Top 10 mods for Fallout 4 on PS4 of the year

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“Is up everyone i know it s been a while but i m back with with another ps4 mods video. I realized this is probably a bit late because we almost in the second month of 2019 already. However today. We are going to look back at the 10 best mods that were released for fallout.

4. On ps4 throughout the whole of 2018. There are a few mods on this list. I never covered in my monthly series and a few that some of you would have seen before however every single one of these mods should be in your load order before that said.

Let s just jump into it first up at number 10 is mad rock by mad rocks spoiler alert. You re gonna see magics on this list a few times this mod adds a terrifying new settlement to fallout. 4. Located next to billy s fridge make sure you head over to mad rock at nighttime for the best experience and go ahead and explore there are keys dotted across the old haunted monastery.

Which you will need to find to eventually make your way to the workbench to clean the monastery for your own and lift the haunted curse. The monastery is incredibly well designed the architecture is brilliant. I had a great time exploring it was challenging. But not impossible and parts of it were genuinely quite scary.

I m not ashamed to admit that it made me jump several times which i didn t think would be possible with fallout. 4 engine but somehow my rocks managed it once you ve lifted the curse you can invite your settlers to live in the giant monastery and you can start redeveloping it into a nice comfy home or you can keep the curse active and give your settlers a living hell. It s up to you it s a fantastic mod that rolls a quest and a settlement all into one it s worth downloading even if you just want to explore it music next up at number nine is a massive fallout by zona daniel out of the many mods that contain the wired a massive this one definitely stands out this mod overhauls. A load of the games mechanics to make it more realistic one of the main changes is the effect.

It has on recoil ballistic weapons. Now have a much more dramatic and harder to control recoil. Meaning that you really have to think. When you re firing your automatic weapons and shoot in short bursts.

However laser weapons. Now have no recoil because light doesn t actually have mass so there would be no kickback from the weapon this gives them a hefty advantage over automatic ballistic weapons. Other changes include humans now move much slower and different types of weapons will affect your mobility for example carrying a minigun will make you slower and carrying a deliverer will not slow you down sneaking is now slower strafing is slower aiming down sights will slow you much much more when you re walking around how are my movement is modified to suit its weight. However heavy weapons are more manageable.

When you re wearing power armor to sort of balance. It up a little bit. Some creatures have been changed most noticeably death claws and hounds are more agile and faster. However most creatures have been looked at and tweaked.

There are even different editions of the mod in case. You don t like some of the changes. Such as movement. Only changes and recoil changes.

Only this is a great mod that i believe genuinely does improve the experience of playing fallout. 4. With changes that make logical sense music next up is over boss 357 magnum by um jack. This mod.

Adds. A brand new version of the western revolver to fallout. 4. With some very unique skins and modifications and it even has its own scavenger hunt slash quest and law to get your hands on the over boss magnum.

You first need to find it the mod offer instructs you to go to yousaf satellite station..

Olivia to gain the first weapon you can follow the hints at the locations to find the other four. It s a fun little scavenger hunt. And i had fun trying to decipher the clues and figure out. Where all the guns were the actual gun itself has overpowered aim and fire rate stats.

However it has less damage and uses ten millimeter ammo. It s a very powerful weapon and is meant for endgame use. It has some very unique modification options. Including a bunch of unique skins.

That all look really nice allowing you to put your own style on the weapon. And it has a new modification section called over boss. Which is where you can add some really interesting legendary modifications such as boost. Which gives you plus 40 percent.

More experience gain and plus 15 percent movement speed multi shot. Which adds four projectiles without recall penalties. However reduces damage while standing and not moving by 25 penetration. Which.

Adds 100 percent armor penetration and wounds to target powerful. Which adds 50 percent more damage and 50 percent bonus damage against humans. Rapid. Which greatly.

Improves fire rate. 50 faster reload. And greatly. Stabilized.

Recoil and weapon spread. Relentless. Which refilled your action. Points.

On a critical hit. And has infinite. Ammo and critical bar. Fills.

At 45 percent faster and finally vats. Which improves of ass hits chance and improved range 15. Less action point cost and double critical damage. This is a really good weapon mod that comes with its own story.

Unique skins and a whole. Host of new modification options. Which is about all we can ask for from a ps4 weapon mod. If you want to try out a new fun and powerful weapon for your endgame character.

Give this mod. A try and number seven. We have mad kiya by mad rocks this mod adds. 500 new workshop items to your game.

And as you could probably tell by the name of the mod..

All of the designs are heavily inspired by the kind of furniture. You would find in an arc. Es. Store.

The 500 objects are spread across the workshop menu. However most of them can be found under furniture decoration and display tabs. There is even a showroom that can be found on the east side of walden pond. So you can try before you craft since i last reviewed this mod.

It has become a settlement location with three settlers that have been attending the warehouse plants have also been moved from decoration to display all of these new items look great and clearly a lot of work went into this mod to give us a ridiculous amount of items to create the perfect settlement is a fantastic mod that adds an incredible amount of items much much more than any of the other workshop dlcs so massive respect to my rocks for making this mod for us to use for free up at number 6 is clean and smooth by oki 1682 all the way back in 2016. Oki started work on a project to clean and declutter every single settlement in fallout. 4 to make them clean and smooth this gives you a clean slate to do exactly what you want with the settlement without being restricted by junk that you can t scrap in december of 2018. The project was finally complete so you can now get all 30 settlements cleaned up in one giant mod.

All garbage leaves and things like that have been completely removed and the land was moved out for easier building. Oki. Paid special attention to leave all of the game triggers intact and in their proper locations. So that the game can play out just as bethesda intended and the other things left inside the settlement borders have had the coating added to allow you to scrap them and remove them after taking control of the settlement.

Oh. He also removed all of the dirt and grime off of the settlers who move into your area. So it looks like they remembered how to bath and clean themselves with a proper home resource containers have also been added to each area to compensate for all of the removed items from before all unique settlers have been given proper names. And not the generic sapper.

Name. Coding was also added for the boston airport. So that you can recruit your settlers instead of just proper head of steel members oh he also added the coding to allow you to build everything inside home plate and an all new nav mesh was placed to make sure everyone can move around freely at the halfway stage. We have the unofficial fallout.

4. Patch by a small we all know that bugthesda games are full of annoying bugs that can sometimes stop you from completing quests break your immersion break objects in the game and so on this mod is a comprehensive bug fixing mod that aims to eventually fix every single bug in fallout. 4. Not officially resolved by the developers bethesda the limits of the creation care and community develop tools in one easy to install package.

You just have to have a quick scroll through the ridiculously long patch notes to see how gigantic this mod is and just how much it fixes there are hundreds of gameplay quest npc object item texts and placement bugs fix this is a must have mod you haven t downloaded it yet make sure you do next time you load up for that for a number for is sanctuary estates by mad rocks sanctuary estates is an overhaul of sanctuary hills that adds an entire modern housing complex with several houses a workshop trading posts. Modern gardens and more there are even moving parts spread around the settlement since january of 2018 mud rocks has created five versions of his sanctuary estates mod. The original version a clean version an institute version above a hood of steel version and a minutemen version and every single one of them is brilliant music at number three we have military clutter by oc2 p. I m really sorry.

If i pronounced that wrong somehow. I managed to miss this mod in my top 5 mods of april video. So i m really happy to be able to cover this mod. Now and realize that i seriously messed up because this mod is fantastic.

The mod. Adds various crates single and stacked of mines grenades missiles. Sniper rifles fatman fusion cores and sells weapon cabinets. Ammo shelves clutter rifle and melee weapon racks.

And much more military themed selman items. All of the items can be easily found on the furniture miscellaneous. If you re looking to turn a settlement into a military base. This mod is an absolute must have i often have a storage room for my characters.

Where i stash all of my guns and armor and this mod allows me to make that room looks so much better with some awesome decorations..

The penultimate mod on this top. 10 list is maple manor player home by xxx sync. Oh wait. This is by far my favorite player home mod release of fallout.

4. In 2018. This mod doesn t just add a new player home it s so much more than that so let s get into it so get inside the maple manor. You need to find a bypass key card to stop the turrets from targeting.

You if you have a look around the walls of the house. You ll find a bunch of dead idiots. Who just tried to walk up to the house and got obliterated by the turrets you can even inspect them. And you ll get a little message with some details on who they might have been which is really neat.

There is a long drive leading up to the house and even a purified pond at the back of the house. If you want to go for a skinny dip or have a little drink the outside of the house has some really nice potted plants a little crafting area of some power armor stands an armored workbench there is even a garage. Which you will need a keycard to get into which can be found under the welcome mat by the front door the garage features a unique chemistry station. Which can be used to craft.

A special form of fertilizer upon entering the house is a dark dingy mess of broken ceilings. Boarded up windows and boxes of junk littering. The floors. You will need to use the workshop to scrap the junk remove the boards from the windows to let the light in and even repair.

Some of the houses utilities such as the unique griddle. Which you will need to repair before you can use it to cook anything once you have repaired the house. It will look fantastic. It will be clean full of light and very homely it even features a fish tank with living fish in it which is quite impressive considering those fish must be over 200 years old.

The features of the house once you ve repaired everything includes a motorbike in the garage that can take you to and from diamond city. Even in survival mode. A detailed backstory that explains a lot for those who like things that fit into the fallout world. A skylight window that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button a unique kitchen built from scratch toy models that you can press to play sounds an upright piano that can be played a fireplace.

That casts omnidirectional shadows. A standing bathroom mirror for changing your hair a clean untarnished bathtub multiple sinks that dispense fresh water windows with review fresh black coffee maple sap buckets that can be drained for sap and turned into maple syrup. A cooking stove and even a random toilet seat that you can immersively sit on i ve never been so immersed in my life there are a few secret areas including a hidden office of experimental elements. Weapons.

Workbench hidden guns cabinet. A unique legendary weapon and a terminal with a bunch of law and backstory for the house and a hidden underground cave. Which you can explore to find some really cool interactive features you can also craft fresh crop planters in other settlements. That allow you to grow and can fresh food.

Which you need the special fertilizer. Which you can craft using the unique hem station in the garage. All of the work benches are linked except for the workshop. And there are a bunch of custom storage containers found inside and outside maple manor to store your hordes of weapons armor junk etc.

If all of that wasn t enough the mod also has every song from the different radio stations. In the game you can find all of the classical radio songs in new maple manor. The diamond city radio songs in travis s trailer. The minutemen radio songs in the castle.

Tunnels and the good neighbor songs in the third growl next and magnolia..

As if this mod couldn t get any better were not even finished there because most of the unique furniture and decorations found within maple manor. A craftable for use in your own settlements well. I think it s quite easy and safe to say that this is the best player home mod for fallout. 4.

And ps4 everyone needs to download this maude. Why wouldn t you a number one we have my favorite and the most popular mod on fallout. 4. And 2018 skills up weapons pack buy skills up this mod adds over 100 yes.

You heard that right 100 new weapons to fallout. 4. Loot. Less vendors npcs and chem station.

Crafting when i first reviewed this mod back in may there were only 19 weapons. And i managed to show off all of them. I m sorry to say that i m not going to be able to go into detail on all 100 weapons. This time sorry about that so in summary.

The weapons include several new throwing weapons including rocks explosives. And pokeballs. Several new melee weapons. Including chain blade swords chain.

Saws photon. Swords and hull breads. Several new guns. Including an easy sniper rifles assault rifles and a grenade launcher new non lethal guns and weapons.

Such as sleep. Mines. Tranquilizer rounds. Flashbangs and even a taser.

Several new and original equipment. Modifications such as air receiver to push enemies or different ammo receivers five millimeter pistol and more and finally several new weapons and hybrids to craft including sleeper and exotic rounds. No dlc is required you may see them being used by the enemy. They will be in vendor inventory.

Sometimes you may find them in loot containers. The items act like any other common weapon in the game. These are completely new weapons and do not replace or overwrite. Anything you can understand why this is the most popular mod on ps4 in 2018.

Quite frankly. It s a masterpiece and you re doing yourself a disservice. If you don t download it that will take us to the end of the video. I do hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful in some way if you did please leave a like and hit subscribe and click the notifications bar button next to the subscribe button to be notified every time i upload a new video.

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