The Witness Walkthrough #9 – The Town / Village Puzzle Solutions (Activating Town Laser)

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“Guys brian and ps4 trophies and welcome back to the witness walkthrough. This is part part 9. And we re going to activate the town laser now you ll see s four main wires going into the center structure. So we re going to go to each of the four sections and light this baby up and get our trophy.

Now this is a culmination of all the different puzzles. We ve learned in previous parts. So there s a lot of different things here i m not going to go in depth and the actual how the puzzles are solved and how they re constructed. But we re going to come to this section here and we have what i call the pac man tetris puzzle.

Here so the tetris puzzles. I went into and explained. The rules and everything in the quarry where i m sorry the marsh walkthrough that was part 6. So go ahead and watch part.

6. The marsh and you will have a full understanding and how the tetris puzzle. Works and the rules for it and of course. The pac man is just hitting all the black dots so relatively simple as far as the tetris puzzles go.

There was definitely some very complicated ones in the marsh area. But we re just going to fill up this here and this is section one of four this is probably the easiest of the four. There we go then a1 one more here just to three line pieces. Now just a quick overview with the tetris puzzles in in its section.

The pieces must fit somewhere in there somehow you can rotate them any which way position them anyway. But they have to be a part of the actual section that you block off now finally..

We re going to come up here and we have the eliminator piece that s in the upper right hand corner in the eliminator paste. We kind of talked more in depth during the quarry walkthrough that was part 7. We saw quite a few of those there and that basically eliminates one of the pieces within the in the actual maze. But again you can go visit the part seven.

The quarry and get a further explanation now one of the lines going to the center town tower. There the white one is complete so i m going to come over here now technically you can go straight up to the final puzzle. Here and just solve it in move on but here s how you you re supposed to do it you need to open this door. And we have the tetris puzzles and the star pieces the star pieces.

We know have to be in groups of two so you can have two different colors as long as there s two of each within each section. Now we re going to open this door and take notice of the yellow glass on that door. What you need to do is stand in front of that door and look through that door to the next puzzle. Because if you look at this one the colors won t match up you re not going to be able to do this in the groups of two.

But if you look through that yellow glass at this puzzle. The change is the perspective of the coloring. So that is how you solve this open this and then we just have the final puzzle to to send the power to the center tower. Again you can actually just walk into this room from another entrance on the other side of this building walk in and solve this puzzle.

Which you can just use this. As your solution. If you like of course figured out on your own. If you could do that then it s much much more gratifying that i mean.

This is an amazing awesome game. So i m assuming you re only coming here just to get maybe help for one part of a puzzle..

Or maybe you re just using it for the whole thing and you want to get a quick platinum trophy. Either way i don t mind alright so next up that was section two this is actually going to be our next one the third section. And we re just going to solve this puzzle. Here and this is going to lower the stairs.

You can see just beyond. The door here. And this is going to lead us to the to another tetris puzzle. Again the tutorials for the tetris is in the in the swamp marsh area.

So we have three three piece puzzles. There. If you pause it right here. You ll see that each of those three will fit within the the outline there so that ll extend the bridge.

Now we re going to head over to one of those double line. Things that we did a lot of in the simmetry area. And then you also have to segregate in the non racist form here the whites and blacks so you can see all whites are separated from all blacks of course you control both lines each of the second line will mirror. The other one and this is the final set of puzzles for the this entire section.

Here and then the the final section. The fourth one is much more complicated. So here you also have to take note you have to pick up the little black dot. There on the map.

There you go we ve opened the door now we re going to go to our fourth and final section. So we re going to start off down..

Here. And you can see out in the distance. The starting point where we started the game. And we have this puzzle here again this these types of puzzles.

We saw in the symmetry area. You re going to start using the environment to help you figure out the solutions alright. So next up we re going to use some shadows in order to reveal the the path for this next puzzle you can see that little wire in that the the metal structure. There that ll help you come up with the solution of course you can just follow this trace my outline here and you ll get it alright this next one.

I m going to be honest with you i don t know how i solved it i actually used brute force on it thankfully. It was only my third or fourth try so starting at the center go down to the third from the bottom. And then that s going to bring us into this room. And you see this panel here this panel with the pink wire going into it has three outputs so what we need to do is solve this through in three different ways.

So you see the wire. The three wires coming out so here. I mean. There s one kind of solution.

I want to kind of completely spoil. It in case you want to do it on your own and of course. I m going to just draw the outline then of course you got the sun reflection. Which we dealt with extensively in part two.

And that was that the desert rune you guys probably remember that one with the red panels. You had to draw the outlines based on the sun reflections..

So here is solution number one of three you ll see as we saw a little light up one of the wires going out you can see it coming out from the top left corner. Now that was the center dot now we re in the starting position on the top right that one ends at the bottom left. Now. There s a starting point down at the bottom left.

As well so we re going to start from here. And there you go now we re going to go up to the roof. Now as a quick note. If when you activate the desert laser of the desert rune.

You have to actually follow the beam. I believe it s just behind me here just ahead you see how the beam from the desert rune is hitting at the top left corner. There you have to actually go up there and turn that panel to make the reflection go towards the mountain. So make sure you do that if you see one beam.

That s just kind of going off into the distance. That s why so there we go that opened up our final access point inside of the tower. Now we re going to climb the tower and take a moment and just kind of admire the view because once you kind of get up to the top. It s a definitely beautiful and this is going to activate our ninth laser.

So i want to thank you guys for watching we are going to get the town gold trophy well to activate the laser. We re getting pretty close to getting towards the end of the game once we get to the end of the game. We ll work on the challenge trophy. I want to thank you guys so much for watching please like comment and subscribe.

” ..

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Shady Tress (Gold)
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Symmetry (Silver)
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Activate the Desert Ruin laser

Treehouses (Gold)
Activate the Treehouse laser

Keep (Silver)
Activate the Keep laser

Quarry (Gold)
Activate the Quarry laser

Marsh (Gold)
Activate the Marsh laser

Jungle (Gold)
Activate the Jungle laser

Monastery (Gold)
Activate the Monastery laser

Bunker (Gold)
Activate the Bunker laser

Town (Gold)
Activate the Town laser

Endgame (Gold)
Reach the end

Challenge (Gold)
Complete a certain challenge

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