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“Hello. Hello. It s walk well and i m here with a video on the the outer worlds in this video. I m gonna be showing you how to get bits in a game where bits are quite limited so i love this game this game is fantastic really really enjoying it i played it quite a bit.

I m level 13. As you can see and i ve just reached the planet of groundbreaker planet earth spaceship so this is a trick. I learned basically through the skill system to do with mods and to do it your own persuasion skills to take advantage of the trading system within this game. So we re gonna go through my build at the moment keep in mind that you can respec.

So that i ve done that i ve actually respect my character to make this work. So we re gonna go through my character right now. I ve got my skills are up the most important skills obviously are engineering at level 80. Because you want to have be competent and be an expert.

So you can get a 20 chance to extract the basic mod and a 10 chance to extract a rare mod. I also have my persuasion skill up at 140 with buffs and 84 naturally but with the engineering you need to have natural 80. So the effect actually works the perks they have in place that matter. A few bits more to have more inventory space or inventory in the shops negotiator for more money.

I have snake oil salesman and so a little little little guai whatever. It is for dialogue skills. So they re all the important perks and skills that i have on myself. I have felix who is very very early on character in the game for persuade and i also have provari who has another bonus to extract extra mods in the field as well so how does this work this works by going to a trader.

So you want to go to a trader before i do that let me just show you my inventory as of now. So we can kind of get an idea of where we are so he got 2500 bits. I ve got nothing in my inventory. No ammo nothing just gear my gear is set up as well is to improve on persuade and to prove on dialogue skills as well just helps to push it along.

Which is why i ve got such a high persuade. But like i said i ve done this from ground breaker level. 13. Um.

If you re gonna do a trick or prepare for this trick. One thing. I would recommend if you re a new player you have reached this far yet. I would suggest keeping all your weapons and armor.

Don t sell them keep them so. And you ll see why so i m gonna go to this trader. Here. And what we re looking for is anything in and around the area of a hundred bits or less and because of my persuades could you ve got a 65 discount.

This item here is perfect 14 bits. We ll take it everything else is off limits. Really and what i do in groundbreaker is i do a full run and i got even go to the vending machines to buy anything they have so. 24 is great.

24 is great they re a bit pricey. I need the armor..

No next one nothing here. That s okay anything here. The vending machines can be a bit iffy. But we re gonna go to a few other places so you do the full round.

So basically. What we re gonna do is start here and end here. So we go through here to mr. Moon head martin.

And because i have such a good relationship with space his choice. I actually get a better discount with this guy. Which also means that i can sell more or sell for better prices with him as well so he s got a good stock of these cheap helmets cheap armor and all of these 90 bits helmets here as well we re gonna take all of those and this 60 and this 57. The rest can stay there for now run up here.

I m gonna keep going up here and we re gonna take a look in this store here to see what they have i d like to trade what you please anything decent nothing a helmet 73 perfect 31 175. I don t know how you get at. Point five but we re gonna take it 3166. 175.

175. Take the 91 and the 70. We re running out of bits. But that s okay we re gonna take these two as well and we re gonna run down over here.

So you can sometimes get cheaper items from the woman over here who sells guns. But normally she s quite pricey so really we don t normally use her for this trick. And we re gonna have a look what have you got to trade nothing. Really that good to be honest as expected and then one final place.

You can check is the vending machines out here. Again vending machines are very difficult to work with because they only give you a 20 discount. But if you can find some items in there as well that are under 100 then you re good to go let s see nothing here. I don t know if i ll risk.

These helmets. I probably will i ll take them and then anything in here. 24 perfect and anything else that s it really so what we re gonna do is gonna make our way back to where we started. Which is in here.

And we re gonna get ready to sell to martin. So what we re gonna do is we re gonna go into inventory. Like i said they ve no mods no i m not even a mo and what we re gonna do is gonna break down these items by holding square 20. Chance extract basically my 10 chance to extract a rare mod.

But also because of parvati is ability and make so we re gonna break that down weapon pirates. 3. Mister ouch. See on the bottom right down.

There we re getting mods and weapon pirates graves and we want to break down all these armors these two are mine. I m gonna break down everything else here tog kish armor parts armor parts keep breaking it all down backpack grounded..

I ve got to be careful not to break down my actual stuff because there s no turning back from it keep going. It s a bit of a pain on the finger. But you can actually do this on a workbench. It makes it even faster but just to show you that you can do it multiple ways.

I m gonna do it this way as well and then you can see here we re almost done last one and now if we take a look at our inventory. We can see that now we have all these mods. Some of them are rare some of them are not all these weapon parts and armor parts. And we ve also got we got no ammo because they re all melee weapons.

But if you break down a gun you get a more from that gun as well so we re gonna go to marin. See what you have for trading and sell all of those mods. We ve just pulled out of those guns that he sold us. I sell all those weapon parrots all that and i don t need boys ammo.

But if he did we had well if he did we would have some and so now we have 3600 so you made a thousand profit. Normally profits are a bit better than that. But what you can do then is you run through here. And you can sleep in this bed right here.

And no one seems to mind sleep. A cup two or three times and we re gonna do it again. Just last time here and then the shop should be restocked with new items including the vendors on the machines. So we can go here trade anything decent maybe it hasn t fully restocked yet.

We re gonna check the traders outside here. See if they have this is a good good way to check if you see no new items. Oh we do we got one here for 24. We ll take that maybe they have restocked.

I don t actually think so we ll see the best way to check is see if martin has more of his moon helmets. If he does that means they ve restocked. I ll have a look. He has he s restocked excellence of 51 30.

36. Yet again we can just do this over and over and over and get unlimited bits. It s easy as that so the way you improve on it obviously is to improve on your persuasion skill. Which again i have at 140 or any of your dialogue skills that you re focusing on the highest.

One is what matters and you can have lollies at 140 intimidated 100. Or even higher. And it makes it even better. We re just gonna do a quick run around here again just a double check that we can t buy anymore.

And i did forget one of the shops that i ve unlocked because i haven t gone to that shop in a while see if this guy is getting good if you start paying over 50 you do go into risk territory. But that s not too bad um. We re gonna play these there s one more there for 35. I want to buy so if you want to be careful you can buy under 50.

There s plenty of items that you can get for under 50. Really just to be on the safe side and like i said..

If you could get guns guns. Give. You ammo. Which you can also sell which is basically infinite money and it s really really good so you remember she doesn t sell for good prices.

But the medical bay is something you unlock later on and they sell and you ll see here i forgot to go through this the first time they sell very cheap armor here that we can take and now we re down to so we start at 3500 and let me just show you now the i think there s a workbench somewhere here in everybody. Where be the workbench just one there. But is there one closer no there isn t we re going to the workbench and just show you how quick we can do this. And it basically what you can do is if you instead of just breaking down the items on the fly each time you do this you can just keep sleeping buying sleeping buying and then run over to a workbench up here and then use the workbench and what you can do is you can break down items from here instead break down you get the same chance of the items.

Working and you want to break down all this software. So we started with 3500 this time. We re gonna break down all these items really really quickly xxxxx just be careful not to break down your um your main items. So we ve got some good items.

There. And we just wanna go back up to as i said if you got a better relationship with a certain faction whoever that may be in my case. It is the spaces choice. I ve got maximum so i go over to my good friend who seems to be he s gonna be broke by the end of this space.

Because i m taking his items and then selling him back to him which is fantastic so we re gonna talk to him here what it gone and we re gonna say hey martin. How s it going give us some more money set in and all the. Parts all the mods great now we re at 4600. So you may know that i was in profit.

Sometimes the profit margins can be quite high sometimes you will make a loss because it s orangie based. But that s easy as it is and what i ve done with the money. I ve been doing this over and over for quite a while now i ve kind of ruined the game for myself. But what i ve done is i ve actually upgraded proved a tease weapon to being 816 dps at level 13 and you can just keep pounding your bits into this till you get maxed out weapons and you can operate all your armor.

And it s really really easy in the workbench. I ll show you so you just keep doing this over and over again thousands and thousands and thousands of bits and have the best gear in the game. But like i said the reason why i ve done this is because if you don t already know all the loot doesn t respawn enemies. Don t respawn and there is a finite number of items in the game.

That you can pick up and break down this gets past that so if you re a person who likes to hoard items. Because you should see my spaceship. I ve literally kept all the items. I ve had since the start of the game.

And i only break down things that i get in vendors. But you can use that money then to tinker with your items and upgrade them to stupid levels. And do you know you can basically get yourself a really high level and strength early on the game. Once you re done with that of course.

There are a few things you can do to make this even better. And you can you can actually put all your points. In persuade respec and then use engineering to break down all the items you bought with the persuasion. But that gets a bit iffy.

But afterwards if you want to if you have a lot of money and you want to spend it on upgrading your guns do is change. All your points to being science..

So that your tinkering cost is minus 90. So you can use the money to upgrade all your gear in one goal. Very very cheaply. And it really is as simple as that you know you just go to the shops.

Make sure the items are under 100 make sure your persuasion skill or whatever. One of your your speech skills are high enough. And just take advantage of the shops. There s probably better shops later around the game.

And it s probably easier to do once you get a higher persuasion. But that s the method. I found so far so if you want infinite bits. Without using glitches and hacks on pc.

Which are every time. I ve typed in infinite bits. I haven t found this method yet i ve only seen people hacking the console commands and pc. But this can be done in console on pc.

Whatever and it doesn t break the game you just take advantage of the trading system in the game. So let me know if you know of any better ways or any improvements on this. I know you can increase your persuasion even more to make it more effective. But yeah once you re done switch your character back to how you were playing on and you ll be a bit indian error with millionaire or whatever.

It is whatever you want to call yourself. So i hope this helped you it definitely helped me i m enjoying this game. Immensely it s a very good game. I recommend anyone who s into fallout new vegas or fallout or any of those games to get this because it s it s on the same vein.

And it s very very unique in its own sense. A very very very good game. Would recommend it ten out of ten. Says ign um.

Yeah. So you can see here again. The shops. Just restock.

You can get really cheap items keep doing this over and over and upgrade all your gear. So yeah. If you like this and this helps you make sure you leave a like and leave a comment below. If you ve got better methods yourself or anything you figured out or even glitches or tricks you found out yourself.

I ll be happy to look into it. And that s just like this and a lot more videos down the line. I hope you enjoyed it i ll see you in the next video. This is ben walker.

We ll see you later ” ..

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