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“Music. I wish you or someone whose heart can be swayed by my words and and deeds. If it were so i would have done anything to make you mine you fought well. But now your fight is over send in our reserve troops and give my uncle s a signal.

What is this music everybody here young and old is in your hands. No i will not allow another red canyon tragedy to happen here. Yeah. What s going on music.

Yeah. Music. What now. Wow.

Applause music. Why did. You come music. Ah wow.

Now music you in imperial year 1180 one of the new address thien emperor adel guard von raesfeld led a strategic assault against the monastery at gehrig mock. Though her own losses were great her foes had no choice. But to surrender archbishop raya commanded the knights of saris leading from the front lines against the imperial army. But amidst the chaos of battle she vanished.


And her whereabouts remain unknown with this single attack. The addressed in empire officially launched its offensive against the holy kingdom of fargus and the luster alliance. The unification of hoagland has begun music you music part two as your moon ethereal moon reunion at dawn. It is imperial year 1185 nearly five years have passed since the fall of the monastery.

A derrick mock and war continues to plague. The lands of folks. Ferdie it. Has been captured the holy kingdom of fargas is in shambles.

The leicester alliance is on the verge of collapse. Fractured by two opposing factions those who support the address nyan empire and its ruler and those who seek her demise meanwhile under emperor adel guards rule of law the address the in empire continues to expand its reach the path to a new foe clan unified by imperial strength may yet be in sight you you how long do you intend to serve your body is awake your eyes must open now and you must find the strength to stand upon those legs of yours like so much rain. A pool of blood has fallen to the ground the spears and arrows pierced the earth it weeps and even now it weeps in order to survive. They kill.

And so the people of this world are lost in an abyss of suffering. They weep as well the only one who truly knows the nature of such things is i or rather you are a complete and utter fool have you not changed one bit get on your feet right now i ll cuddle you no more you are just like a child always needing me to hold your hand hey are you awake. We re in a village of the base of the monastery. What are you doing in a place like this i honestly didn t expect to find someone floating away down the river garret mock is upstream of here.

But that place was abandoned huh you don t know the church of cerros isn t there anymore. Though there have been some folks still living there in the five years since well you know anyway. I ve heard some thieves have been spotted around those parts these days um are you feeling all right you didn t hit your head or anything did you it s the ethereal moon of the year 1185. It s been nearly five years since the monastery fell tomorrow was supposed to be the millennium festival.


But who s got time to think about things like that uh yeah. That s what i said but with the war in the archbishop s still missing at all i doubt there s a soul to be found who has enough blessings worth counting hey slow down will ya where do you think you re going are you crazy. I told you they say thieves are running amuck up there and there s plenty of other dangers too. I heard a rumor that imperial troops went up there to investigate and got slaughtered every last one come on i promise i won t say you re a coward just forget about going anywhere near the monastery.

You just remember i tried to stop you got it it s not on my conscience. If you wind up dead music. Students. You really are crazy aren t you there aren t any kids anywhere near that place.

Anymore. Unbelievable music music applause music. I shall know them. But one day you would be haunting me.

As well you what must i do to be rid of you i will kill that woman. I swear it do not look upon me with scorn in your eyes music it can t be you re alive. If that is the case that can only mean you are another imperial spy. Did you come here to kill.

Me. Answer. The question music applause music. Am.


I you i have been dead on more or less. What do you hope to gain asking me that there are more important matters at hand do you not smell them filthy rats everywhere and traces of those who were here long ago and thieves crawling from the woodwork attracted by the promise of treasure since the monastery fell order in this area fell right along with it you must have seen the state of the town near gehrig mark on your way here vile thieves run rampant they pillage and loot to their heart s content. I must kill them every last one it s time to hunt down their nest. I told you i will kill them all music they must die someone must put a stop to the cycle of the strong trampling.

The week or do you condone their actions. Do you believe that the pillaging and slaughtering those rats live for is justified. It is reprehensible and they must be put down. I intend to give them a taste of the pain.

They have inflicted on others even if it means becoming a rat. Myself i swore to at least. Do that much i will not let them down. It doesn t matter all that matters is killing those who deserve to die music.

Good work. I should have known to check the monastery let s move quickly. Yes. Sir dimitri.

I m on my way in the holy kingdom of fargas imperial loyalists cornelia has subdued all regions of the former royal house of bladed to prevent further revolt. Prince dmitry. Has been sentenced. Now the backbone of the former kingdom houses.


Got ta and fraud arias struggled to continue the resistance cornelia operating out of the royal palace. Has accepted the support of the empire to build an army and plots to wipe out all remaining kingdom forces music in the lester alliance house regan leads an anti imperial faction. While house gloucester directs the empire supporters music despite the undeniable threat of fracture. The alliance s adept new leader.

Claude deftly. Maintains the outward appearance of a unified front music in n bar the imperial capital of the address nyan empire emperor adel guard fights to strengthen her regime she has extended her reach to the kingdom by inciting. A coup that continues to draw its former lords under her influence in pursuit of controlling all of western fulton music. In the meantime.

The knights of saros have been dispatched to find archbishop raya. Who remains missing despite their searching left unattended. The monastery at gehrig mok has fallen to ruin and become a haven for thieves music. You it smells of blood and sewage seems.

I ve found their nest intruders protect the goods music shall. We go rat. Hunting don t let a single vermin escape music applause. ” .


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As we all know there is a five year time skip for Three Houses. But what causes it? This video shows it from the point of view of Dimitri, the Blue Lions. Boy oh boy did his PTSD and bloodthirst hit hard.

Rhea sacrificing herself like this for your sake and disappearing, only to be taken hostage by the Empire later is rough. And having to go back and find out the state of things hurts even more. This on top of sheer betrayal from Edelgard still being fresh. Yikes.

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