Top 10 Best Xbox 360 JRPGs of ALL TIME!

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“Guys with tom welcome to another one of those remakes from the slideshow video that that i made some time ago back then. However i only cover the exclusives on xbox 360. And now i m covering all of them as long as they were released in north america and for this console. They re probably on this list.

So these are my 10 favorite jrpgs on the xbox 360. Let s begin music music music. Number. Ten spectral force three this game is an exclusive of the xbox 360.

And it belongs to the spectral series by idea factory. Barely a handful of those games have been localized and this is one of them. It s a strategy rpg that revolves around a group of mercenaries trying to find their way and or allegiance to several different armies. Currently at war.

So it s also a quest driven game that lets you decide. Which route to follow battle system is played on greats through several different maps basically standard. And pretty easy to understand of course properly managing skills and magics is the key to success. But it s honestly a pretty balanced game and even though it focuses on quests.

There s a lot of story involved and an interesting cast of characters these rare rpg is often overlooked totally a hidden gem. And it s still not expensive. So if you see it give it a chance if you can number nine operation. Darkness.

Another underrated hidden gem is operation. Darkness also an exclusive to the system. This game. Is infamously known however for being on balance with troublesome level design and one of the worst cameras ever in a video game.

However everything else is so well done that you ll be coming back to it from time to time. It takes place during world war. Two with real time events involved. But with a little twisting history involving vampire zombies and werewolves that s all i m gonna say otherwise.

I will have to spoil the game for you it s a strategy rpg as well in these really big maps. But also moving on grids. The point of the game is to take on several different platoons all around europe as you belong to a special ops battalion..


These missions are really long so be prepared for a challenge you know if it didn t have so many issues this game would have been on the first places on this list. As it is impressive in terms of concept. At least number eight phantasy star universe also available on the ps2 universe. Was an entirely new saga.

And it became its own series after its initial success. So. Even. Though.

The critical reception was kind of lukewarm. The game spawned three sequels one exclusive to the ps2 and two exclusive to the psp. I don t know why only this game was also released on the xbox 360. Though perhaps because it offer a better experience online in any case.

I never tried that mode. So i can only talk about the offline mode. It s story driven so you will be immersed into a science fiction universe that involves traveling around planets the characters are caught in a struggle between several nations and races all connecting to an alien menace. It s an action rpg with hack n.

Slash elements with clinic clunky controls. But you get used to them pretty quickly missions are often long since you need to traverse several different areas or entire dungeons at once it gets repetitive. But it s not that big of a deal overall fantasy start universe is a pretty decent game one definitely worth checking out since both versions of it are still dirt cheap music number seven blue dragon this game is a love letter to classic turn based rpgs conceived and developed by hironobu sakaguchi right after quitting square enix. It s not exactly what i would call a great game or even an rpg for kids.

Since the story and characters are a little bit childish let s say though it s perfect for beginners into the genre. Although it does have some little difficulties. Quite near the end battles are played in turns in a typical way. But with the use of these giant creatures.

Your party. Members can summon as you can see character design was done by famous artist akira toriyama. But the story revolving around his kids in a journey to understand the dragon shadows and defeat. An ebola guy was written by sakaguchi himself as i said.

It s like a tribute to all those classic games from the 90s also an exclusive to the system. Not one of the best turn based rpgs ever made. But still completely enjoyable music..


Number. Six infinite on discovery here s another action rpg. Very overlooked. Nowadays because it didn t do so well in the reviews as i always say just play the games and have your own opinion.

Never let a critic decide for you. However. It s far from perfect and it does have its own flaws. But nothing that can truly frustrate your experience of anything like that story is actually pretty damn good about a total nobody who gets dragged into a war only because he looks a lot like the leader of a rebellion cast of characters and their development is ordinary.

But truthful at the same time that gives it a big feeling of empathy between you and them battle system is hack and slash plain and simple. But technical in a sense. You see it requires good positioning to attack your enemies. While your party members are controlled by the computer.

There s no random encounters as you can see all enemies on the areas you visit some missions revolve around solving certain puzzles or maneuvering one theme or another giving the game variety infinite on discovery is highly underrated in my opinion. But just don t expect a masterpiece of some sorts and by the way. This is yet another exclusive to the xbox 360. Music.

Number five star ocean. The last hope also available in the ps3 often known as star ocean. 4. Follows.

The adventures of two main characters that work for an intergalactic patrol. The initial goal is to find a new planet for humankind to live on since the earth. Has been practically rolling chronologically speaking. This is the first star ocean in this series as it takes place many years before all the others this game looks beautiful with the landscapes and characters very detailed.

Although some of the english voice acting leaves a lot to be desired half of it was pretty damn good and it helped into the enormous character development. It has the battle system is very similar to its predecessors. Putting full 3d with some camera issues that often get in the way. Why don t you get used to that though you ll be abusing some of the characters and their skills to perform a much better in battle in the end.

The last hope is a great game not the best in the series. But definitely worth checking out. I found the xbox 360 version harder than the ps3 one..


But both are equally great and also very very cheap. Nowadays music number four eternal sonata let s start talking now about masterpieces about the greatest of the greatest. I have a really hard time deciding the order of this next four rpgs. But in the end they re all totally amazing and a huge fan of eternal sonata.

Having played and beaten both versions. Ps3 and xbox360. The latter is way easier than the former just so you know and also it has two more playable characters so yeah the ps3 version is the one to go. But you still have a fantastic experience with the 360 one after all the game is so great that it won t matter that much i ve talked before many times on how the story is amazing revolves around a group of characters that are dragged into a medieval.

But also magical conflict in their land. However frederic chopin himself seems to be convinced that this is all just his dream. It s combat mechanics are weird. Even though they re played in turns once you approach your enemies you start creating combos by mashing.

The assigned buttons to each attack not sure what to call it. But this battle system is overly addictive beautiful story beautiful soundtrack beautiful graphics. Yeah. It s one big beautiful game.

Overall and guess what this game has a couch co op mode number three tales of vesperia. No need to introduce one of the most popular tale stuff ever made recently remastered for modern system as a definitive version. If you don t have that one or you re stuck with the xbox 360. Then pick these one up as it ll steal an overly fantastic adventure to play seriously.

This has gotta be one of the most balanced tales off in the series with a friendly approach to veterans and newcomers alike. Most people like this game for reasons. I strangely agree with revolving around the characters. The story and its overall development.

If we include its tenacious but approachable battle system with knows people learning curve whatsoever. It makes it much better to play almost zero difficulty spiteful on the way. So i insist on praising its well balanced. Mechanics.

The spiria is definitely one of the best xbox 360. Rpgs and obviously a must play on any system. You decide music number..


Two lost odyssey. Another masterpiece also made by sakaguchi with his company. Miss walker after living square. This is his best game alongside final fantasy.

9. But that s just my opinion classic turn based battle system again with the option to cost more damage. If you click the button at the right time after selecting your actions you choose them all at first and then go into an all out attack with your enemies. It actually focuses a lot of magic and skills now that i think about it another great feature in this game are the dreams told in a visual novel to unravel a huge and i mean huge part of the story and the main character s development.

I don t think it s necessary to praise the plot and the music in this rpg as everybody knows already how ridiculously good they are lost odyssey is without a doubt one of the greatest rpgs on the system by far and as usual that i think everybody needs to play curiously. Though its physical version still remains exclusive to the xbox 360 music. Number one near don t say you didn t see this coming. I know i ve become predictable with these videos.

But i just can t stop making them i ll take every single opportunity. I have to keep praising one of my absolute favorite rpgs of all time which is near i prefer the ps3 version for its control. But the 360 one is just as good i care little about all the criticism this game has received as i found everything on it to be almost perfect going around all sorts of missions involving all sorts of puzzles. And even some mechanics that meets bullet hell with shooter elements you travel around most of the time with one or two party members.

But they never seem to die. So you just have to worry about your main character story is extremely deep. And somewhat philosophical. Weird and bizarre at the same time the very very.

Well. Written. Do you want me to talk about it s masterful soundtrack. Because it only helps the plot and the overly strong character development.

This game asks as i said before i love everything about this game. And therefore. I think it s the best rpg on the xbox 360 music that s it guys those are my 10 favorite jrpgs on the xbox360. All that is left is for you to share your own 10 favorites in the comment section.

Below thanks for watching don t forget to subscribe and share this video with your friends see you next time music you ” ..

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These are my 10 favourite JRPGs on the Xbox 360. Some of them are exclusive, some of them are not.
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