The Witness Walkthrough #11 – Treehouse and Bridges Puzzle Solutions (Activating Treehouse Laser)

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“Guys welcome back to the witness walkthrough. This is the final laser xi laser that that we need to activate now to get to this one this is the tree now in order to get this you need to get the boat. Which you can get at the quarry and then take it over to this location here is the only way you can access. This area.

Now you can create a shortcut path going back to land. But this if you don t like the start puzzles you re not going to like this area. This is full of them in fact. This is where the tutorial for them are located and the premise behind these is you have to have them in groups of two so you re going to see here.

The first two real easy just draw outline along the edge. And you have two of the stars within one segment. Now we have a whole bunch of puzzles. Here we re going to do so.

Many of these things we have two stars. So we re going to quarantine off two of them same thing here to make sure you just draw the line that the two stars are within one segment. Now you have four year total. So we ll just draw a line in the middle.

So we have two on each side. And we have another set of four here and this one we re actually gonna divide horizontally so this one is a little bit more complicated. But it s the same premise. We re going to set a section off to on the bottom.

And then you have to on the top. So we re going to have a whole lot of these star puzzles. Here the rule. Really is to for each segment.

Now there are some exceptions to it in cases of one you can have one star and one of the same color block. So orange star and an orange block would also be sufficient and we won t encounter that for a little bit. But we will encounter that here to do the tree house. So section off the two on the bottom left two on the right.

And then the two on the top left and at the same plan here. Just doing. These is groups of two and that is it we can open up the gate. Now this is the next puzzle now once we get past here.


There s going to be two paths one going to the left one going to the right we need to do a bunch of things down each path. So what i like to always do is always go to the left first for some reason. That s just my mo. So there s the right path and here s the left path.

We need to do more puzzles now this is going to introduce the the stars with the pac man dots. So we need to get the black dots. There s one on the bottom right. It s hard to see and the section off to pair up the two stars.

So it s really the same thing for this entire section here. I ll get all the dots to make sure you keep the two stars within its own segment. Kind of same thing here except. We have two and two this one s a little bit more tricky.

Because you got the four black dots in the middle. So you got two obviously you re in danger of your line running into a closed path so take this route here and you can get all the dots and section off the stars now we re going to go and travel a bit. We re going to actually introduce the triangle pattern here at the end of this left section. But first we got a bunch more of these to do now we got the stars with the colored blocks.

Which you need to separate from each. Other remember you can t have a black and a white or two different colors. Even within the same section. So there you go if you want to pause.

It you can take a look at it and it should just kind of come to you you d be like aha. I get it and as always i do recommend you try these on your own the first time through and then if you just absolutely have no idea then of course you can consult this walkthrough. Where i m just kind of showing you in an edited version of this there was a lot of 10 minutes of me just trying to solve the puzzles that you re not seeing here. Okay.

We got one more now this one keep in mind. You don t have to have the stars. The ones next to each other don t have to be grouped together as long as in each of the filled in section. Separated sections.

There s two in each one. So now that we ve crossed that bridge. We have a very very long bridge. We need to make here so starting off.


We re going to just section off the two stars and then come up the middle to provide the black and white pretty much the exact same thing here. Now you can have the stars with the other blocks as long as they re the same color or i m sorry. They don t even have to be the same color. They just have to be within the same thing.

But here you ll see there s only one star. So what we re going to do is take the one star and one black square and put those in its own and that ll satisfy that rule same thing your one white star. So we re going to pair. It with the one white block.

So we got three colors in one pink star. So we re gonna pair that star up with the pink block three colors and two stars. We still got a several more of these things ago. There s so many of them and i m assuming that if you re watching this video.

You re probably not one of my subscribers who don t have this game so let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this game. How do you what do you think is that is it a good value for 40 dollars. It s basically what i want to know in my opinion yes. Absolutely now if you notice this puzzle has actually three exit points.

The path of the bridge will actually go the direction in which you exit. So we re going to exit forward and we re going to actually come back to this later and turn the bridge to the right. But we ll do that later towards the end actually so you got three stars here. So you know you re going to pair one of them up with a black square.

Again. You can pair up a black star with a white block or any color as long as you have two of each to the two say two white stars or two black stars in the same pattern. All right so that s the end here is a triangle puzzle. Now the triangle.

What this means you see there s one triangle in there that is the number of lines you need to draw along it s a border. So you can only cross the border on one side so exiting out this way we only hit the one edge on that on that square in the center. Then of course here real quick. We re going to go back.

But we just want to show you the laser. It s right here and that was a buttload of puzzles. So now we re going to head back to the beginning where we entered and we re going to go down the right path. Which will be the path straight in front of me at this point.


See that s where we started from and that was a left path so head this way and now we re going to do some star puzzles and add in the tetris blocks and tetris blocks. If you don t really know i m familiar with the ruling on those on how to solve the puzzles. I highly recommend you watch part. 6.

And that s where we went to the marsh. Where i really kind of went in depth and explain the how the the rules work for the tetris blocks. But we re doing the exact same thing with the stars is we have been doing all along just making sure we re including the shapes for the tetris blocks the layers of that pattern and now that s kind of a weird tetris shaped block. That s not definitely not a shape in a tetris game.

This one also has the exit points for this one we only need to go out the top one. We don t need to come back and change this later so here we have the two stars on the bottom. There is a third star. That which you have paired up with one pink tetris block.

There now this one you have the tetris block and then the the removal on the blue dots. There s three blue dots on that so that s going to remove a total of three orange dots from the tetris shapes again consult the part six. If you really want a more detailed explanation on how those all work all right so now we have another triangle puzzle. Now you see this one has two triangles in the center square.

So we need to draw a line across two sides of this square here. So now we re going to head back. And this is going to be our final long bridge. It is lengthy as well in this section here we have the star shapes of course.

But we have multiple colors of each now they can be within the same sectioned off area within the same section. So that you don t have to have them separated here s another one if we re going to return to later and turn the bridge. But again we re just going to kind of carry on for now again make sure on here two and two. I really i should if i kept in the edited parts the stuff.

I cut from the video. This probably would have been a good hour and some long video. There were a couple of them i actually consulted some external help on again. This is the eleventh and final laser.

That we need to activate once we ve done these we re actually going to head towards the mountain and actually complete the game and then we re going to get the challenge trophy. Hopefully. That s going to be quite difficult here s another one of those multipath exits here. We re going to go out the right side.


We will come back and change that momentarily. But first let s go ahead this way you need to fully extend the bridge and then we can create a shortcut path towards the back of the keep area so there we go so. Here you can activate this panel. This is going to throw out a bridge towards the back of the keep this puzzle is already in is fine.

So all you need to do is just draw on the outside all right so we re going to now turn back and now what i m going to do is actually go to the opposite side back down the first path and i m going to turn the bridge. There and then come back to this path probably could have just turned the bridge here and then come back over here. But you know as i mentioned earlier. I like to do things from left to right for some weird reason.

It s a weird quirk of mine all right so we re going to turn this bridge. And it s going to be the this piece right here. So we had it going out the top previously. Now we need to make the exit point while still satisfying.

The rules and have exit the right side till. It s going to fold up reform off to the right now we re going to head back to the right path. And we need to actually turn two of them once we re over there. It s kind of a more complicated puzzle area than some of the other areas in this game.

All right so start in the corner. Here we need to go out the left side so previously we went out the right side pretty much just reversing the pattern. Here now we need to come back and turn it where s the square. Which one is it there it is and we need to have this one go out the left side now this bridge is going to meet up with the other bridge from the opposite side.

If you made it this far you re pretty much done with the rest of this is pretty easy. We just have to activate this one switch here and when we activate the switch. It s on a timer. So you re gonna have to quickly run into the door.

It just opened over here and hit this switch here and that will get you the treehouses golden trophy. And it will also activate the treehouse laser and that will be my final laser. So i want to thank you guys for watching us stay tuned. Because we will tackle the mountain next.

” ..

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