this is what HACKS ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE in COD: Mobile

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“What s up guys. It s eclipse here and today. We are gonna be going going over five ways to get banned from call of duty mobile. Within this most update activision.

Intense and released a new anti cheat system to detect cheaters and to get them banned off of the game so in today s video. We re gonna be going over the five main ways that you can get banned yourself. And how you can get other players banned before we get started. Though if you have ever encountered a hacker on call of duty mobile leave a like down below in comment.

What that hacker was doing while you re at it you might as well subscribe to the channel. If you re new and turn on those notifications because if you enjoyed this video you ll definitely enjoy all of my other content with that being said though let s get started the first way to get banned is by using the in game report feature. So in this report tab. We have a few options there s verbal abuse inactivity cheating afk and attacked teammates.

We ll be going over each of these one by one but real quickly i just want to explain how to access. This report feature. Because it s kind of tucked away. And you may not even know it exists once the game is over its gonna come to this screen right here.

Where it showcases all of the players in the lobby. And in the top right hand corner. There s this red triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle. And if you click on that it s gonna pull up this report window so you can tap on whichever player you would like to report and then you can check the boxes which apply to them and there s even a note section at the bottom.

So if you want to be more specific as to why you re reporting somebody you can put that right here. Now everything in this report feature is pretty basic so verbal abuse would be a teammate who s kind of swearing maybe yelling at you if someone s using foul language. I don t personally see a big deal with it but if they re harassing you are overall just being like a super toxic player and you just honestly don t want to deal with it once the match is over you can report somebody for verbal abuse. Divot ii is pretty self explanatory.

If you have a teammate who isn t playing like literally standing. Still and they are not active you can select this option after that we have cheating we re gonna cover this more in depth near the end of the video. I have a bunch of proof and footage of currie cheaters in the newest update of call of duty mobile. So if you want to see that stick around until the end of the video.

After that we have afk afk. Pretty much means away from keyboard or someone who isn t playing so in activity in afk..

These are pretty much the same thing. Honestly i don t know why they re both in here. So if someone isn t playing and you want to report them you might as well select inactivity and afk and then the final option is attacked teammates and i don t really understand this one maybe. It s a teammate who s like following you around and shooting you and kind of trolling you but you can t team kill in cod mobile.

So i don t really understand this category. But attack teammates is on here so if it makes sense to you and if it applies to the player you re reporting you might as well select. It now this was just one way to get banned in cod mobile. The other four are coming to the new anti cheat system that was applied in the newest update for call of duty mobile.

So we re gonna be covering each of these points one by one but just to go over them very briefly. We have keyboard and mouse on mobile unsafe emulators vpns and hackers so the first topic here is keyboard and mouse and it says usage of any third party apps such as crosshair apps or apps. That enable docking of keyboard and mouse now this right here is different than emulators and we ll cover emulators right after this but i do want to give you the clear distinction so what this particular point means is let s say you re hooking up a keyboard and mouse to your iphone or to your android that means you can get banned so if you re using any app on your mobile device that you know hook up a keyboard and mouse that means you can technically get banned for that now moving on to the next way. This is usage of unsafe emulators.

So an emulator is an application on a computer. That essentially lets you play call of duty mobile on a computer. Instead of playing on an actual mobile device now notice. It says unsafe emulators meaning.

It s not all emulators. Only unsafe emulators. So an example of a safe emulator is game loop game loop is made by 10 cent. And 10 cent are the creators of call of duty mobile.

So if you did want to play cod mobile on a computer you would use the game loop emulator. Now there are plenty of android emulators out there two really popular ones are bluestacks and max emulator. So if you are playing cod mobile on either of those two you can just flat out get banned just like that i don t know how cod detects. If you re on an actual phone or an emulator.

But i came across this reddit post right here this dude got banned after allegedly playing one game on the bluestacks emulator. So again if you want to play on a computer use the game loop emulator the next point is usage of the vpn. If you don t know what a vpn is this is a virtual private network. And it essentially spoofs your location.

People usually use vpn to access restricted websites. So let s say you lived in the united states..

And let s say a website is banned here if you use a vpn it ll change your location to a different country that way you can bypass the firewall and actually access this website. So if you have a vpn active in your plane called duty mobile. You can technically get banned for that and then moving on to the final method to get banned. This is the usage of hacks game scripts.

And any tools that modify game files. So right here. I have a bunch of hacker clips pulled up from reddit. I watched like the first four videos before i started recording this.

But i realized it would be funnier. If i recorded my live reaction instead of watching the clips through and then commentating after the fact so before we play this first clip. I just want to go over some quick reddit posts that i saw before these so this first person got banned for ten years and they don t really know what the hell. They did they could have been hacking.

But they said they don t know what they did the next person was against arabic hackers and they re essentially trying to get them banned and then there were two other people who got banned for no reason at all again they could be lying. But they re claiming that they got banned for absolutely nothing so with that being said let s get started with the clips. This first clip is coming to crash now. I don t know where the hacker is gonna be and this dude has not been banned since the update.

So i believe it s this guy right here and i ve seen this clip before oh look at this guy s aimbot. It is just snapping all around totally unfair. I don t even know how like this is allowed in the game now this clip is a minute long. So we re gonna get to see this hacker.

Quite a bit. I don t know all the hacks. He has the title just says eema and esp. So let s just keep on watching these kill cams and witnessing this go down.

Where s the hackers though. I think this is him let s watch this this is honnestly kind of fun to watch. Because it s not happening to me. So.

Here. He is oh oh..

That you just got shredded that kill in particular didn t look like a hack. But yeah definitely a hacker moving on to the next clip. This dude s name is i for one point six and i forego forted this guy. Eight days ago from when this was made and the dude still hasn t been banned yet so we ll replay this clip.

Once more this is the hacker in the killcam is hovering around hip fires and is he shooting explosives. What the hell was that and in this guy s title. He says activision is lying they aren t manually reviewing and banning cheaters so activision said they re banning hackers. But there s still a hacker so are they actually banning hackers.

This is why people are upset please ban the hackers let s see what this person does to be honest. I ve already seen this clip. I know what the hacker does so this sniper is walking up and he gets dusted through the wall. Let s go to the killcam here this is the hacker he s running like frickin.

I don t even know 99 miles. An hour and just knows where he s at through the wall and eliminates him so this isn t search destroy it s very unfair because it s one life and like how the hell are you supposed to win in here. And if you re looking at like the chat. He s kind of changing his class right now.

But they were talking about people hacking in this game. And i not being banned so it s just pretty damn toxic and again the hacker kills him in the same exact position. He just runs straight up the middle of the map shoots through the wall wall bangs every single player and then runs away. It s really toxic and honestly how is this even fun moving on to the next round of search and destroy.

Though let s see how this one is gonna go down i bet. He s gonna die. Other players getting a bit smart now he s like you know if this hacker is gonna keep coming for me i m just gonna camp in my spawn because screw. The damn hacker so let s see how spawn camp oh.

It didn t even matter he just walked right on by there s actually two hackers in this lobby. If you paid attention to the kill cams. There were two different players both using hacks. What the hell here is a quick clip of the hacker.

He s just running superspeed zooms in his accuracy sucks. But he still gets the kill now..

This is a 1v1 against a hacker and this is the final clip. I had watched and i was cracking up this is the clip that made me want to record this live so check this out the dude just dies right here and we don t really get to see any hacks there so i was wondering like is the student to pay very close attention to the dude filming gear his accuracy was just cracking me up i don t know if the guy had speed axe or what that was going on. But this sniper couldn t hit a shot and i was just laughing my ass off like this dude is just running around doing spins and they did sniping just a kill him. Oh my god again.

I don t even know if this is a hacker here or what but i really wanted to include this in the video. Because his accuracy and overall performance was just making me sways out of the map. What that was that so let s see what happens here again the dude s just he s running through walls holy crap dude. This is actually sick i didn t make it this hard in the clip.

I stopped watching a bit early and the clips buffering now but it actually ended. But let s do a few replays. There he s running through the fence jumping over the fence and i don t know if he has god mode or if the dude was just missing shots. But overall this clip was sick here is another quick clip of the iphone 6 hacker.

He is still alive with the speed hack and that is it this this dude has not been banned. We have some more hackers coming out so the speed hacks are back. He s just what the heck how did he even get that kill that was weird. And he s just running around with the speed hacks probably has wall hacks as well.

But how did he manage to get this first kill it didn t even look like he was shooting anyone and the final hacker here. While he s shooting. The chimney where was the ad so the caption said i don t remember being in the chimney when he killed me and if you look at the clip. He shoots through the house aims at the chimney and somehow gets a kill now as i said that was the final hacker for today s video.

And that is going to conclude the five ways to get banned in call of duty mobile. And remember. If you have ever found a hacker leave a like down below in comment. What that hacker was doing and while you re in the bottom of my video.

If you haven t sub to the channel. Yet hit that subscribe button down below and turn on those notifications because if you enjoyed this video you ll definitely enjoy all of my other content. So guys. This has been your home girly clips and peace out ” .


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