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“What s going on youtube. It s your boy burrito and today guys i m m about to show you a tutorial how to evolve your raid on to a now this process of doing of getting raid on is either by getting first the protector which is in route. 9. Which i m about to go right now and to get this pokemon.

There is actually three ways you can get on with lobby right out into rhyperior first things first you re going to need either another extra switch where you can trade with yourself. Or you can you need a friend that has um either pokemon sword and shield and you guys can trade both your your right arms. Together. And then you re both the arab period or you can use the or you can trade online.

But online. It s probably not the best experience for trading especially the fact that we don t have gts anymore just make it more difficult to trade for the pokemon you want. But i ll say the first two methods. I told you will be the best method to doing this i want to have an extra switch so i m basically the trigger myself to get the right period.

Like i said you can trade with yourself get an extra switch or trade with yourself or go trail with your friend. That has either pokemon sword and shield and you both catch right on you both you guys both get the put you both get the protector make it right down hold. It and then you guys trade with each other now. I m about to head to go get the protector make sure you guys follow the the exact directions.

I m going and there you go you get protector will be simple and easy now i m not going to give my raid on the protector and then i m gonna trade with myself. Now. This is my first time trading um and pokemon so in the show. So i don t know i hope.

It s easy. I was feeling that as i m gonna get stuck some way or another cuz you know i m slow. But anyways enough with that rambling. I m about to switch to my other switch to trade with myself.

So i ll be back in a minute all right so i m into my other game. Which is pokemon shield. So i m going to trade with myself. This is when i just unlock trading samba shows.

My pokemon real quick a big no big deal. I m a bitch when trading myself since i just unlocked the trading future so i m a dual linked trade. I believe because there s no option to do one local trade. So i m definitely doing coming to trade while get my other switch.

Wait one moment. My other switch alright. I start booting up trying put up my game real quick. So why i do that i m just gonna press.

A let me set up my game real quick before i start doing this okay..

Now i m lucky ready now i m searching alright wow. It s searching assume that this takes a while because i m literally right next to my other switch okay so right there go i believe this account is the i m and shield. I m king and then the sword. That s birds on my other pokemon game.

So i m base money to treasure. It myself. Oh that s not what i wanted to do cancel and once we get this which doesn t have doll nice my other one does. But that s kind of off topic but anyways you see if i m gonna trade myself.

It s gonna take a while i m trying to figure this out while i m making the video alright. I think god got it i think i got it i think i got it alright. I got it took me a while. But i think i got it alright so um.

Let me trade. My ride on real quick. And i don t know. Which pokemon might trade here so okay let me trade this one all right there you go i see it okay.

Oh i thought i had an error message for yourself. But know this inform me if something bad happens alright. So communicating this is taking a while it well let me tender online service. So what do you expect.

But anyways um. I m trading to myself basically and then there you go i ve got the rapper right on so i transfer over my ride on from pokemon shield let me poke my sword to poke my shield okay so it should evolve after this see there you go they evolved all right let me show you guys real quick music boom right period. And i wish they added on magmar. An elective bus in this game.

It would have been doping. We have electivire and mack mortar. Those pokemon also good i m ever when it was first introduced and jenefor. I know in the past videos.

I ve been missing. I ve been saying the wrong information about which agenda. Which pokemon is cuz i get confused with surgeons. But i don t know i m guess i m getting too old or something to start having bad memory.

But anyways that s about it um. If you guys find this video. Any helpful at all feel free to leave a like share and subscribe. If you guys are new like i said the first two methods are probably the best method of doing this getting rhyperior is basically trading with yourself by having an extra switch or trading with your friend.

And you both guys you guys both trade each other way right onto a protectors holding each other one or one of each essentially..

So yeah. I see you guys in the next video peace music you ve a penny right take a product leave a product. I ll be taking these thank you very much oh please. She doesn t see me if you don t want her taking these back okay.

We re good all right point dexter. I found the best. I could beggars can t be choosers now get off out of that puddle so i can put you back down in it here you go i take pity on you child. Thank you file your shoelaces no if we were wearing the row now i can no no no hold on he s gotta bend down and tie them oh never mind how is that not in the puddle.

That s got to be close enough. Oh thank you all right that works for me. I really need him to buy his trowel back and the only thing that came to mind was stealing his keys. And leading him here do you want to go buy that handy trowel.

No okay well then i guess i m just gonna have to hey i just pickpocketed you there we go come over here. And you re gonna want to get those there. We go yeah. There s your trail.

Oh okay okay come on now broom hilda calm down. We ll buy your trowel get me my accomplishments. You know you want to he just you just took it you can t do that that s shoplifting. I don t look at me you guys talk out amongst yourselves right this isn t my problem.

Everybody knows. There s only one trial in the world. So. Oh yeah.

You re gonna have to pay up. Yeah. There we go take someone buy back their own stuff. Wait okay yeah.

That was the other accomplishment will guess what i m still stealing this oh. No you can t you can t oh crap why s that what why is this door locked. I was gonna run in here and hide scares me sarah vase. I apparently need to open an umbrella in here.

But i m not even sure how we re gonna get in oh right it s you if i harass you enough she ll come out and save you. But first we need to get an umbrella. Which means i gotta bug this poor old lady again. I m sorry.

I know don t go front it for your bro okay..

I m well outside the boundaries. Yeah you were just sweeping. I m sure some emergency sweeping can you just go about your day. Just a bit geek around over here.

I want the colorful umbrella that okay with you hey no no no no no what why i don t understand how she s just got 20 20 psychic vision how about we see how tough she is without a broom. I m gonna hide it in the garage when she comes in and gets it i can lock her in here. Actually i could do even better than that i can lock her in there with the broom and then i could scold her over the walkie talkie yelling. Some goose propaganda is the only way i m gonna get her to turn her life around here.

We go flawless look out lady. There s a goose doing a dance in your store. And you don t have a broom. So what are you gonna do about it.

I m not afraid of you okay that man says. We don t need to be afraid of people like you oh what a convenient trail of vegetables leading to the inside of the garage. I can t imagine what kind of genius feathered creature must have done something like this uh huh gusta lady come in lady have you learned your lesson lady she s learned her lesson. I should probably get the umbrella.

While she s in there this is my v pipe. Let me check there we go like come on come on listen kid snitches get stitches alright and i ll give you extra stitches just you wait actually i do need to give the kid stitches where are you i gotta scare you into that box come on now you seem to have a minor problem on our hands. And that geese don t understand how to operate umbrellas. I opened it outside and now i may or may not be one with the umbrella can i oh okay that managed that much how do i close.

It. I don t think yelling at it is gonna work crap. Okay. Well we ll get the kid in the box come on now get on it get on it here we go you know you want to get in that box go go oh.

No now this door now this door hiding in a storage. You re making a scene kid you re gonna draw a shopkeeper over here that s the last thing that i need is her to take your umbrella back sookie. Please get in the box get in there get. It.

Wow. Oh. Help. I didn t mean for this to happen.

Help help i want a child hey hey you get in the box. Not me oh goods. It worked now go help the child all right you re gonna go help the kids phone call i m gonna drag this into your store and a hope that i don t need to open it in there. I just need to have it opened in there.

I leave no this could have picked with the door..

I m not the goose that was razzing your kid there we go. I knew that would work come on come on squeeze pivot. Yes. Yes.

Foolproof good. No there. We go look. See.

It s definitely in there. I m on tv. No no no no somebody get somebody helps me help stilted umbrella. Oh.

You ve got to be kidding me get get out of here kid okay. I m gonna need that back. I m gonna have to try again can you maybe just flick. The switch yes.

I know there we go okay switch the channel back. But how does that not count oh. She closed it for me. I appreciate this i can try again could you just throw that out your door please and then oh you re gonna bring it back to the store no no i don t i don t appreciate.

And i don t appreciate that could you close it again no no no lady lady come on don t don t be like that a fine. I think i ve got it figured out there s two ways to grab an umbrella and if you grab it by the handle then it s gonna open up so hopefully now i can i just gotta be patient just gotta wait it out once again. I was not the ghost harassing that child okay you don t want to have any kind of goosey stereotypes going on with your store you can lose an entire group of patron there we go open an umbrella in a store. But i did it goose danced.

Oh hi. Oh. I see how it is kid. I found a glass bottle.

And you are not gonna believe this no need to be afraid of the ghost ghost ghost ghost you know i think that s gonna be it for this episode of an untitled goose game guys we got through most of the to do is well list. But there s still a few objectives left. I think there s a few that i missed throughout the main story as well so i want to do one more episode. I also have a bunch of different ideas for screwing around with people that aren t really part of our objectives.

But i love being a goosey dick other things about watching his video. I hope you enjoyed and i ll see you next time music. ” ..


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My only objective now is to be a colossal jerk to this town.

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