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“Ladies and gents at easy scape and welcome to the top ten longest speedruns because because i m a top 10 longest any percent speedruns and thought that those were you re going to be in for a big surprise for this top 10 well. I m not going to try to spoil too much of it so here s a video. And i hope you guys enjoy it i want is the last note these runs are in order by the world record run. But i ll also be including the longest anyone took to speed on the game.

If it s available the first game on our list is a super mario. 6 enter. 2 star run wait a second 602 stars. Yeah.

That s exactly how many stars you end up. Collecting this multiple super mario game. Speedrun including 120 stars from super mario. 64.

120. Shines from super mario sunshine 120. Stars from super mario galaxy and 242 stars from super mario galaxy. 2.

The current world record for the speedrun is 21 hours 40 minutes and 16 seconds by baloo the longest it took someone to speedrun this was 38 hours 31 minutes and 8 seconds. I didn t see the next game on our list is digimon world. 2. Now there s no real tricks or glitches.

In this speedrun. You re pretty much have to go through each domain in the digimon world fight bosses and get to the end of the game as efficient as possible the current world record for this speedrun is 22 hours 14 minutes and 13 seconds by smartball longest it took someone a speedrun this was 30 hours 38 minutes and 36 seconds alright 22 14. I ll drink to that the eighth game in this top. Ten is final fantasy.

10. Nemesis nemesis is the most powerful super boss in final fantasy. 10. That can only be unlocked after capturing 10 of every fein in the game that can be captured and defeat.


All the creations in the monster arena. This is basically like 100 version of the run. But not technically because i don t believe this game has anything to tell you whether you have 100 completion or not so speed. Run is due nemesis percent instead the road record for the speed run is 23 hours 21 minutes and 47 seconds.

Let s aerith so long as it took someone to speed run this game is 33 hours 9 minutes and 17 seconds alright here we go crit 23 21. 47. Jiji. The next game is pokemon stadium.

This game is an incredibly long anypercent speedrun. Because involves beating a multitude of different trainers. You ll have to defeat. These trainers and challenge of gym leaders.

After defeating the gym leaders it s on to the elite four after you defeat the elite four you can challenge your rifle. Which then unlocks the kanto gym. Leaders once you do all this over again at the kanto gym you ll knock the battle against pok mon champion. Red after defeating him you win the game the road record for the speedrun is 24 hours 31 minutes and one second by werster which is 14 hours faster than his previous run well that run was a lot better than i expected that time was much better than i expected that time was like i was better than what my son of best was before i started the room.

So really happy with it the next speedrun is final fantasy. 12 order of ambrosia percent. This speedrun like nemesis. Percent speedrun is it close.

As you can get to a hundred percent speed run of the game. The order of ambrosia is a clan rank that you receive after getting a million clan points completing every single hunt in completing the sky pirates 10 some of the challenges in skype arts and also take a very long time like getting your party to an average level 50. Bullies pouring every map. Unlocking every license and much more if you d like to see the full list.

I ll be linking it in a description the world record for the speedrun is 25 hours 54 minutes and 21 seconds by zero scar the long as it took someone to beat this was 29 hours 43 minutes and 32 seconds music at least is muslim 2016. The next game is pokemon stadium. Won this speedrun is similar to the pokemon stadium. 2.


Speedrun. Except. There s no johto region and the final boss is mewtwo. There isn t too much else to say about this run.

But the world record is 27 hours 5 minutes and 27 seconds by werster and is the only time this run has ever been speed round nice yes a good ending to next. Ah. The next speedrun arliss is another multiple game speedrun of the grand theft auto trilogy not only that but is 100 completion of each game these games includes grand theft auto. 3.

Vice city and san andreas. A big reason. Why the speedrun is so long is because the san andreas taken about 14 hours at the time of this run. The current world record for this run is 29 hours 42 minutes and 46 seconds.

The longest time someone took speedrun in this game was 66 hours 32 minutes and one second the third game is top 10 is animal crossing 100 in order to get 100 of this game. You ll need to get all golden tools all player statues all nuke upgrades. The extra bridge complete the museum and have a full catalog as you can imagine doing this takes an extremely long time the current world record for the speedrun is a whopping 50 hours 53 minutes and 48 seconds by pants. The longest time someone took to speed on this game.

With 70 hours 51 minutes and 47 seconds. 50. 53 48. Sulfa.

Let s go all right guys. We re coming to the top two longest speedruns. This is where things get interesting for the number two longest speedrun is yugioh forbidden memories 100 in order to get the hundred percent status for the speedrun. You need to do the easier job of unlocking.

All the duelists and free duel. Which is done by beating the game. The hard part about this speedrun is unlocking the 689 out of 720 two cards with other cards being unobtainable. The reason.


Why this is so difficult is because certain cars of a crazy drop rate of 1 out of 1024. So it requires you doing people multiple in order to try and get good luck. Even with perfect luck this game. Would still take well over 10 hours.

The world record for this run is a hundred nine hours 47 minutes and 44 seconds by aang s master. The longest time anyone has spent running this game was 174 hours all right guys. It s your favorite part of the video. The very end before i tell you guys the longest game in speedrunning.

I have a few honorable mentions one of them is 100 speed run of digimon world. Three the speed run for this game. Was originally estimated to take 500 hours. Toto.

Zigmund managing himself 232 hours into this speed run before deciding. It was too much of a toll on his body. And he had to give up this however don t stop him and he attempted it again with the estimated time of 400 hours in which he got to 150 hours and before having to stop because of health concerns. They had spoke about their possibly be in a way that he could stay awake for the whole entire thing making the run significantly shorter.

But it would most likely kill him so they decided not to do that you the next game on our honorable. Mentions is a game called desert buzz. This was a mini game. Part of the penn teller smoke mirrors video game.

Which was never released the point of this game is to rub a bust from tuscon to las vegas in real time and at max speed of 45 miles per hour. This takes 8 hours to complete and cannot be paused. There are barely any changes in this run other than driving your bus on the road every time you make a trip you get one point in order to beat this game you have to get 99 points. Which is the maximum amount of points the game allows which has been done on an emulator and it would take roughly 33 days in real time.

The reason. This game was made was to be as unoffensive as possible during a time. Where discussion that video games were too violent. And this video game was made proof that not all of them were there is a yearly fundraiser where people play this game streamed at twitchtv slash desert bus where they raise money for an organization called child s play all right guys.


The longest speedrun of all time is bought in qaeda s 100 run this game requires in game time in order to get certain items. There s an item called the shampoo. Which takes two weeks or three hundred thirty six hours to evolve meaning. The spheroid cannot be beating.

And any less time than that the reason. Why the speedrun takes even longer than that is because items pause evolving while in menu. So menu optimization or menuing is the most important thing to keep track of in this game. Because you do it a lot and you also have to fight the final bosses after it evolves.

This makes minimum time around 338 hours the world record of the speedrun is 342 hours 19 minutes and 56 seconds by balfron longest amount of time anyone has spent speedrunning this game is 391 hours and 23 minutes yosef 20 minutes. Four wheel is real. It is real split music alright guys. I ll be under this video.

If you enjoyed the video please leave a like because it doesn t take a lot of time. And it s the best way to show support i wanted to upload this video sooner. But some stuff went down earlier this week. The other night my friend attempted suicide.

But luckily i was able to make it to their place and time before anything happened they were doing a lot better now and you didn t help that they need. And i just want to let all of you know that life is never not worth living and things will always get better and even though i say this at the end of every video. I never know what time of the day. It is for you or what s going on.

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