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“There everybody my name is jared ud s last night s december 2nd. 2019 player player count was this today when i m recording this on tuesday december 3rd. 2019 re looking at 15000. Plus.

Ok. Skipping ahead to the day after we re talking about december 4th. What s the player count. Now i heard it was a lot more i didn t 45000.

Oh. No why do i keep getting put into matches. That are already taken. Okay.

Ah ah. Well don t please. Don t you don t understand. I have a bit of a problem with these i know i know at this point.

People don t like to see me play with the frags too much but i i have to okay. It s i don t understand why i can time it so well. But i just can and it works out i m trying to work out a little more myself recently tbh. I m also trying the hemlock.

I ve been played with and forever. I was it s sloppy. But it doesn t even matter because it s it s free game day. They re just like camping in here.

Oh yeah. They are oh yeah..

They are it s the way people are gonna be playing this game. It s gonna be so slow that s the way you got to shock them now shock them in rock em oorah. Okay not quite please don t so enemies do in fact know about ticks. I haven t seen ticks out and forever to be honest.

It seems like it s not really a common thing that veterans play with everyone s like amped weapons. Only there we go give me that stim. Though here we go where they at there. We go oh.

My goodness. What if the flip is not take on like a couple enemies. But it was a three together in the fourth of the background in this case. Let s go around the bend someone s gonna be running in this tunnel.

No one ever goes in this tunnel. I knew it knew they d have to be somebody there we go. It s actually not as bad as i remembered it being like i once i never remember it as being like trash. I always thought it was bit worse than it really is you know what give some new things to try if you re a titanfall veteran.

Don t like use the overpowered weapon to scare people away. You use some stuff you usually don t i m saying. Oh. I didn t want to execute.

This is fine. Though no i really didn t want to execute let s find another match to like join pretty lace at the top of leaderboard still if you friended me watching this video. I m usually not like i m not a all star with you youtuber like i m known for playing titanfall too. It s very much so known for this game.

But i ve never been like top of the top of the crop. So to say like this is like nearing launch sized levels..

Well. I have no clue how big the game was like a mile. Remember. I can watch videos.

I did all those okay sorry. I this is this is kind of talks like the way. I m playing. I m not gonna lie these frags.

It s just it s there s so much fun whoa bro no brah. I love this got an apex. But i was never about it in titanfall too well get me out of here. Please hey you go fake.

What s with these ben match joins. So often that s fine. I guess. But i don t about angel city with new players.

I don t know if they re gonna you know not camp on the roofs. Look at this i got they already are get out of here man. That s why i pulled out the g2 for this. I i never really even used it on the ps4 it s like literally level four.

But we re gonna we re gonna use it there he is whoops don t want this but we have it please enough. I ejective what are you doing what is this jen. 11. Camping up what are you doing brock come on you know there s a rule.

We can t that s not fun focusing on you this guy will come over we ll hit him hit him with the core in a moment. Hey you re pretty good there..

We go there we go here s the money okay. And we re gone no get me down get me out not out. And it sounds like dead. But out of here honestly kind of a boring game mode for a youtube content grunts yo these drums are so love empowered in this game.

I m uninstalling and never giving it respawn another play that s why titanfall. 2. Is never gonna be popular as the groans whoa give me the money area easy coin that s that come on man. You don t need to camp look at that look at that w.

We scored a lot of points then get a lot of kills. It s still fine with still an epic match don t get me wrong. No not about this not about this at all get out of here man whose man s dysphoria. Wait wait people will play like this this is not how the game works okay i survive people won t just camp up there i was like there s no way this guy s gonna do it of course who s this who are you man s lagan there you go man s got leg.

Guy was just holding a dang fire star you for real bye pick. This rhys stop. I ve always come down to this guy come on man anything here we go there you go we re getting people out of nowhere somehow okay. We re just killing couple more then la palma conferees sorries maybe next time man give this to me maybe we can still get him hey.

Just i got me getting the sickest clip of my career at the very end of a match. No reese messed up guy no no my teammates gonna take it this is why i don t like dis mode whoa. I don t know what s gonna happen i m gonna try though i m gonna try please oh hello whoa keep the good times rolling please whoops whoops please there you go there you go bye bye ah. Darn i didn t realize they re all spawning there there s someone in here yes.

There is you don t you don t want to deal with this right now do you okay top top leaderboard. Joining this late. I ll take it please man these guys camping in the back or not fun. No.

It is fun fragging whoo come on give me the third no looks like around. There..

You go the holy burp. Whoa. Beau line. Hard.

Bye bye. There you go. Oh. No i didn t even jump.

In. And i just can t get a match that s not already whoops guy didn t even know what was happening get off the roof. Oh sorry gang come on run into it eyes team ated there we go i was losing it for a little bit. It s slowly coming back.

Though here we go i like to see that well i think that s gonna do it for this video. I mean a lot of like mid match joins for this. But it s a little collection of happens and fall in the first first 24 hours of this game going free to play essentially on playstation. Which is so exciting i mean seriously this is why it s gonna ruin my vibe.

But camping on rooftops in this mess. But with that said thank you all so much for watching titanfall. 2. Is popping off right now a lot and beckley expect to see some more videos as always sometimes grd have yourself a fantastic rest of your day and goodbye.

” ..

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