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“Crystal. You decided to blow us up don t i m in no mood for for jests especially dull ones need to blow off steam go ahead just not on find some other target. I don t know throw another bed off the balcony ha ha ha ha. So it s to be dull jokes.

After all rather have a serious conversation. We can do that if you prefer so upset about trace you gotta take it out on the furniture would you prefer i take it out some other way know what we should end this discussion before i say something i regret. But i d love to hear what you have to say is that so very well then listen you shagged my friend for upwards of a year. I cannot know what your witch s code says on the matter.

But ordinary folk would consider it obscene bass viol. I try not to think about it that stupid bed was making it difficult. That s that not about to grovel if that s what you re after i tire at this conversation. It ends.

Ah geralt anything you d like to say mmm. The view from their spectacular. Perhaps. I should have teleported you two miles higher breathtaking that view to die for really great story with a moral to really was that stay away from dangerous women will you ever lay off him.

Yeah soon as i trust her you brave a fire for her whereas. She plays you like a cheap little way. It s always been listen to youtube god damn relationship experts now that you spend with a sorceress for good reason rat..


If it doesn t forget and rat. If it doesn t forgive especially when it comes to sorceress s he ll make an exception for me. He ll have to i have something he wants please you don t believe that well you believe yennefer will stop treating you like a dog someday don t see me laughing. I m going to sear a deferred.

Tell him of this research. Whether you like it or not i can see you chose your own outfit. You know of course that together we look about as good as lace frills on a battle. Axe.

Everyone s got their style. Don t like funerals don t like feasts. I know you also dislike underdone meat and being teleported. But sometimes we must overcome our disgust and prevail.

We should mingle before they all get drunk. There ll be no talking to anyone then good thinking. I don t know what croc wants. But when we meet with him we should have clear minds.

I m not gonna drink. Why don t my senses. When i m in such pleasant company do you plan to compliment me all evening..


I plan to tell you what i think don t know that i m convinced just please don t tell me you have to consult yennefer on such things as well if we fail to think of anything we can always try to richter s. We what is it with you and yennefer mentioned her several times already nothing i ve just noticed that you re often of one mind saying. I m henpecked not that you re especially different seems to happen to all men. Take.

A rowdy scaliger. A brave knight or a torture you all end up wrapped around some woman s finger so to prove you wrong i got to do what you say now as long as my name is not yennefer. No one will call you henpecked for that unremember if we can t think of a good trick. We can still do it you first the first image.

What was that nothing really don t brush me off. I know how hydro man see works image appeared because you were thinking about it. It was king tankard. Asked me to become his court advisor in covere you mentioned covere in a lighthouse.

I understand why now the vision was of a house not a royal court. It s the house that awaits us in pont vanis. When we re done here. When all this is over once we have defeat at the hunt and series safe.

I d like us to live there together. I know tris the life of a witcher. It s no fairytale..


But i like being on the path sleeping under the stars waking up with you on my face. We talked about this remember in the lighthouse. I m not asking you to sacrifice anything you re not cut out to be a courtier. I know that you can set out on the path.

Whenever you want for however long you want it s just you ll have somewhere to come home to always used to be care morton house in your vision. Looks a lot cozier. I ll tell you the details later right now we need to get philip on right come on yen. Why are you here to see you something happen not yet.

But it might soon we may not survive this in fact. Our chances are slim. Well we are here to battle eridan in the wild hunted full strength could be like sodden could be worse. Nothing could be worse than sodden was listen to me once it s over if we survive.

I wish to leave go far away. And i d like you to come with me where wherever to pervis beyond. The dragon mountains zehra kania. Even as far as possible from politics plots and so called high society.

You dropping plots and politics for good you re in your element. In that world. It s your life time to start in you i ll believe it when i see it even now you re up to your neck in it yes..


But only to set matters straight to be able to withdraw having retained the upper hand what then a small secluded out with a flower garden to tend to why not if that is what you dream of we shall leave together go where we please do whatever strikes our fancy music so coming with you while monarchs moved borders and populations geralt and yennefer. Lived a calm quiet life far from all things political. They breakfasted well afternoon more often than not in bed and past the days on lazy strolls and long conversations. Boring.

You say perhaps. But both had sought this more than anything else hard as it may be to believe. Carol planted roots in faraway covere. He and trish settle down.

There home warm and smelling of freshly baked cakes. Guests were always welcome. No matter. The day or the hour.

The witcher would take jabs at times more from habit than need for trish earned a true fortune as the major advisor took over as king they re very wonderful. Any wish it would be but speaking to my personal face applause. ” ..


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The Witcher 3 Reasons why Triss is a far better choice than Yennefer

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