. If you re in a wide open area.

And you can t tell whether an npc has a line of sight on you then quicksave right before you do it just in case that ll save you a lot of time in case. You didn t want to get that reputation loss from being caught. If you re inside a building. And you just picked a lock or something like that and people are constantly coming in and out all you need to do is manually close the door make sure you are cutting off that line of sight once you cut off your line of sight.

No one asks any questions because there are some restricted areas. But not early on in the game you can go. Wherever you want you can go upstairs. In a general store for example and steal everything from that guy because no one asks any questions.

So why wouldn t you do it. The answer is that you should after you ve filled up your inventory with all of those stolen items and want to sell them make sure you re putting on clothing that might boost your ability to get better prices at vendors. We talked about skills earlier. Now let s shift our focus to perks.

There are a lot to choose from from the start. And that can be intimidating just like the skills were but there are some that really stand out for me that i think will be more useful to you than others in the early part of the game for combat..

I would suggest grabbing slow the world which increases your tactical time dilation ttd ability duration just like vats feels. When you start a new game of fallout. Unless you ve invested heavily into agility. It just goes too quickly it doesn t give you enough time to really aim set up your shots.

And get what you want out of combat. I like this more than the quick and the dead that s the other ttd ability. Because again the time is so short it s nice that quick and the dead gives you quicker recharge. But i think you get more value from slow the world but if combat is your main focus then you might as well take both of these because in tandem.

They re both great for looting. And just general quality of life. I would suggest grabbing pack mule. It gives you 50 extra kilograms of carry space this is so nice.

I can t tell you guys in any game. Where you re doing a lot of looting which the outer worlds. Absolutely is one of those you want more carry weight. It s just nice especially if you re going to be stealing as much as i ve suggested and searching everywhere and taking every single item possible you want this you just want to make sure that you re not having to run back and forth to sell things i d recommend taking deadly demonstrations for a little xp boost.

When your companions get kills. Now you may be wondering this seems. Very situational. It s only when my companion gets the kill.

But companions are fairly competent in the outer worlds. If you re bringing one along and unless you re going for a specific. Lone wolf type of playthrough. I don t know why you wouldn t then you will benefit from this because they hold their own they will get kills.

And it s nice to get that little xp boost especially early on some closing thoughts. The first few hours of this game to me have been really special because i ve taken my time..

And i think my experience has been better because of that every mission has additional context. Because i found that note that gave me a new angle. A new perspective every location is memorable. Because i took the time to look in a place that most people wouldn t and i found an awesome weapon that i m going to be using for 10 hours.

I m seriously blown away by the attention to detail and the amount of effort that obsidian put into building this world and making sure players feel fully immersed. And that s what this game has done to me i feel like i m a part of the outer worlds. And i m just really loving. It before we close out the video.

And i rush back to play more of the outer worlds. I want to let you guys know that i have a lot of content plan for this game in the coming weeks. I m especially interested in the decision making and the choices you can choose in this game. So i m gonna be doing a lot of save scumming and picking the most evil option just to see what happens and then sharing that with you guys and also comparing this game to fallout because as we know it s very heavily inspired by fallout new vegas developed by the same people at obsidian.

There are some who are still on the fence. Because they don t know if the outer worlds. Is that fallout like single player choice driven narrative. Rpg that they re looking for and in my opinion.

It absolutely is but i d love to share those thoughts with you guys in the comments section below let me know what kind of content you want me to make for the outer worlds. What kind of videos would you watch on my channel. Please let me know if you enjoy the video. Don t forget to hit that like button and remember to subscribe and turn on notifications by hitting the bell.

So you don t miss any of my content check the links in the description stay up to date with me on social media and also join our partner discord server thanks so much for watching and i ll talk to you next time ” ..

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The Outer Worlds is finally out! Here are my top 5 tips to get a head start in The Outer Worlds starter guide! Happy The Outer Worlds launch day!

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The Outer Worlds is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on October 25, 2019, with a Nintendo Switch version to be released later.

The Outer Worlds is a role-playing video game featuring a first-person perspective. In the early stages of the game, the player can create their own character and unlock a ship, which acts as the game s central hub space. Though the player cannot control their ship, it serves as a fast travel point to access different areas in the game and the player s inventory. The player can encounter and recruit non-player characters as companions who have their own personal missions and stories. When accompanying the player, the companions act as an aid in combat. Each companion has its own individual skills and special attacks, and it can also develop its own skill specialization. When exploring, the player can bring up to two companions alongside them, while the rest stay on the ship. The player can make numerous dialogue decisions, which can influence the game s branching story. They can also respond to NPCs in various ways, such as acting heroically, maniacally, or moronically.

During combat situations, the player can use various weapon types such as melee and firearms, which have three ammo types: light, medium, and heavy. These weapons can be customized to add elemental damage. The player can use stealth or social skills (persuasion) to avoid combat altogether. As the player progresses, they gain experience points, which the player and their companions can use to level up and unlock new skills. The player can develop their technical skills, which are further divided into three categories: Science, Medical, and Engineering. For instance, the player can use a shrink ray to shrink down an enemy. The player is able to invest points into these skills, which will unlock new perks that enhance combat efficiency. The player can also enter a “Tactical Time Dilation” state, which slows down time and reveals opponents health statistics, which grants the player tactical advantages. As the player leads their companions, they improve their companions combat strength and resilience. The player can also gain a “flaw” that occurs when the player fails repeatedly in certain gameplay segments. Flaws debuff the player in some way, but also give additional perks and advantages.

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