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“Hey guys brian mps for trophies and welcome back to my seventh part of the the witness walkthrough. Which means we re going to unlock another laser now this one going to be the poori laser. This one s got some pretty difficult puzzles. I know a lot of people have trouble with even the door here.

But basically white and black here. You just got to separate the whites from blacks anyways. There s also another way you can go in your from the the orange tree forest shady forest paths. There s another door over there and here s another tetris puzzle here you re going to have quite a bit of these in this area.

If you do not know how to do these highly recommend consulting. My marsh video part. 6. Where i really go in depth.

And exactly how to solve the tetris puzzles. And really the thought process that goes into it so again. That s part 6 of this walkthrough because the marsh is where you have the tutorials really teaching you how to do it anyway. We re in the quarry now and there s two areas there by the boathouse and then of course.

The main building here and then the lasers up there above first thing we re going to do is we re going to go into this building here. Probably the easier of the two and i use the term easy loosely. But here are just two simple puzzles. I probably could have walked a little closer to the door for you so you could see them.

But these are pretty basic if you can t get past. These puzzles. Then you re in a world of trouble so fairly simple. But again with all these walkthroughs.

I do highly recommend you try to do that first you know time on your own spend some time trying to figure out the gratification is great if you can figure it out so. I just opened the door. There just because and then this is the ramp door now we re introducing a new element to puzzles that i haven t shown up until this point and that s the eliminator. I believe it s what people are calling it and that is the icon that is going to actually eliminate one piece whether it be a shape or one puzzle piece or whatever eliminates.

It from the board. So you ll see here. There s a black down on the top left corner. So what we re going to do is just leave it there.

And that eliminator piece is going to remove it thus allowing you to solve the puzzle..

So same thing here. I m going to leave one black dot and then eliminate up item you re eliminating has to be in the same section as the eliminator piece. Which is the one in the center. There and if there is an eliminator you have to use it you can t just go and get all the dots and expect to succeed so these are pretty basic.

This is really kind of a introduction to how the mechanic works all right so now that that s done we re going to actually activate another ramp and use this device here if you get the blackk down on the top. It ll go up i want to go down. You would just get the black down on the bottom. It s that now that s a pretty lengthy elevator.

So i just kept it there s a door across the way. I m gonna open. It you don t need to if you don t want to now we re going to make our way all the way crossing around on the catwalks and the start of another set of puzzles again there s an eliminator here. And what we need to do is separate the red from the green.

But we re going to leave one incorrect piece in the section with the eliminator. So you ll see here. I got the one green separated and then two red in a green. The green was wrong.

But the eliminator corrected it essentially for us so feel free to pause it after i complete a puzzle. Really just so you can kind of look at it and you stare at it for a minute. You ll little you ll click you be like oh. I get it same thing here.

I m leaving one green in the wrong section and then really kind of a trick. When doing this is trying to figure out which one you re supposed to leave with the eliminate some times. It s obvious sometimes it s not this one was a little less obvious this one of course the leave the green. I believe is one right underneath it there we go this one was pretty easy.

I m just going to leave the dark blue in the bottom right corner. So it s easy to section off the two corners up here. There we go we have a misaligned green one in the center section. Which is going to of course be corrected for us.

And that s it now we re going to go in here and now this puzzle looks kind of complicated. It s a lot of elements at play here all at once. But once you realize kind of the best starting point is right here. And then you just kind of it really will kind of just kind of come to you as you draw it out least it did for me i measure i feel you it s gonna be troublesome.

But for some reason..

This one just kind of instantly clicked for me. Now. I know it looks like i m solving these puzzles. Quickly and as i mentioned in the previous parts.

There s a lot of video editing. Done here. What you re not seeing is the ten minutes of me failing at a puzzle. Over and over all right so.

This is going to be our last puzzle in this in this building. I m going to leave that one dot. There then cordon off all the rest of these and that s it for this building and actually that completed one of the wires. That is going to the laser.

There s to them that goes to the laser. There s a stairs here. If you want to use these kind of clever here you actually draw stairs and now we re going to go outside. Except.

I make one flaw here that is not the way i want to go that s actually going up to the laser. We need to go to the boathouse now if you hadn t been here you can actually activate a boat in that boat you can use to kind of travel around the island so feel free to do that i ll show that too when we get to that point. But here s another new puzzle type at least in my walkthrough. Here.

And this is the start now you re going to pause. It after i m done with this too and you re going to have to really look at it. But what you need to do is section off two of one color you can have a white and blacks together. But you have to have two no less no more of each color in each section.

So you see near the start is there s two white and then the next section. There s two black what s two white so positive at the end you know really see it. But you need to section off two in all of these in groups of twos. Again you can mix and match black and white together.

And just you would have to have two of each again no more no less another tetris puzzle. Again i cover that pretty deeply in part six. So if you want a little bit more clarification on how those work. I think i do an okay job explaining.

It there s some elements that are just confusing maybe even still so up to me..

But alright now that we re done with those two you have this thing here. And this is actually going to activate a ramp and how this section works is we re going to go up and then we re at the the ramp left and right. So let s just go ahead and activate this and we re going to start going up top and there are some brutal puzzles up here at least for me. I ll admit.

I m probably not the most intelligent person playing this game not by a not by a long shot in fact a few of these up here. I actually had to ghost search out the answers for on the internet. Myself. Which is uh you know i m not ashamed to admit again here you got the the tetris pieces.

But you got the eliminator. So there s the four blocks was obvious obvious because there s only three by three square. There. This one here is pretty simple introducing the eliminator with the tetris pieces.

Though this can be kind of tricky. But those first few were pretty obvious this one is a little bit more difficult you have several shapes. We definitely eliminated that l shaped. One though and that is the final one there that one took me took.

Me probably one of the longest ones here alright. So i kind of screw up a little bit here. I didn t know exactly what i was doing what you re going to do is use this board here just to my left. And you re going to use that to move the ramp left and right so it s pretty obvious to me.

I mean the puzzles not very difficult now. Where you want the the platform. The land will depend on which one of those pieces you want to eliminate so what s going to happen is that thing is going to the ramp is going to slowly make its way over very slowly. So i m going to do a cut here and i m doing it again.

And it s going to head back the opposite way. Now you see i changed the positioning of which one i lymon ated. So skip forward again i activated it and then i jumped on it and used it as a transport. So now that we finally made it here we re going to have x.

Let s go ahead and activate that a little bit gate on the opposite side. Now we got the eliminator with the stars. These are combined this can make things difficult. But you know that two of them have to be together again no more no less of each color.

So again you can have orange and they have green in the same section..

But you can t have three or one of each color. This one was a little tricky these you can see there s only one star of each color. So you know you have to eliminate it because you can t have just one this one s not too difficult. We are going to eliminate the one right there i ll mit.

The the elimination mechanic was probably the one what most confusing to me right off the bat. It took me a long time to really kind of figure it out until i again searched the internet. Because i had no idea okay we eliminated the one man middle star in the top. There this one we re eliminating one of the tetris pieces all right just a couple more puzzles that one is actually going to be our last one we have three more to do prior to doing this one and this two three here just to the right now these are probably the most difficult ones.

I ve come across thus far a couple miscellaneous ones out in the open world. But this one was pretty obvious to have you have to get rid of the star here in the first one since there again there was only one now in this one there s three stars. So you know you have to get rid of one of those and the obvious choice would be the course that first one alright next one we got four stars. So we re going to eliminate the top tetris piece.

And now the final puzzle well not quite the final puzzle. But you ll see momentarily this is very easy. It s probably actually a couple correct answers now that i m looking at it. But that s the easiest one right there single out the first one now from here.

We re going to go up to the the laser and at the base of the laser laser. There s actually one puzzle. We do have to do it is not very difficult and that was where the boat was located so feel free to call up the boat. It ll rise from the greater depths of the the sea there and so we re gonna go inside now i make one critical mistake.

And i want to see if you guys catch it before i caught it so we re gonna go out the back door here and we re gonna head towards laser and let me know if you ve caught the mistake that s right heading the wrong way had myself. A senior moment. I like the column alright so the laser is right there you can see the one final puzzle. Activating this laser is going to get you the quarry trophy.

It s a gold trophy as are most of the trophies in this game. So just go ahead and complete that you will earn your trophy a well earned trophy. If i do say so myself. And maybe not as frustrating as the marsh.

The swamp area with all the tetris puzzles. But it can be quite frustrating. So thank you guys for watching i hope to see you guys on part eight and until next time happy trophy hunting ” ..


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