Top 10 Star Wars Mods (2016)

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“It s been quite some time since we ve gotten a really well received star star wars title vii s battlefront eliciting a myth for most gamers and prior to ei star wars mmo bring out and i for one look to the passionate fans of the star wars community to produce some of the funnest gaming content. Available be it converting an on star wars. Title like sins of a solar empire or updating a classic star wars game like say empire war. These are some of the best star wars mods out now to help you get your star wars gaming fix.

Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is captain check and welcome to my top 10 star wars mods for this year. Please keep in mind. This list isn t really about comparing the different mods against each other. But more of just a list of mods that i think every star wars pc gamers should check out also it s probably going to end up being more than 10 mods just because it can t help myself.

There s so much goodness out there number 10 star wars bear force. The name is dumb. But the concept isn t bear ports. 2.

Is a total conversion mod for mountain blade warband that s entirely multiplayer focused recreating epic battles between the galactic empire and rebel alliance. The grand army of the republic up against the droids of the separatists this mod adds maps weapons. Character classes force powers you name it even as working jet packs large scale multiplayer firefights are straight up a sight to behold number. 9.

Free world s tides of war free world is another mod that s been development for ages. I ve been covering it going on years now and it s still going strong build on the classic space sim sandbox title freelancer free world is a total conversion. Adding all new ships star systems. Even has unique game mechanics like hyperspace jumps and multiplayer carrier operations.

The list of additions and features and game enhancements and graphical updates are as long as my arm and in recent news. The devs have stated they re moving away from fully player driven events that require a player base to be built with a leadership core and everything to a more sandbox design allowing players to jump in and actually just play capital ships in the past had to be built by players working together. But now are no longer outright destroyed when killed in combat. They actually go on a cool down meaning players are willing to risk them a bit more testing and refinement of these new systems ongoing so if you re interested in some space combat rp check out tides of war number eight star wars battlefront.

3 legacy. One of the newer mods on this list. And one. I ve recently spotlighted here on the xp gamers.

Legacy devs are shooting to bring back some of the features of the cancelled battlefront title that predated ea s battlefront three features like orbit to ground combat clone wars era units. In its current form the mod adds. A single new map khorasan fill allows players to fight in a fleet battle raging above..


The planet and players can fly down from there and fight over capture points on the ground in the city new unit models and textures. Have also been included to give battlefront twos graphics. A bit of an update number 7. X3 albion prelude.

The star wars mod now. I ve talked about this mod. Quite a few times over its multi year development. It s a semi total conversion mod for extra albion prelude that currently plays as if the empire and the rebellion had invaded x3 albion prelude space the mod author has done a fantastic job of incorporating a massive and i mean massive list of ships in the star wars universe with new weapons new stations.

This sandbox title for x3 albion prelude. Just screams star wars for those of you that don t know x3 ap is a large scale universe that is an active living world npcs travel trade fight you the player are tasked with setting your own goals be it becoming a bounty hunter to build a trade or military empire. You can fly in command. Just about every ship.

You see in the game. With this mod you can join the empire and command anything from a wing of tie fighters to a star destroyer with its massive wings of tie. Fighters and tie bombers to a squadron of x wings and work for the rebellion. He s even introduced some of the classic ships from the clone wars era.

And even the old republic era as remakes or rebuilds by the talati. These are like collector s edition ships. It s recently been announced this mod will be ported over to lid cube universe as an expansion for that mod. And seeing how that s one of the best mods for x3 ap.

I am totally down for that you ll probably see a let s play of it. When it happens number six galaxy of war now this title has been in development for a while and i have spotlighted a couple times in the past. But i ve had some issues getting it to load properly to allow me to do more spotlights. So i kind of put it on hold for now.

But it has to be said. The current version that s out the one that they re currently designing looks amazing. This is a real time strategy title that has some of the deepest mechanics that we ve ever seen you can actually put your troops with different here in equipment. You can design your own battles.

There s quite a few youtube channels out there right now that have nothing but gameplay of this mod and for good reason. It allows you to make some of the battles that you ve seen from the clone wars and of course from the original trilogy fantastic mod. I highly recommend you check it out if you ve got minute war to assault squad number five republic at war and the clone wars..


Mod. Yeah. I m cheating on this one a little bit and putting two mods in one. Both these mods take the classic star wars realtime strategy title in pirate war forces of corruption and that brings it straight into the clone wars era but in different and unique ways between the two of them now.

I ve done let s plays a both of these mods and they re a ton of fun. Sadly. Each has major issues like broken ai. For some players.

Or horrible fps and late game. Republic awards had some updates posted in image section of the mod dp page. So it is getting an update soon and the clone wars. Mod authors are working on a new patch as of november 15th to fix some of the original issues hopefully those patches come out and fix.

Some of these because they are great mods that play very differently number four sins of a galactic empire and star wars. Interregnum yep. That s another two mods in one number category. We ll go with number if you re a fan of star wars and since a solar empire.

Then you owe it to yourself to try both of these star wars. 12. Conversion mods for sins of a solar empire rebellion. The original game sins.

The 4x strategy game. It was one of the first ones to be real time. Allowing you to zoom out seeing the epically. Large galaxy and then zoom.

All the way in to see a single fighter in the middle of a fleet fight its scale that makes this game. Impressive now add in a starwars total conversion on top of it and you get some of the best real time strategy star wars gaming that you can find right now. If you d like to see some of the major differences between how each of these mods play and look. I recommend you check out the links in the description.

A few gameplay videos that i posted or just take out our mod. Db. Pages..


Number. Three. A bunch of mods. First.

Alerus. Yeah. Oh. Yeah.

I might as well say. This is a top 30 solaris has been a major boon to the sci fi modders this year with two star trek mods on the way one of them already out and playable and one of them coming soon from star trek armada threes developers. This particular game has a lot of cool content that you can mix together using the steam workshop. There are mods for this like the sins of the prophets halo pack the to star trek mods that i mentioned before and of course.

A plethora of star wars. Mods star wars. Empire. Ships is a mod that i have the most experience with so far having been running a let s play of it this mod is hands down fantastic it adds a massive list of new ships imperial ships and even completely new ship classes like the imperial carrier escort vessels even ships all the way up to titan class vessels like the pray to our battle cruiser and a super star destroyer.

I you not on the flipside. The same mod author has a rebel ship pack that looks just as good as the imperial. One i haven t tested that one fully yet. But i m looking forward to doing a spotlight on that by itself lastly star wars far far and away mod.

Which adds it adds a hundred new static species. Portraits from the star wars universe so you can have all the races from star wars. It adds. A hundred and fifty new flags from the universe.

And it adds an entirely new galaxy for you to explore with 662 systems with minor and major hyperspace routes in between them giving you a very different type of campaign number two galactic battlegrounds expanding fronts. I recently did a short spotlight on this old school rts galactic battlegrounds. Which is literally a reskin of age of empires into the star wars universe. No.

That s not the mod. Glad to battlegrounds is actually a licensed game from years and years ago and you can find it incredibly cheap on steam for like 5 box expanding fronts takes this game as of the newest version which is planned to be released this december and allows you to play in 1920 by 1080. It also as a metric ton of new assets new units brawl signs new tools for map makers..


I am so down for this to be able to play at a proper resolution. So keep an eye out for more on this mod on my channel. Later as it develops number one thrones revenge the mod for empire war forces of corruption. I absolutely love this i mean i love rep blica war and the clone wars mod and of course awakening of the rebellion to death.

But no other mod has had such a stable release than thrones revenge. It s one of the oldest mods for empire. Ward has some of the longest time investment behind it it runs like a dream. Adding you sides and units.

And even a custom tech system allows you to go through the different areas. As you kill different leaders. I d love to see them do a mod that starts in the clone wars era and works all the way up to where throngs revenge take place in the extended universe a most my way through a let s play of this mod and i can say hands down bronze revenge is the best running empire war mod. I have played so far even in the late game where republic at war has horrible slowdown issues when you ve got too many ships on the screen.

The developers of thrones revenge have focused on making sure that the game is fun to play and we re going to talk about the original thrones revenge. We ve got to talk about the sequel to thrones revenge. Which is ascendancy for sins of a solar empire. So the reason.

Why i didn t put this in the category for sins. It allows you to play as the imperial remnant. The new republic the empire. The hand the pin star alignment.

The habes consortium. It s got some unique game mechanics that changes really how you play and some of the models in this are probably some of the best in sins now. I ve know i ve missed a ton of mods for all kinds of titles from space engineers to xcom 2. And i d love to know what your favorites are so let me know in the comments below as always thank you guys for watching i do this top 10.

Almost yearly maybe every eight to ten months so expect another one of these going forward. And i will see you guys in the next video later everybody. ” ..


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With Star Wars Battlefront and Star War The Old Republic being a bit “meh” we here at TheXpGamers look to the passionate modding community for our gaming goodness. Here are my Top 10 Star Wars Mods out right now.

Star Wars Bear Force II
Freeworlds Tides of War
Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy
X3 Albion Prelude – The Star Wars Mod
Star Wars Galaxy At War
Republic At War!
Clone Wars mods
Sins of a Galactic Empire
Star Wars Interregnum
Star Wars Empire Ships
Star Wars Rebel Ships
Star Wars Far Far Away…
Galactic Battlegrounds Expanding Fronts
Thrawn s Revenge –
Thrawn s Revenge II

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