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What is going on guys think i m here welcome back to another team of the week review. And it looks like we ve been given a. I think it s team of the week 29 from fifa. 19.

I think i think that s what people are saying i think that s what they ve got from so these are the team of the weeks from from fifa. 19. We re gonna scroll all the way down to this one right here so is it team of the week. 29.

Oh. Elope had a bit of a mistake. They it doesn t let me open it in a different tab for some reason you have to open it in this one so that looks to be the the correct team of the week. If i go over to here yeah.

We do have a polson. So yeah. That is that is it so they ve gone 40 with only 29. This was one that was was possible i i mentioned this not in team with predictions just gone.

I don t think maybe i did. But the week before i mentioned this as potentially being one and i gave examples of the cards and i wasn t like i said that this would be a decent one actually because marquinhos looks like he could be a good card thomas party is actually a very good card. He s got what what rating is he now tossed apart 887 so he has a ucl live card. I think and obviously because of the whole situation right now that but it just isn t gonna get upgraded.

Again. So the fact that he has been given a card is is very very good. I m a big fan of that robertson is in there a lot of people might be happy that he s in there s potential red picks and such but he has a team of the year card. I m not sure many people will really care too much about it as a patter is all well and good last year.

That we ve been a great card this year. It s just not it s not not not not usable. But it s just not meta. So many people will overlook it unless of course you re an atlanta fan.

In which case. You ll be all over it and diddy is going very underrated card in this week s team of the week. I can t see him being too expensive because people will just look at it and his face stats won t give him the true representation of what he would be like in game. I think that is going to be a very good card and i am looking forward to picking him up.

We ve got my link of its savage ea tend to overlook this guy an awful lot like he placed so well for lazio and they very rarely given me informs. And it s one of the reason is because he just doesn t get how many gold contributions. But he puts in very good. Performances and ei don t look at that they look at goals and assists.

So it s nice to see him get himself another inform marquinhos in there is an 87..

It s a center back as well. He s been playing a lot of cdm roles this season. For psg so interesting to see him get a centre back card of course. The reason.

He has been given one is because they ve gone off this and of course. He had an 88. It sent about card back then look at the stats. Though right.

89. Defending a 2 1. Physical and 79 pace. And he s an 88 rated card.

It s sir no maybe maybe maybe if he if they give an 88 maybe would be basically the same card yago espace. I think again this cars gonna be very cheap. I m literally talking you know 40k maybe maybe 50k a push when when they first come obviously. They ll be a little bit inflated.

But once rewards come out you ll see the prices massively fall off as you normally do. But i think that that ya gaus fast card could be one to look out for i don t know what his stats are in game. But from face value looks ok. Carlos vela has been given that the same card as his player of the month.

I don t know if you remember right at the beginning of the game. He was given a player of the month card and that is exactly the same rating. So we ve literally had to wait. What is probably six months to get another carlos vela card.

Not that anyone really cares anyway. Unless you re an l. A fan of course. But when they issue that card.

It s the same one. I m pretty sure you re gonna let me go and have a look at i had every team of the week open just in case. But let s go look at carlos vela. So he s got yeah.

There we go player of the month. 86 rated. It s a striker right whereas. This new one is a right wing.

But he has to ease worse off wait hang on let me look at the let me click that i ve this confuses me right so he s worse off in pace and no he s better off in pace. And he s better off in physical by one. But he s worse off in dribbling across the board. So this team of the weak moments card isn t as good as the card that was brought out i mean when when was this issued this was issued on the 14th of october 2019 that s when this card came out it was super super cheap as you can.

See but it was under 30000..

Coins. I ve actually given him up at an sbc. I ve decided not to use him anymore because even though that card was good when it came out it was actually fantastic when it came out it s not that great anymore. It s not a bad card.

I mean if you were to give him like a maestro he s still a 92 rated cam. It s actually it s actually not that bad is it to be fair. It s not a bad card at all. But the fact that this is worse and we had to we ve had to wait since october and it s worse.

That s that s really bad. Why don t you give him an 87. What would it have been that hard just to bump him above the player of the month. I m sure no one would have moaned.

Oh leave they ve released a better version than my player of the month that i had back in october. I don t see the point of that just give him an 87 rate card. What did he have back in that fifa 86 rated. So they couldn t easily have just followed this upgrade path and giving him an 87 that s um that s something that i ve mentioned a fair bit is they they re upgrading them wrong in my opinion.

They should either upgrade that what they should do and i ve mentioned it before you probably know what i m about to say. But they should give them an upgrade based on their fifa 18 card unless they re fifa 20 card is a higher path. So for example. Carlos vela.

Should be given an 87. Now you could argue that both paths are 87. Because he had an 86 and fee for 18 that fifa 19. Sorry and he s got an 86 player on car in this fifa so should give him an 87.

That s fair enough give me another card that his so for instance guide equator right. He s got an 84 rated card in fifa. 19. So if you were following this upgrade path you d give him an 86 okay.

But if you come back to fifa 20 his current card is what 82 rated so they ve given him an 84 that should be an 86. They should follow the fifa 19 upgrade path now when it comes to someone else i m trying to think of one who has a higher upgrade path if theif like last week. Kevin de bruyne is fifa 20 card is 95 rated. If they followed the fifa.

1 is in 19 upgrade path. He d be 93 rated. But obviously 420 trumps it so give him a 95 hopefully that makes sense. I think.

That s what they should do so basically you ve got tomas part. A is 87 in fifa 20 now so that s fine that s the upgrade path yago ass pass should in my opinion in this week s team of the week be 89 rated. Which is following this path as the patter should be 88 rated following this path yousef paulsen. Should be 88 rated following this path because if they do it that way these cards all of a sudden become far more desirable now they can use their discretion.

Wherever possible so for instance..

If kevin de bruyne er comes out again for whatever reason and they re gonna follow you know they want to give him a 96 rather than giving him a 99 which follows the upgrade general mean use your discretion don t be throwing 99 rated cards out there you know against your own will but for instance with this one would bumping yahoo s. Pass up to an 88 and zap at up to an 88 and even robertson who was 87. They re bumping him up to an 88 would that really have broken the game. No it would have made team of the week that little bit more desirable because don t get me wrong.

Some of those cards are really good. I m a massive fan of thomas party. I think he d be one of the most expensive cards in the team the week. He s very very good even though.

I know there s a team of the year robertson out so the end game. People who can afford those type of cards and the people who spend money on fifa points. And i ve got all these coins sat back and just waiting for someone to buy. He won t be desirable to those people.

But he will be to a lot of other people so he ll be expensive. And did he i think will be underrated is a good card and then maybe marquinhos might have like an eighty ninety. Thousand coin price tag. But apart from that i don t see many people going after a lot of these cards.

If they gave us a patter robertson and yaga a spaz and marquinhos all 88 rated cards. But in fact marquinhos would be an 89 rated card. But if they gave the other three 88. They just make them far more desirable forests now.

He has a yui alive card. That was available as an sbc ages ago when they released kent. Most people chose kent okay. There were some people who chose forest.

But most people chose kent and i think that s a fair assessment not because he s better in real life. I m not saying that i m just saying most people did now this fifa. He s got an 81 rated card that doesn t match up to the yui alive. So if you did pick forest.

You don t care about that card. If you didn t pick forest. You pick kent you still probably don t care about that card because it s not really that great however if they followed the fifa 19 upgrade path and gave him an 87 rated card all of a sudden that is a much more desirable card. It s not gonna break the game.

It s not gonna make everyone spend four hundred thousand coins to buy him. He s still only gonna be about 30 40 k. Not the point much more desirable card far better than what he is right now and makes people want to welcome packs a little bit more i genuinely don t understand why they hold back on things like this verde in my opinions a bit of a waste. Because he has a league sbc card.

It is a bit of a difficult league to complete i suppose. It is a little bit expensive in certain circumstances. Because brescia is very expensive. But what they could have done was followed this up great path and giving him an 86 which falls one beneath the 87 that he currently has as a league sbc card.

So even though that card would be an 86 rated..

It would still be worse off than the league sbc making the lis spc still worth doing and people who have completed it strictly to get verde or specifically to get verde. They wouldn t feel hard done by people who can t afford to do it don t want to do it don t put the time into building. It can still go out and buy an 86 rated version. Which is not quite as good.

But not that bad whereas this 83 doesn t receive much purpose to anybody i mean i could go on about this for days. And i m not bashing the team of the week. Necessary because there are still a few cards in there that i really want you know party is gonna be very very good and i think marquise neos is gonna be really desirable. I think yahoo s bass is gonna be a bit of hidden gem.

But yeah they could definitely have gone a little bit more in terms of upgrade you know like that ball could be an 86 rated card huh burner currently 82 rated in fifa 20. Go the this upgrade path give him an 84 pause. Well oh could have gone to an 84. He s currently 83 in fifa.

20. Who else been me could be an 85 rated sent back as opposed to the 82 rated that they ve given him here would that have broken the game. Absolutely not but would have been a far more desirable card at least for burnley fans to put into their teams. I genuinely don t get why they hold back in this situation like it just doesn t make an awful lot of sense for me to me rather viman right 78 rated in this fifa.

He sent it rated that could be an 81 rated card be a candy be a capilla be an cardi williams. They re both 74 73. Williams isn t in the game by the looks of things and this guy is already a 76. So they ve followed the correct upgrade path well maybe i m lying that she d be an eighty rated if they followed this upgrade path yeah.

Forget what i m saying al shehri 75 rated in this fifa in that fever. He d be eighty to nearly every single card would be higher rated. Not by an awful lot. But it would be higher rated.

It would just make that team of the week. Look a little bit more spicy and in my opinion. Make it far more desirable and people want to open packs. Saying that though.

What do you think of this week s team of the week moments let me know in the comments. There are a couple of cards. I m actually excited to try out i will do my best to review part a to review. And diddy to review yahoo s.

Pass. And i might try and pick up one or two others in there as well. But if you have a desired play you want me to review. Then feel free to let me know of course.

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